Written by jandhfoolery

10 Jan 2012

In my story, ‘First Foursome’, I told you about our experience at an ‘Adult Club’ we attend now and then. I also mentioned that although it was our first proper foursome, it wasn’t our first night at the club and that I’d write about that at a later date. Well, this is how the night went:

J** looked terrific in white, high heels, white fishnet stockings and a little short, tight white dress that only just met her stocking tops. Her full round breasts were almost bursting out over the top and her white translucent bra was just visible beneath. Her long blonde hair fell down over her shoulders and the image was breath taking. Teasingly, she lifted the front of her dress to show me white panties that matched her bra. I could clearly see the shape of her smoothly shaven pussy through the very thin material.

When we arrived we were both extremely nervous and never knew what to expect but we’d read reviews about the club on the internet and they were all good. The club has strict rules and after chatting with the owners and being shown around then introduced to a few patrons, we decided to become members and enjoy what the club has to offer.

We arrived early and after being shown the club facilities it was still fairly quite so we got a drink from the bar and settled into one of the seating areas to acclimatise to what we were feeling.

It wasn’t long before it got busier and a couple came and sat next to us. At first our nervousness caused a little awkwardness as we introduced ourselves to each other but when we were told by the other couple, who were Matt and Jackie, that it was there first night also we soon relaxed and got chatting. Matt was dressed smart and casual as I was but Jackie had a little black skirt that rode up each time she moved revealing her black stocking tops and occasionally a glimpse of her black panties. With black high heels, a deep blue top and shoulder length dark hair, she was in complete contrast to J**. During our chat we found out that Jackie, like J**, was bi-curious, and like J**, had never experienced being with a woman before. Matt admitted that he loved the thought of seeing Jackie with another woman. I also had to admit that the thought of seeing J** getting intimate with Jackie was making me feel very turned on.

It wasn’t to happen right at that moment though as Jackie and Matt wanted to try out the hot tub but J** was keen on going for a dance first. I also wanted to try the dance floor as I noticed that it had a black light above it when we were shown around and I wanted to see how it re-acted with J**’s white outfit. We all agreed that we would catch up in a little whilst and then headed off in different directions.

The effect of the UV light on J** was amazing. She practically glowed from her long blonde hair down to her white high heels. There were a few already up dancing so we sat and ‘people watched’ for a little whilst and the way some of the women were dressed was very erotic. One couple were at the edge of the dance floor with the man sitting on a chair and the woman dancing in front of him. We were only about a couple of metres away and as we watched, the woman started to undress. Her dance was very suggestive as she gyrated in front of him, unbuttoning her top slowly and teasingly. As she wasn’t wearing a bra, her gorgeous full breasts were revealed to not only her partner, but to several others who were also watching her gradually expose herself. She tauntingly let the top fall off her shoulders as she danced in front of her companion, gradually letting it slip off completely and letting him take it from her. There was a small round of applause from observers sitting nearby which only encouraged her to continue. Running her hands up her body, she cupped both breasts and danced closer to her partner offering her nipples to his caress. Suddenly she pulled away and danced amongst the others on the dance floor, almost disappearing for a moment, her hands held high and her breasts completely exposed.

As she returned, she was already working on the fastening of her very short skirt. Once this was undone, she slowly and evocatively danced around, letting it fall down her long legs and landing at her feet just as she reached her partner. There was another small round of applause, louder this time as everyone realised that she was now completely naked except for her black stockings and high heels. She stood there a moment in front of her partner, hands on her hips and legs apart, obviously basking in the admiring glances from the men and women who evidently enjoyed her show of exhibitionism. J** and I were both very turned on by it and we watched them as she took her partner by the hand and led him through the other dancers and out of the room.

Feeling very hot and horny, we both got up to dance. I held J** close and ran my hands down her hair and onto her back and over her beautiful shapely backside. Reaching the hemline of her short white dress I slowly pulled it higher to halfway over her lovely delightful buttocks. J** just loves this feeling of neither dressed nor undressed as the material moves across her rear. My hands caressed her naked flesh beneath, the thin material of her g-string barely noticeable as it swept deep between her buttocks. I noticed others doing similar dances but the UV light had highlighted J** in her white dress and I noticed several voyeurs at the edge of the dance floor looking on as I slowly exposed her. I thought of the woman who had danced a few moments ago and how they watched and it inspired me to put on our own little exhibition.

