Written by bobxyz

26 Apr 2009

We sat in the hotel restaurant finishing off an excellent meal and enjoying the wine that was a freebie included in the price of the weekend. We had promised ourselves a break from the worries of work and the noisy city and here we were. It was costing us a fortune but the rooms were lovely with their own sitting room and the bedroom was luxurious. The main attraction and one of the things we were looking forward to be the hot tub that every room was blessed with. The thought of the peace and quiet and just soaking in the hot bubbles had swayed us to choose The Royal Delphina long weekend break. It had been a nightmare journey to get there but on arrival we were greeted and shown to our room and here we were finishing the meal ready to attack the bar. We armed ourselves with a bottle of wine and two glasses and retired to the bar nestling down in front of the roaring log fire that was situated in the bar. There weren't many people about, only a few couples placed around the place. The evening wore on and gradually more people, mainly couples filtered into the bar. One couple approached us and asked if anyone was occupying the seats opposite and we offered them the seats. They introduced themselves as Tony and Maggie, they seemed very bubbly and friendly and we exchanged the usual chit chat about where we were all from, the journey etc. Two guys then entered the bar and the couple shouted to them and they wandered over and were introduced to them. There names were John and Simon and they were friends of Tony who had arranged for them to meet for the weekend. There didn't seem to be any others females and it soon became obvious that they were single guys enjoying a break like us. They were there for the shooting and the other activities that were laid on for the guests. The way they talked also made it obvious that they were not gay and had booked separate rooms for the weekend. Tony made his way to the bar and got some drinks for all of us and we sat around the fire and got very merry. I think the one thing we all had in common was that we were all excited about the hot tubs we all had at our disposal. Tony and Maggie then invited us all back to their room for a night cap as the bar was about to shut. We were happy that these people were so friendly and we felt more relaxed than we had for a long time. We all sat and chatted for quite a while and then Tony said that he wanted to check the hot tub out before turning in for the night. He and Maggie went into their bedroom and emerged wearing their bathing costumes and they both sank into the hot tub and joked that we should all join them. John and Simon remarked that they would but they had no trunks to put on. Tony who was quite drunk by this time said that it didn't matter they should just leave their underwear on and we were invited to do the same. John and Simon who were also quite drunk removed their clothes and with just their pants on joined Tony and Maggie in the bubbling water. We looked at each other and were a little uncertain and decided to remain seated as the others splashed around in the water. John and Simons pants were decidedly see through when wet, but they didn't seem to care as they flirted with Maggie, tickling and splashing her. The one thing I noticed that my wife could hardly tear her eyes away from the crotches of john and Simon. I am not small in that department but these lads were very well endowed and with the attention Maggie was giving them their cocks were definitely swelling and would soon be leaping from their pants. I said we had better go and we retired to our room a little shocked but I believed both quite turned on by the situation we had just found ourselves in. I asked Jodie how she had felt and she admitted that she had felt quite turned on by seeing John and Simon virtually naked with their large cocks. That night we had the best sex we had enjoyed in a long while with Jodie doing all sorts to me to keep me hard. It wasn't that difficult for me to perform as I had been quite turned on to see Maggie flirting with the guys and to see Tony also turned on by the situation. The next day we slept in really late and did not wake till 11.30 mainly due to the amount of booze we had consumed the night before. Jodie again demanded sex as she persuaded me with the most sensual blow job she had ever given me. I rode her like a mad man and she loved every stroke shouting out for me to 'fuck her harder' When I came, the sensations were like I had never experienced before and I felt out of control. Sex hadn't been this good for a long time and I hoped there would be a lot more in the four days we had together. Once we had satisfied our sexual needs we rose and showered and decided as we had missed breakfast we would take a walk and grab something to eat while we were out. We walked for miles along one of the marked walks and found ourselves a little country pub where we enjoyed some lunch sitting in the afternoon sun. We then enjoyed a trip down the river on one of the many boats and returned to the hotel about 6.30, showered and changed for dinner. We entered the restaurant and the first people we spotted were Tony, Maggie, John and Simon. They beckoned us over to join them for dinner and we again felt at ease with these comparative strangers and enjoyed another really nice evening. No one referred to the previous night when we had left, no offense was taken, and everything was cool.

