Written by mikejamo11

24 Dec 2009

we arrived at the club and my gf had worn a long coat to hind herself from the neighbers or any unwanted eyes b4 we go to the club. Once inside it was just like a normal bar. people where just standing round having a drink and chatting. We where given a floor plan on the way in which showed us where

different rooms where for different things. like there where rooms with huge beds for orgies or gangbangs, or smaller rooms for just couples or maybe 3somes. there was even an jakuzi and rooms with porn on in them. Once inside it was very hot so i told me gd to remove her coat, she hesitated but slowly slid the coat

off her shoulders an placed it on the chair. The whole place stopped an starred at the site with mouths hanging wide open. louise imediatly stared to blush and didnt know where to look. After a while 3 men approached us and started to chat to us. just general chat really, i could she louise was startin to relax a little

as she had downed quite a few drinks. One of the men stood up an took my gf by the hand and started to lead her away. she looked back but there wasnt much she could do as he was a rather large man. the other 2 followed and i decided to give them some room as i gathers louise might relax a little more without me watchin over her right away.

15 minutes past and i decided to go an look for her. i started walking in and out of many rooms starting with the smaller rooms, thinking if anythin was to happen it would be on a small scale. However i noticed a large crown of people gathering outside one of the biggest rooms so i decided to take a look, not for one minute

expecting to see the sight that greated my eyes. As i pushed my way throught the door i got a clear sight of louise. She was kneeling on the floor wearing only her thong and stocking with at least 8 dicks all pointing right at her face. I couldnt believe my eyes, She was actually sucking evry one of them off in turn.

This went for for a few minutes when she was lifted onto the bed and her thoght torn off which left her soaking we pussy exposed. right away a the big bloke from b4 through her on the back and rammed his huge dick into her waiting pussy. She screamed in pain an pleasure as he started to pump in and out of her. soon she was

back to sucking dicks while gettinf the hardest fuck she had ever got. You could hear the moans and scream from her around the mens dicks in her mouth. I really couldnt believe my gf had gone from a shy lady to this cock loving slut. But the best was to come. after maybe 10 men had fucked her now well used pussy and it was running with cum

she was lifted on top of a man who had posistions himself on the bed. louise crouched down and placed this huge dick at the opening to her pussy but this guy had other ideas. He grabbed his dick which must have been at least 10 inches an very very thick and pressed it agaist her virgin ass hole. The look of horror on louises face was amazing

but it was to late the bloke was pulling her down onto him and he was much to strong for her despite her constant moan for him to stop. He had about 5 inches inside her ting virgin ass when a man wlked up and rammed his equally as big dick up her pussy. This is when louise totaly lost it. It was now as much pain as pleasure as 2 monster cocks fucked her

for all they where worth. They both cum and where quickly replace by more hungry dicks. This must have gone on for over 2 hours. It really was like sometin out of a porn film. Atleast 50 dicks had fucked my gf in that time and from the sight of louise you could tell. She lay there motionless. ass and pussy still gaping

and dripping with cum from the abuse. Her tits where coverered in cum aswell has her mouth and face but louise was to fucked to even care. Once hope she cleaned up but was really struggling to walk from all them dick. She did say however how it was by far the best night of her life