Written by mikejamo11

24 Dec 2009

This happened about 2 weeks ago but had been in the planning for months. Me an my girlfriend louise had been talking about taking are sex life to another level. We has have sex quite often maybe 2 or 3 times a week and have found it is so much more intense and exciting when we talk dirty to each

other. It started off soft, just what we wanted to do to each other but progressed quite quickly to me wanting to watch her being fucked by someone else. louise was really shy at first when i first came out with it but i knew she was up for the idea, at least she was while we where just talking about

it. She eventually got more and more dirty with her tlking too and started saying she was going to fuck another man so hard right in front of me an any way he wanted and if any other men wanted to fuck her she would their little slut and i would have to watch. This really turned me, The thought of her

totally naked with hands, mouths an dicks all over her. Maybe i should tell u a little about us. Louise is 21 size 10 and has the most amazing tits ever. she is a 32 DD. I am 6 foot, very athletic and have a 9 inch cock. We started tlking about what it would be like to maybe visit a swingers club. we

looked one up and read all about it. the site was really good and it put louise at easy as it stated u did not have to join anythin u didnt want to or anythin at all. u could simply watch. The night came when we finally decided to go and a told her i had been outand bought her somethin nice to wear.

She went upstairs an there on the bed was what she was to wear. it was a g string that had the tinyest tringle to cover her pussy matching stockings an susspender belt. A transparent white mini skirt and a short shirt that only had 2 buttons. I walked in to see what she looked like an louise was still just standing

there looking at the items. She imediatly protested and said she couldnt possibly wear this, and that there wasnt even a bra. after anout 30 mins i had talked her round an she was dressed an ready. She looked absolutly amazing. the shirt pushed her tits up an eposed basically everythin and she may as well not had the skirt on it was

so short an see through. ....to be continued