Written by ukfun2

4 May 2009

We turned up at the club at about 10pm as normal and went up to get changed in to our 'evening wear' which consisted of a towel for James and some le senza lingerie for me and then went back down stairs to the bar to get a drink.

We got our drinks and went for a walk around the club where we found a chatty single bloke watching the goings on in the couple's only room near the balcony. He introduced himself as a 23 year old called Stuart, we got chatting and he seemed like quite a nice lad who both I and James clicked with.

We went back to the bar area and continued our conversation for a while before deciding to move up stairs and see if we could find a private room. I saw his eyes all over my body and trying to touch my legs.

We went to the open play area in top floor and went in. Already 3 guys playing with a girl there. There are 6 beds. James had sat me down on the bed and started to remove my underwear.

He motioned at Stuart to join in and he quite happily moved in, got on his knees and parted my legs, slipping his tongue quickly in to my already wet pussy and then followed it up with a couple of fingers. At that time the others also asked james to they want to participate. It was my best experience ever, all the 5 guys did a great job.

They carried on lapping at me for a few minutes before moving up towards my breasts and licking them all over whilst still pushing his fingers in and out of me with a steady motion and rubbing my clit with his thumb.