At the end of the evening Tony suggested a night cap again and also suggested that we went and got our bathing costumes for the hot tub. We had had such a good night we both agreed and went and got our costumes. We went and got our costumes, grabbed a bottle of wine and made our way to Tony and Maggie's room. We were both a little bit nervous but I think we both realised how turned on we had been the night before and what could potentially happen this evening. We joined the others and sat around having a drink until Tony again suggested the hot tub. We both went off to the bedroom and started to change when John and Simon entered also to change. Jodie stood there stark naked and froze like a rabbit in the headlights as the two guys stripped and with their massive cocks swinging around pulled on their trunk's Both looked Jodie up and down with a lusty look and disappeared out. When we were both ready I asked Jodie if she was ok and she took my hand and led me to the hot tub. We both slipped into the water with me next to Maggie and Jodie slipped in between John and Simon. Maggie splashed some water at me and pinched one of my nipples while the two guys either side of my wife started to tickle her and for a few minutes it all went a bit wild and ended up with Maggie's and Jodie's tops both off and being slung to the other side of the room. Both women had rather large busts and I expected Jodie to get all embarrassed and cover up. She did neither and to my utter surprise she remarked than the girls were now at a disadvantage and the guys should remove their costumes. We all looked at each other shrugged and nodded all stood and removed our trunks and threw them across the room. John and Simon already had massive erections with me and Tony not far behind. We all returned to the hot bubbling water and relaxed back. Tony then complained that the girls still had their bikini bottoms on and to make it fair they to should come off. This to me was the big test for Jodie but she just looked at Maggie and they stood up in the middle of the tub and did nothing. They suggested that if they were coming off then we had to remove them. I took position on one side of Maggie and Tony was on the other, we both slipped our hands into Maggie's costume and slowly slipped them down her legs and they too joined the pile of discarded costumes across the room. I was so engrossed in removing Maggie's bottoms that I had forgot about John and Simon who would be removing my wife's bottoms. I turned and couldn't believe my eyes. Jodie was flanked by John and Simon all in the kneeling position, their erections standing solid with my wife one hand on each slowing wanking their huge cocks. Both men sucked hungrily on her nipples as she just looked at me and smiled. As watched I felt a warm mouth engulf my cock. Maggie was sucking my cock hungrily and I was torn between watching my wife being seduced by two well hung guys or concentrating on my own knob deep in Maggie's mouth. Tony suggested that we retire to the bedroom and get more comfortable. We all left the tub and dried off, Jodie paying special attention to John and Simon's rock hard erections, hanging on to them as though she was scared of losing them. John and Simon lay back on the bed side by side as Jodie slowly toyed with their cocks. Me, Tony and Maggie lay there and just watched the action as Jodie took each in turn into her mouth and sucked them deep drawing heavy groans from the men in turns. Both men looked over at me as though to gain my approval, I watched spellbound as my wife pleasured these men, my cock rock hard against my belly fit to burst. Both men's breathing became heavier as she slowly wanked and sucked their cocks. I could tell they were close to coming as she suddenly stopped, slid across the bed and kissed me passionately on the lips and gave my cock a gentle squeeze and slowly wanked me a few times before sliding back over to John and Simon and continued where she had left off. Me, Tony and Maggie continued to watch as my wife moved up Simon's body and positioned herself above his rock hard cock and after rubbing its purple tip across her fanny lips slowly sank onto it giving out gentle moan. She motioned to john and he moved round the bed and positioned his cock right in her face and she sucked it deeply as Simon rammed his cock deep inside her. I could not take my eyes from her wet fanny as Simon's monster cock drove into her with john filling her mouth with his own very big hard cock. Maggie slowly and gently pushed me back onto the bed and knelt between my thighs and continued sucking my knob, wrapping her tongue around its tip as she gently caressed my balls and raking them softly with her long finger nails. Tony from behind eased into her and with long deep strokes fucked his wife while she expertly sucked me. I could feel her mouth being forced onto my cock by Tony's firm strokes as he drove into her body. I glanced across at Jodie and she was now being fucked by John from behind doggy style and she had Simons cock deep in her mouth. I was so shocked by my wife's wanton behaviour but at the same time I was more turned on by her actions than I had ever been. Simon suddenly grunted that he was coming, Jodie increased her efforts licking and mouthing his knob until the first jet of sperm hit her square in the face before she could take his cock deep into mouth as he emptied his seed into her mouth. He grimaced as she continued to suck the spunk from his jerking cock, sperm hung from her chin swaying with her movements. She let his softening cock drop from her mouth continuing to slowly wank him as his orgasm subsided. He took his cock in his hand and smeared his spun around her face as she licked his cock clean until finally he slumped back his softening cock still looking massive as it lay on his thigh. John pulled his cock from her wet cunt and great gouts of spunk shot up her back as he wanked his cock slowly before