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Last Fling

"A good bye week of sex"
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I was working my notice before moving to the island. I was working full time in the depot preparing other people's packages. I had resisted a few temptations at work, but now I was on my way I thought it was time to try my luck. There were three ladies I found attractive and I made a play for the flirty one first, shot down in flames. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. The second lady was far more gentle and told me, "Thank you but my boyfriend would not like it." That left Hanna, who was East German and moved to England with her parents after reunification. She was very efficient, wore her hair up and dressed to hide everything. Even so she oozed sex appeal. I chose a quiet moment and asked her if she would like to meet for a drink. To my delight and surprise she told me to pick her up at seven. I arrived at five past seven. Hanna answered the door, her hair up. That was where her office persona ended. A string of white pearls around her neck, a mustard yellow silky top, a dark purple quarter length dress and four inch heels, and black stockings closing the space between hem and shoes. I tried to imagine anyone else making that work, I couldn't. "We can go out or," Hanna opened a cabinet, "we could drink here. What would you like?" "Something long please." "Thank god, my shoes are killing me." She kicked her shoes off and poured an unhealthy amount of gin into a glass and topped it off with cranberry juice. "Something tall I hope?" "Something tall." I tapped my glass against hers. I was still recovering from her total change. "Something tall." She replied without a single hint of double meaning. We sat down at both ends of the sofa. "Are you shagging Cheryl?" "Yes." "I thought so, you have been behaving differently around her." "Very perceptive." Hanna smiled, "Are we going to do it?" "I hope so, are we?" Hanna opened my shirt, I reached to open her buttons. "Not yet." She told me. She took my shoes off, then my socks. "Stand up." She pulled my trousers down. "You are stood up." She was right, up and aching. She took my cock in her mouth. It never stayed there long, she took me by the cock and led me to her bedroom. I reached for her skirt zip. She slapped my hand, "Lay on the bed." I did as I was told. Hanna dropped her skirt, a glimpse of shaved pussy possibly? She kept looking at me as she unbuttoned. She worked from the top down, no bra, when she got to the last button, I was right, no knickers, just hold ups. She climbed into the bed and started at my cock. I returned the favour, moved to eat her pussy. Hanna did not hold back, we locked in 69. I buried my head in her crotch and enjoyed, but she enjoyed it more, she came pushing my cock deep into her mouth and gagging. As soon as she let go I turned, started to look for a condom. "You don't need it." She told me. I took her on her back, she gave control to me and I pushed in, cumming almost immediately. I never stopped, I pumped and cum spread between us. I held her down. "More she told me." She came I kept thumping her pussy. "I love your pussy." "Cunt, you love my cunt." She corrected me. I came and went straight to eating her cunt. "WOW". She came again. I crawled up the bed, kissed her, pressed my sticky cock against her and started to finger her bean. Between kisses she asked "Why did you wait so long?" "You could have asked." "I should have." She came. We lay on the bed, Hanna was panting. "How open minded are you?" She asked. "Very." "Another man in the bed?" "That has happened, have you?" "Once, would you like pizza?" "Yeah." We ordered pizza and fucked again while we waited. The doorbell went. "Stay here." Hanna left the bedroom door partly open, and walked to the front door, naked apart from hold ups. She checked the spy hole and opened the door. I heard a voice "No money again?" "I'm hungry." The delivery man stepped inside, held the pizza up and Hanna fished his cock out, she gave him a blow job. "Is that enough for two pizzas or do I have to fuck you." "Yes," he said and started again, "yes.." he stopped again. "We better go to bed." She took the pizza from him put them down and took his hand. He was halfway to the bedroom when he saw me and stopped. "I'll have the pizza you can have the pussy." I told him. He shut the door behind them. I had a slice of pizza, finished the drink from earlier and heard the bed start to slap against the wall. I went to join them, he never stopped fucking. He delivered with a "huh". He started to get dressed. "You're not going to let him go with a dirty cock are you Hanna?" Hanna started to suck his cock. Her bum was up, I pushed my cock into her full cunt. Her hold ups were becoming stained. I worked away at her, watching her give head. I burst into her. Hanna let go of his cock as I pulled out. He was a little relaxed. "We would like the same order tomorrow, on your way home." Hanna informed him. Hanna saw him to the door still as good as naked and kissed a bewildered delivery man off. She brought the pizza back to bed. "I take it you fucked him before." "I have." She took a bit of pizza. "Are there others?" "You want others? No, just him. I fancied him, now we play I have no money." "So he knew what was going to happen?" "He hoped, he doesn't get to fuck me every time." "He got more than he bargained for." "I never noticed you fuck him." "Did the last two fuck each other?" "No." She laughed, "Would you?" "If everyone was happy." She took another bite of pizza and swallowed. "I would be." I took the rest of her pizza, put it aside and fucked her. She was sloppy and loose, I added to the mess between her legs and sat up. Hanna recovered her pizza, took another month full, dipped the crust into her crotch and offered it to me. I ate it and she collected more cum for herself. I thought you 'dirty bitch' but never said it. We finished the pizza, and relaxed with light play. I stayed the night, I don't know what time but we fucked in the middle of the night then again when the alarm went off. After work we went back to her place, playing for a few hours before pizza arrived, and Hanna's extra cock. I discovered his name was Jeff. He was far more relaxed, and Hanna never wore her holdups. By the time Jeff arrived I was in need of some rest, Hanna was not. Over my last week and a half I spent 8 nights with Hanna and Jeff joined us 3 times. Yes, I wished I did ask her earlier.

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