Written by jenanddan

15 Jan 2014

Jen and I are very happily married, enjoy a great sex life and trust each other completely. I'm 52 and Jen is 44. We're both in pretty good shape and Jen has gorgeous long blonde hair, lovely blue eyes and a fantastic curvy figure. Her 34E bust never ceases to turn me on! We've never ventured into the active swinging world but who knows what we may get up to one day?

Although we've never experienced it, we both love to fantasise about sex with others. We like to talk about it in bed and Jen loves it when I slide my hard cock into her wet pussy as I whisper to her about her being fucked by another man. I love to feel her pussy tighten round my cock as I ask her what she wants to feel. One night I asked her what would really turn her on and she was quiet for a moment. We were lying beside each other in bed and I was gently teasing her nipples as her hand stroked my cock slowly. i waited for her to answer and then she said "I'll tell you while I slide your cock inside me". She rolled across me and straddled me, rubbing her juices over my cock before she slid down the full length of my hard cock. As she pushed herself up on her arms, her wet pussy sucking me inside, I reached up to hold her lovely tits and squeeze her nipples. "So - tell me what you really fancy!", I demanded as she started to slide up and down my cock. She smiled and lay down on me to whisper in my ear "I want to feel another man's cock fucking my arse while you fuck my cunt". I was so turned on, I wanted to cum inside her there and then but I also wanted to hear more so I asked Jen if she had anyone in mind. She said no, it was just a fantasy. She was very wet and she slid up and down my cock faster as I held her against me and said "So, would you like to wank him and suck him first, so he's really hard when he slips his cock into your arse?". As I spoke, I reached round and allowed my fingers to smooth Jen's juices up over her arse, sliding over the tight hole and pressing against it. She moaned and said "Yes, I want to suck him until he's ready to cum but I don't want him to cum in my mouth. I want to tease him first and then I want to lie on you like this so I can take your cock deep in my cunt and he can come round between our legs and slip his cock into my arse so you're both fucking me together". I was so excited at the thought of Jen being fucked in the arse. I knew I had to cum soon and I wanted her to cum too so I slipped my finger inside her tight arse and slid it slowly deeper into her. I could feel my finger pressing against my cock through her pussy wall and I wondered what it would feel like if it was a big hard cock instead of my finger. "I'm going to cum inside you" I said and Jen shuddered. "Fuck my arse with your finger and shoot all your spunk into my cunt" she begged as she started to cum. She groaned and jerked against me as a huge wave of orgasm crashed over her and I felt my cock pulsing as I let jets of hot cum spurt inside her. We were both exhausted and both agreed it had been a very horny fantasy. Since then we've shared lots of other fantasies whilst we've been fucking and we have lots more ideas. If anybody's interested, we'll write more about them.....