sliding back into my wife still coming with long deep strokes until he was still with his softening cock still deep in Jodie's wet fanny. This was all too much for me and tony as we both came almost together Filling Maggie with our seed at both ends. Tony gave out loud grunts as he came and Maggie made lewd slurping noises as her mouth played with my spent cock, her lips and tongue coating my manhood with my spunk. I looked over at my Jodie just in time to see john's soft cock plop from her cunt with streams of sperm running down her thighs. We all lay there getting our breath back for what seemed like an age until one by one we visited the bathroom and cleaned up. The girls went first followed by us guys. I was last and showered quickly, dried myself off and went to see the others. I entered the bedroom and was confronted by Maggie sucking on Simon's cock, I was a little shocked as I thought we would all dress and leave. I heard more noises coming from the lounge and entered to find Jodie kneeling between Tony and John sucking their cocks in turn while wanking them both slowly. She looked over at me lustily as she was laid back on the settee and John positioned his self between her thighs and plunged his cock into her throwing her legs over his shoulders as he fucked her with long deep strokes. Every time he drove his cock into her it was as though the air was driven from her body with every thrust. Tony sucked on her nipples and slowly wanked himself awaiting his turn. I turned my attention to Maggie who was still sucking expertly on Simons cock. I slowly placed a finger between her cunt lips and slipped it into her soaking cunt. She pushed back onto my hand and demanded that I fuck her hard. I sank to my knees and rubbed the head of my cock up and down her wet labia and eased my cock deep into her slowly pulling it out until the tip of my throbbing cock was barely touching her fanny. I plunged it back into her as she commanded me to fuck her harder and faster. My cock flew in and out of her wet fanny, my balls slapping against her legs as I pounded her. Simon let out a loud gasp as he arched his back as the spunk flew from his cock and down Maggie's throat as she swallowed hungrily not letting a drop of his seed escape her hungry mouth. I continued to slam my cock into her and inevitably felt that familiar sensation in my balls as the sperm flew from me deep into her hot wet depths. I came with that much ferocity that she actual squealed as spurt after spurt shot into her. I don't believe that I had ever came with such force before and in such quantity as it dribbled from her escaping, dribbling down her thigh's as my cock made loud squelching noises as I continued to piston in and out of her body. I could barely get my breath as my strokes slowed as my softening tool slipped from her releasing even more spunk from her fanny. She still licked at Simon's soft cock although it still looked massive with her delicate fingers around its girth. We all slowly disentangled ourselves and decided to join the others. Tony was now fucking Jodie, her head thrown back as he fucked her mechanically. John sat back watching toying with his spent cock, His spunk still lying on my wife's belly where he had obviously deposited it. We all watched as Tonys strokes became erratic and jerky as he shouted out shooting his load inside Jodie's soaking hole, the sweat ran down his face as he kept on fucking her until his softening cock against his wishes slipped out of her followed by his seed. Enormous amounts seemed to seep from inner depths as she lay there panting, totally satisfied. I think we were all shagged out by this point and again we visited the bathroom and cleaned ourselves up and dressed. The strange thing about it was that Jodie and I seemed happy with what had just happened. It was the most sexually exciting thing we had ever done. We all sat around and relaxed and chatted quite openly about what had just happened. Me and Jodie admitted that we had never done anything like that before but on reflection we had both enjoyed it without being jealous. Tony explained that John and Simon were special friends and they had experimented before as a group. He too admitted that it had been really wild and everyone agreed that it had been so intense sexually, that at times everyone had lost control. The conversation slowly turned on to the subject of would it happen again and we all were happy to admit that it was so satisfying; it was inevitable that we would want more. Maggie asked about secret fantasies that we had and John who although had a lot of sexual experience had never had two woman at once. Simon loved group sex and loved to shoot his spunk on female's faces. Tony was turned on by seeing his wife being fucked by other men and Maggie enjoyed it because she knew that he enjoyed it so much. The sex between her and Tony was always so good afterwards. I had to agree with Tony and admitted that although this had been the first time for us, the main turn on was seeing Jodie having sex with John and Simon. It had affected me in the same way as Tony and had felt sexually charged up watching the spectacle. The surprising thing for me was that I felt no jealousy at all and Jodie had to admit that neither had she. Maggie asked Jodie if she had any secret desires and she explained that until tonight she had never considered that she would have sex with three men with me watching her indulging myself with another female, so it seems that there would be a lot more sexual exploration. Maggie chipped in and said that she really enjoyed anal sex with Tony and would like to try three men at once. She would love to suck a guy while two men fucked her fanny and arse simultaneously. Jodie looked a little shocked but replied that after tonight she believed that she would be happy to try anything at least once. The one thing that Jodie admitted to was that she loved was sucking cock, and I could vouch for that