Written by beechbum36

1 Nov 2014

Well tonight was the night you wanted to be pushed to see what would happen when you were not in control and it was going to happen tonight the club had special rooms for private occasions and I had ensured we had one as you waited in the bathroom naked except for you stockings and heels your mind wondered what was going to happen tonight what I was going to allow to happen tonight as your mind wondered your nipples hardened and you stroked them as you stood there thinking I knocked on the door and entered I was wearing shorts and nothing else but in my hand was a blindfold and I placed it on to your eyes and tied it securely in place making sure that you were totally blind underneath.

I took your hand and led you in to the other room you hadn’t seen it before so had no idea what was inside as I moved you across the room we stopped and I guided you in to position you could hear movement as people moved around you and straps were placed on to your legs and feet securing them to the harness that that was going to lift and support you another was placed around you chest with small slits so that your tits and especially your nipples could stick out once this was done the straps were pulled tight and your legs parted slowly to leave you in a most inviting position suspended from the roof and then we tilted you forward so that you seemed to be floating on your front .

I stepped back and admired the work and the position of your body every hole was open to my view and your nipples were rock hard as they stuck through the slits in the harness all went quiet and I could see you listening for movement I nodded to the men stood around you watching 4 of them all in uniform pants and tops walked forward and slowly started to run their hands over you rubbing oil in to your back and between your legs along your arms and down to our feet covering you as you started to enjoy the sensation they took position around you one knelt in behind you so his mouth was in line with your now glistening pussy and tight butt the other stood in front of you his cock straining at his fly awaiting your mouth while the others grabbed your hands and placed them on their cocks.

All at once they started to work on you the front man opened his flies and stuffed his cock in to your hungry mouth as he grabbed your hair both men at the side dropped their pants so you could wank them off as the guy at the rear started to lick and finger your sexy pussy you had no idea who they were and didn’t care the feeling was fantastic as you were being pleasured all over two more hands grabbed your nipples and tugged at them from underneath a mouth closed around them one at a time and bit softly on them till you moaned out the guy at your front was pumping hard in to your mouth now and you took him all the way in as you carried on wanking the two in your hands.

the guy at the rear stood up and dropped his pants fingers were still in your pussy now and you lost count of how many people were in the room with you as you climaxed for the fist time a mouth sucked on your hot pussy taking all your hot juice down as you tensed and at the same time you felt the head of a hard cock nudge your backside positioned as you were it was simple for the cock to slide in to you and you almost choked as it went in all the way in one go the swing made you drive forward every time he pumped in to you forcing you on to the cock in front as the mouth under you sucked and bit on your clit at the same time I told everyone that that they were going to fuck your ass and fill you full of cum as I said it the guy in front shot his load deep in to your throat and you sucked it all down.

You stayed there gulping for air as one of the guys in your hand moved around and took his place in your mouth and the motion from the rear carried on underneath you a finger then two and three were filling your pussy as you r ass was pounded all of a sudden he froze and you could feel his hot cum fill you up the guy in your other hand moved around and slid straight in where he had just finished and now you had two spent cocks in our hands as a fresh one fucked you hard and fast making you swallow the one in front even deeper you could feel him pumping the hot cum already in you out the sides of your tight ass as he pumped you but soon he was adding to it as he shot his load deep in to you again and again you could feel the jets hitting the inside of your ass as he came and with that you came again by now it wasn’t fingers in your pussy but a hand and you knew right away that it was a girl who was licking biting and fisting you with such small fingers and wrists

Two down and the man in your mouth pulled out so the guy who had just come could let you lick it clean as the other filled your now dripping ass with his cock he wasted no time and after only a few deep hard pushes he came adding to the mass of spunk in you and leaking out onto the floor the fist in your pussy was slamming in to you as the tongue from her mouth moved up and started to lick and suck all the cum out of your ass the men were all still rubbing stroking and biting you as they watched her do this and we saw you once more cum as she slammed her fist and tongue deep in to both your holes when she finally came from behind you her mouth was full and covered in cum and she moved around to kiss you letting you share all the juice that had been pumped in to you .

All of a sudden you were alone and left there hanging wondering what could possibly happen next ????:)