fact. She would really love to be surrounded by men with big erect cocks and sucking them in turn until they shot their loads over her face. Maggie asked if we could get some of these fantasies out of the way and meet for some more fun. We all agreed that we wanted more and agreed to meet up the next night to have some more fun. In bed that night Jodie would not leave me alone and demanded sex again and again. I really needed sleep but she knew how to turn me on with her fingers and her mouth. We did get to sleep eventually and again awoke late, missing breakfast again. Jodie still wanted sex as she slowly and sensually sucked my cock until I shot my spunk down the back her throat. We both rose and showered together and decided that we should have a chat about the situation. We both came to the conclusion that we had really enjoyed the sex and had not felt any jealousy towards each other. The big decision was that we would meet the others tonight and see what happened. We went down into the foyer and had some lunch and decided that we would go for a drive around the local area. We spent a good couple of hours driving up and down country lanes, the countryside was very striking but I could tell that Jodie had sex on her mind and as we made our way back to the hotel we teased each other about our desires and erotic fantasies. We parked the car and entered the hotel and made for the bar and sat and relaxed over a bottle of wine. Maggie entered with Tony and Simon and we all sat around chatting about general stuff. Maggie and Jodie were having their own conversation very quietly. They stood up and said they would go and find John and would meet us later in Tony and Maggie's room. I remembered that John had always wanted to have two women at once and guessed that they were off to find him. I was a little alarmed for Jodie to be off without me but she kissed my cheek and said that she would see me very soon. When they had gone Tony and Simon confirmed that they were off to surprise John and satisfy his lust for two women. We sat and talked, but I could not get the thought of what might be happening upstairs. After about an hour we all decided that they had been gone long enough and it was time to join them. As we entered the room we heard the unmistakable sounds made by a guy who is about to come. We stood in the bedroom doorway and watched as John who was lying on his back with his cock erupting all over the faces of Maggie and Jodie. They both licked and mouthed his cock as his spunk flowed from its purple tip. His head was thrown back as he gasped for air as the girls slowly shared his seed. They spunk covered mouths kissing and exchanging his bodily fluid. He looked up at the rest of us and smiled like the cat that had got the cream. His softening cock still twitched as it rested on his thigh with both women still flicking it with their tongues. We all looked at each other and quickly removed our clothes', all our cocks were rock hard and twitching. John rose and retired to the bathroom and we descended on the two woman. They told us that John had fucked them silly but they both wanted more. Maggie took the lead greedily sucking on Simons cock while she wanked me and tony. She looked at Jodie and she nodded and retreated down the bed a little. Maggie said commandingly that she wanted to fulfil her fantasy. Jodie rose and disappeared into the lounge as Maggie pushed Simon onto his back and straddled him. She moved gently rubbing her wet fanny up and down his throbbing cock. Tony presented his cock to her mouth and she sucked it hungrily. She reached down and took Simons knob in her hand and presented to the entrance of her wet fanny and slowly sank down onto its considerable length until it was deep inside her. She sat back for a few seconds and enjoyed its deep penetration. Jodie reappeared with a tube of lubricant and squirted a little onto her finger and gently spread it around Maggie's tight bum, slowly easing her finger into her arse. Maggie groaned loudly as she slurped on her husbands cock and moved herself forward presenting her arse to be. Jodie squirted more lubricant into her palm and smeared it all over my member and then she held my cock slowly wanking me and pushed its tip against Maggie's arse hole. I pushed forward very gently and felt slight resistance as I tried to enter. The resistance suddenly gave way and the bulbous end of my cock popped inside. I held it there for a few seconds with Jodie's hand still wrapped around it encouraging its progress. Slowly I eased my hard cock into the depths of her tight arse a little at a time until my balls rested against her thighs. I could feel Simons cock sliding in and out of her soaking pussy as I slowly withdrew and re-entered her increasing the speed of my thrusts not wanting to hurt her. By this time John had returned from the bathroom and watched slowly toying with his cock. Jodie slowly caressed mine and Simon's balls as we fucked Maggie rhythmically making us both gasp. She still sucked on her husband's cock, his grimace making it obvious that he was close to coming. The same went for me and Simon. Maggie suddenly pulled away and asked us to swap around. Tony lay on the bed and with help from his hand pushed his cock into his wife; Simon received the lubricant treatment from Jodie and eased himself into her rear. Maggie let out a little squeal as his slightly bigger cock stretched her arse a little wider. I moved round and Maggie enveloped my knob deep into her mouth; her head was like piston as she sucked my cock hungrily. Jodie now caressed Simon's and Tony's balls as they fucked Maggie in unison, plunging into her both at the same time. John moved from his chair and moved in behind Jodie, his cock now rock hard and ready for action again. Jodie moved up the bed on all four and joined in with Maggie. John slipped down and tongued Jodie's fanny as I reached under and squeezed one of her nipples, making her moan with pleasure. She held my cock and slowly wanked it as Maggie sucked my cock hard and fast. It was all too much and I felt that familiar feeling as my orgasm approached. I was seconds from shooting my load when Maggie suddenly released my cock and threw her head and screamed loudly as her body was racked with orgasm. Jodie quickly took over and was immediately greeted with a mouth full of my spunk, she tried to swallow it all but there was to much as it dribbled from the corner of her mouth, flowing of her chin on to her hand as she wanked it furiously. Maggie went wild with pleasure as tony emptied his balls into her, making her cunt make loud squelching noises. John by this time was fucking Jodie from behind doggy style, their bodies making slapping noises as he rammed her. He seemed in a hurry as his relentless rhythm distracted Jodie as she released my cock from her mouth and concentrated on his powerful strokes, Strands of my sperm still hung from her chin as her tongue swirled around her chin to collect as much as she could. John continued to fuck her at a fast pace as she licked my sperm from her hand, using her tongue to scoop up the fluid. Tony now fucked Maggie, slowly his spent cock slowly softening as Simon pulled out of her arse and plopped his cock on to her lower back. The first jet of spunk shot up and landing on the back of Maggie's neck, The second almost hit the same spot landing in her dark hair as he took his cock and wanked it furiously covering her back with his sperm Before re-entering her arse and slowly stroking in and out of her. Jodie buried her head into the bed and made shrieking, gasping noises as she had a powerful orgasm as John fucked her hard. She demanded that he fucked her harder, this seemed to spur him on and with a loud grunt he emptied his seed deep into my wife's body as she rammed herself back onto his erupting cock. His hands held on to her hips as she bucked back on to him as though he was trying to hold on to her. Jodie took huge gulps of air as she recovered and gained control of herself. John withdrew from her and as he did she spun round and grabbed his still stiff cock and sucked on it hungrily extracting the last drops of spunk from him, by the look on his face the pleasure was almost unbearable. I asked Maggie if she had enjoyed fulfilling her wish. She told everyone that she had never had such a powerful, intense orgasm and that Jodie should definitely try it sometime. John also was happy that he had finally had two women and thanked Maggie and Jodie for a fantastic experience. All in all everybody seemed really happy as we showered and returned to our rooms for the night. The following night would be our last night at the hotel and Jodie told me that she would like to try what Maggie had tonight. We decided to play it by ear and see what happened as her hand curled round my cock and she disappeared under the duvet. It looked like another sleepless night for me. The following morning we did make it for breakfast, before heading out for the day. As we were leaving the hotel we met John and Simon and they told us that Tony and Maggie had gone home to deal with a family crisis. The handed us an envelope and it contained an invitation to a party that they were throwing the following month. We arranged to meet up for a drink later, they said their other mate was coming to pick them up and was staying over for the night. They said he would be up for a bit of fun if we were interested. We told them, as usual we liked to play it by ear and see how the evening went. We drove off and I asked Jodie if she wanted to meet them later. She said as it was the last night, she felt like really letting herself go. We spent the day visiting the local villages, shopping and browsing and returned to the hotel early. She had booked a little bit of pampering for herself in the health spa. She went off to the spa when we returned and I went to relax and watch a little TV in our room. I was awoken by Jodie as she returned to the room; she looked great from all the attention she had received in the health spa. She told me that I should shower as it was getting late and we had arranged to meet the boys in the bar. I showered quickly and returned to the bedroom to dress and was greeted by the sight of Jodie sitting on the bed pulling a stocking onto her long leg. She stood to straighten the seams and the first thing I noticed was that her fanny had been trimmed and there was only a little strip of pubic hair left. She asked if I liked her new look as she lay back and opened her legs to show me that her apart from the tiny little strip she was completely shaved. My cock sprang to life but she told me that I would get my turn later. She pulled on her skimpy panties and her skin tight dress and left me struggling to get my rock hard cock into my trousers. We did eventually get ready and we made our way to the bar. I got the feeling that all this effort she was making was not all for my benefit. John and Simon were already there sitting with another guy who they introduced as Tim. He stood and shook my hand and kissed Jodie on the cheek. We sat around and chatted for a while until Jodie suggested that we get a couple of bottles and go back to our room so we could all get more comfortable. She stood and walked away telling us to give her five minutes and she left the bar looking at us with lust in her eye's. After a while we made our way to the room and was greeted by Jodie laid on the bed in her black suspenders and stockings, panties and her bra. She smiled at us all and told us to strip and join her. Tim looked at me as he didn't look sure of himself and I just nodded and said it was ok. We were soon on the bed with Jodie with all of us caressing her body covering her licks and kisses. John popped her nipples from her tiny bra and he and Tim nibbled on them hungrily. Simon and I tried to slip her panties off but she said there was plenty of time and she had other plans for us all. She rose from the bed and knelt in the middle of the floor and told us all to gather around. We soon surrounded her with our erect cocks pointing at her from all directions. She said this was something she had always wanted to do and she slipped her mouth over johns cock and took mine and Tim's in her hands and slowly stroked our hard knobs, Simon slowly wanked himself and waited for his turn. One by one she sucked us off treating each cock the same, swirling her tongue around their tips and gently using her teeth to increase our pleasure. She looked up as she worked on each cock, with that sexy look. While she gobbled us in turn she told us all that she wanted our spunk all over her face and in her mouth. She asked if it felt good and demanded we told her how good it was as she sucked harder. She knew that it wouldn't be long before we all exploded and she spurred us on as we stroked our cocks. She continued to suck them in turn slipping her mouth down the shafts licking and nibbling on our balls. I could not believe how Jodie acted telling us all exactly what she wanted as her mouth moved from cock to cock. Tim took hold of his cock and through gritted teeth he let her know he was coming, she concentrated on him as he jerked his cock with Jodie pushing her face onto his throbbing knob, waiting for the first jet of sperm the hit her face. She didn't have to wait long, as with a loud grunt his spunk shot over her mouth, nose and splattered her forehead, with her tongue shooting from her mouth rolling round her mouth as he covered her face with his seed. His ejaculation slowly lost its power as he squeezed the last drops from his manhood and smeared in around her upturned face. I could feel my own orgasm rapidly approaching as I stroked my own knob. At that moment John let out a grunt and his sperm joined Tim's all over Jodie's face. The power of the initial burst made her recoil back a little until she moved forward and his cock disappeared into her mouth, his jerking cock emptying at the back of her throat, I pressed my cock on to her face just as my own jism flew from my cock and missed her face, landing on her tits. The second load found its target and nestled on her cheek as she still sucked on Johns softening member. She turned her attention to mine and she nibbled the glans gently as my spunk escaped. Her face was virtually covered by now and the sperm hung from her chin and dribbled down onto her breasts and her bra. Tim was totally spent and he moved away followed by john. My own cock slipped from her mouth and I took it in my hand and squeezed the last droplets of sperm from it and it dripped onto her neck. Simon was still wanking his cock, his hand flashing up and down his rock hard organ. His other hand cupped his balls as he moved forward breathing heavily, Jodie took his shaft and slipped it between her lips as his sperm hit the back of her throat. She continued to suck him until his orgasm had passed and only then did she release his softening prick from her spunk filled mouth. His seed escaped from her mouth and dripped from her chin onto her body, her tongue still flicking collecting the seed that by now was covering her face. She used her fingers to gather some of the spunk and she licked it from them enjoying the taste. All four of us men just watched her as she slowly devoured all our seed. Eventually she stood and thanked us all for fulfilling one of her fantasies, and she went to the bathroom to clean up. She noticed that Tim already had another hard on and she told us she would be back and that she needed a serious fucking. We all sat around naked totally relaxed with our nakedness, Tim still had his raging hard on with the rest of us quite relaxed with our members laying dormant. Jodie reappeared minus her spunk stained bra and her panties and asked us if we remembered that she wanted to try what Maggie had, three men all at once. Me, John and Simon all reassured her that we all knew what she wanted. Tim didn't know, she knelt down in front of him and while gently toying with his cock, she explained that she wanted a cock in her mouth, her fanny and her arse. She moved to the bed where john and Simon were sitting and eased john back onto the bed, she eased his legs apart and knelt between them and ran her tongue up and down the length of his rapidly hardening shaft. She leaned forward and opened her legs slightly exposing her shaved labia and the surrounding area. The only hair left was the little tuft left at the front. Simon manoeuvred himself into position and started tonguing her hairless fanny. He flicked at her clitoris and she moaned loudly as his tongue excited her. She continued to run her mouth up and down John's shaft, pausing on his balls taking them into her mouth one at a time. John grasped handfuls of the bed sheet as the sensations ran through his body. She asked me to get her the lubricant from the bathroom, as she motioned to Tim to come round in front of her. I handed her the tube and she squirted some into the palm of her hand and she took John's rock hard member and coated it in the oily fluid. She rose and turned round and supported herself on her hands either side of john and offered her arse to him. He took his slippery cock in his hand and offered it to her virgin arsehole. She eased herself down until she felt its head start to enter her. It was obvious that she was struggling to accommodate his large cock as her face contorted a little. Each time she bore down his cock disappeared into her arse a little further until he was right inside her, with only his bollocks still visible. Slowly she began to rise and fall on to his knob, letting out little squeals every time he drove home. Tim was standing on the bed offering his cock to her mouth as she did the best she could to suck him without the use of her hands. Tim fucked her mouth slowly at first as John cock now slid in and out of her arse smoothly with all resistance gone. Simon now moved in between her legs her gaping fanny in clear view. He positioned himself with one leg over John's and rubbed the head of his cock up and down Jodie's wet fanny and with one single stroke pushed into her and held it there, John's cock still embedded in her arse. All three men held steady and gradually started to move their rock hard cocks in and out of my wife, as she worked her body to all three begging them to fuck her hard and make her come. I sat and watched mesmerized by what I was watching slowly wanking my own cock waiting for my turn. They all fucked her for a few minutes until she pulled away and turned straddling John, his cock slipping into her soaking fanny with ease. She now could suck Tim's cock a lot easier with the use of her hand. Simon grabbed the lubricant and squirted some on to her arse and spread it around the orifice, pushing his finger in and out until he was sure it would receive his member. He held the tip to her oily arse and pushed forward, his cock easily entering her until his bollocks rested against her arse. John and Simon slowly started to fuck her increasing their speed until both their cocks flashed in and out of her fanny and arse, with Jodie screaming with her orgasm sucking hungrily on Tim's knob. I continued to watch still wanking myself, unable to stop. Simon suddenly let out a loud grunt and slammed his cock deep into her arse as he came, his head thrown back as he held himself inside her, his hands on her hips holding her onto his erupting organ. Slowly he regained his composure as he fucked her arse slowly as his orgasm passed. Watching this was too much for me as I felt my own spunk land on my belly as I wanked myself, unable to stop myself from coming. Simon's cock slipped from Jodie's arse with a sigh of disappointment from her quickly followed by his spunk as it leaked from her dribbling onto john's balls as he continued to pound her. Tim and John let out simultaneously that they were coming, Jodie encouraging them both to fill her with their spunk. John rose of the bed as his strokes became jerky and erratic as he roared uncontrollably his cock shooting off deep in her fanny as the first jet of Tim's spunk splattered over her face before she was able to get her mouth around it, swallowing the rest of his seed. John still fucked her as his cock made loud squelching noises, the spunk escaping from her running onto his balls. Tim smeared his spunk around her face with his softening knob. John's strokes slowed and Tim slumped onto the bed as John's wilting knob slipped from her soaking hole. Everyone just lay for a while regaining their senses, everyone spent and totally knackered. John and Simon were the first to move saying they needed sleep and they both dressed kissed Jodie and said they would look forward to seeing us both at Tony's party. They both shook my hand and asked if Tim was ready to leave, he said that he would follow soon and they left the three of us sitting there still naked. We chatted for a while until I went for a shower to freshen up. I spent longer than normal showering and was worried that I would appear ignorant. I quickly dried myself and slipped into a dressing gown and went to join the others. They were still laying there chatting casually as Jodie played with Tim's now fully erect cock. She looked round and smiled at me and said that Tim would be staying the night with us. I said that was fine by me and she turned to him and reassured him that everything was fine. She continued to wank his knob as she kissed his chest slowly licking and nibbling at his nipples. Gradually she worked her way down to his stomach flicking her tongue in and out of his navel occasionally letting it flick the bulbous tip of his penis. I joined them on the bed and she lay back and enjoyed my attentions. I caressed her breasts and squeezed her nipples between my thumb and forefinger as she omitted little squeals of pleasure. She guided Tim in between her legs and guided his engorged cock to her fanny entrance. It met with little resistance as it slid straight into her as she wrapped her legs around his hips. Her hands clamped onto his buttocks as she held him there his bollocks pressed against her arse. His mouth clamped on to hers and they kissed passionately, their tongues swirling in and out of each others mouths. Slowly he began to move in and out of her, her hands releasing his buttocks allowing him to fuck her very slowly. Her hands raked his back, gently though. She made sure that she didn't hurt him as he rode her slowly. The last few days we all had experienced the wildest sex, but this was different. This was very different, Jodie and Tim were making love right there in front of me. For the fist time I felt a pang of jealousy and felt completely ignored as they continued, their attention totally on each other. I sat right next to them, my erect cock yearning for some attention and watched this virtual stranger make passionate love to my wife. Their mouths seemed locked together as they moved in perfect unison. His cock almost leaving her body before he slowly pushed back into her as deep as he could go. Their kissing ceased for a moment as he kissed her neck slowly nibbling at her flesh. She turned her head and looked at me through glazed eyes and mouthed that she loved me, but her attentions were soon taken away as he once again clamped his mouth onto hers. He fucked her like this for a good ten minutes until Jodie screamed loudly that she was coming. At this point his breathing became erratic and with a loud gasp he threw back his head, arching his back and shot his load deep inside her as she also came almost explosively onto his erupting cock. His sperm and her juices escaped from her soaking fanny as he continued to ram his member in and out of her. They both clung to each other as their orgasms started to pass as loud squelching sounds escaped from her with every thrust.

They were both soaked in perspiration as their movements gradually slowed, still kissing very gently and tenderly. They eventually just lay there as they regained their composure, before he thanked and said what a wonderful fuck she was. His cock slipped out of her with a loud plop as he slipped from between her thighs and lay next to her taking large gulps of air, his chest heaving. She looked up at me and smiled at me as I sat there with my aching cock, rock hard against my stomach and told me she wanted me to fuck her hard. She grabbed by arm and manoeuvred me between her thighs and guided my throbbing manhood to her spunk filled fanny's entrance. It slid into her with ease helped by her juices and Tim's spunk, lubricating its path. The fluids oozed out of her as I started to fuck her slowly at first, but quickly gathering speed as I rushed to the orgasm I desperately wanted. I had wanked myself while I watched her fucked by three guys and watched Tim slowly make love to my wife, now all I wanted to do was come. I was so turned on I knew I would be able to hold out for long, sure enough I soon felt the familiar sensations as my climax built. My cock was flying into her body, as she swore at me telling me to fill her with my hot spunk. That spurred me on and I soon felt my spunk shoot from my body into her spunky hole. I kept ramming her cunt, totally out of control, with her encouraging me to do her harder. My spent cock soon started to soften and I pulled it from her and with a sigh of disappointment she rubbed her dripping fanny with her hands, inserting a finger into her wet cunt. The juices continued to escape from her soaking the bed cover. Slowly she calmed and we all lay there for a while regaining our composure. She stood and took me and Tim by the hand and led us to the shower. We washed her all over and we took it in turns to wash our bodies. We soon dried ourselves and we all got into bed with Jodie sandwiched between me and Tim. I must have fallen asleep almost immediately as the next thing I remembered was waking in the morning, bright sunlight burst through the window. Also I was aware of movement next to me. As my mind cleared and I regained my senses I looked over and saw Tim once again making love to Jodie. He moved slowly between her legs as he fucked her with long deep strokes. He must have been fucking her for a while as I slept next to them as after a few seconds he pulled his glistening cock from her body and sprayed her stomach and her shaved fanny with jet after jet of spunk as he kneeled between her open thighs. He smeared the sperm with his cock around her wet cunt lips before slipping in to her again, his cock still very stiff. He continued fucking her slowly, Jodie laying there throwing her head from side to side. I was amazed at this guy's stamina and his quick recovery as he speeded up and fucked her again, much quicker this time. I would not have believed it if I had not seen it with my own eyes, but after only two or three minutes he pulled from her again and a second load of his sperm splattered over her stomach and fanny. He rammed his still erupting cock into her again and filled her with the rest of his come. He fucked her until he eventually eased himself from between her legs and lay back breathing heavily. His spunk covered Jodie's stomach, fanny and thigh's as she to lay there recovering her composure. We lay there for a while and Jodie slipped from the bed and went to shower. I asked Tim how he managed to fuck so quickly again after coming. He told me that it was something that he had always been able to do. He told me that it made him very popular with the ladies. I told him Jodie seemed to like him and he asked if I had been jealous. I told him that I had been a little envious but it was good to see Jodie act out her fantasies and that I trusted her completely. He rose and dressed and said he would have to go as John and Simon would be waiting for him. He gave Jodie a hug and shook my hand and he left leaving us to reflect on the last few days events. Me and Jodie talked about it and we both agreed that we were both happy with what had happened and felt comfortable with the situation. She did admit that while I had slept the previous night Tim had hardly left her alone and had fucked her for most of the night. She was obviously looking forward to seeing everyone again, especially Tim. We wondered if they would all be at Tony and Maggie's party in a few weeks. Well we would just have to wait and see. That would definitely be another story.