I whispered into J**’s ear that we had some onlookers and turned her around to face them. Her dress was now high enough to reveal her semi-transparent tight white panties, barely concealing her smoothly shaven pussy. My arms wrapped around her from behind and my hands found and caressed her gorgeous round breasts, squeezing and teasing them through the thin material of her dress and bra. J** was moving her hip from side to side in time with the music and her backside was pressed back against my very hard cock. Her head was thrown back onto my shoulder and she seemed enthralled by the fact that she was being watched. Her hands moved up her body and covered mine over her breasts as we danced. She then pulled one of my hands back down and placed it between her legs. I could feel how wet J** was through the thin material of her panties. She was obviously enjoying every moment of showing herself off. J** was extremely hot and horny at the thought of being watched by these strangers as we revealed her most intimate parts to them. We continued to slowly dance as I pulled J**’s panties to one side and completed exposed her smooth, shaven sex to them, my fingers easily slipping between her very wet, silky pussy lips. We were getting carried away by the moment and our nervousness was momentarily forgotten. As we faced our audience, J**’s legs were apart giving them a clear view of my fingers teasing and playing with her bare pussy. They seemed enthralled by the vision before them as J**’s excitement was building and my fingers were sliding in and out of her.

J** seemed almost on the point of no return when the music ended and she seemed to just come out of the spell. She grabbed my hand and almost pulled me from the dance floor, looking over her shoulder and smiling. When we were clear of the dance area J** just smiled broadly at me and said, ‘I can’t believe what we just did. That was so hot I almost had an orgasm right there in front of everyone.’

I asked why she stopped and she replied that she wanted to feel me inside her when she climaxed and that she also wanted to look around the rest of the club and see what was happening.

Making our way through to the bar, we picked up a couple of more drinks. We then went to the changing rooms where I stripped naked and wrapped a towel about my waist, as men are required to do when they wander around. Women, however, can dress as provocatively as they’d dare. J** only removed her dress at first but with a little encouragement from me she also removed her bra to expose her stunning 36DD’s and then that went into the locker with everything else. We then set off to the main play area with J** wearing only her high heels, white fishnet stockings and semi-transparent panties. She looked terrific and I loved the idea of her walking around practically naked in full view of everyone.

Entering the main play room for the first time when it was busy was such an eye opener. Directly in front of us on a large centre piece were several people all in different stages of being naked or practically naked. One woman, who was completely naked, was lying on her back with her legs wide apart and over the end whilst another woman kneeling between them fingered and licked her pussy. A man was kneeling by her head as she took his cock into her mouth. A second man was caressing her breasts and teasing her nipples with his tongue. Right next to them, another woman was on her hands and knees with her partner fucking her from behind. All around us as we walked through were similar scenes of people having sex or simply watching. We were hoping to bump into Jackie and Matt and when we didn’t see them we decided to go upstairs to the individual rooms. Being our first time here we were still a little unsure about the etiquette and how to approach people we thought might want someone to join them.

As we reached the top of the stairs the door to the first room was closed. We did know that if that’s the case then whoever is in there does not want to be disturbed. At the next room there was a couple at the door looking in. The man had the obligatory white towel on but the woman was wearing red thigh length high heeled boots with very tight red panties and matching bra that did nothing to hide her breasts and prominent nipples. Inside the room were two totally naked women on a bed in the sixty-nine position with a man on the bed either side of them. We went past, having a good look in as we did so, and moved onto the next room. This had an exceptionally large bed with a couple at the far end. As the door was wide open we decided to step inside, still with that little uncertainty about disturbing the existing occupants. However, we had nothing to worry about as they were just about to leave and with a smile and a nod we found ourselves on our own in this room with this very large bed.

J** sat on the bed and I moved between her parted knees. Looking up at me, she took my stiff cock in her hand and guided it very slowly towards her mouth. There was a large mirror which took up most of the wall beside us and we watched ourselves as she lightly kissed the tip and smoothly slipped her lips over the head. Just as she took me all the way into her mouth we heard a noise and looked up to see a couple standing in the doorway watching us. The woman was wearing a black transparent camisole and her hand was inside matching panties playing with herself as she looked on. Her other hand reached behind, slowly moving up and down her partner’s stiff cock as he too watched J** take me into her mouth. The exhilaration of just having someone standing in the doorway watching us was incredible. I now wanted to taste J**’s juices and for them to witness my tongue parting J**’s pussy lips. I tenderly lifted J**’s head and leaned down to kiss her softly before slowly pushing her back onto the bed with her legs open and her feet still on the floor. I continued to kiss across her neck and shoulders, teasingly moving down her body to take each nipple into my mouth in turn. First one, then the other was kissed, sucked and teased whilst our voyeurs looked on. J** opened her legs wider and gently pushed my head towards her waiting pussy and as I was kissing and licking whilst slowly moving down we felt someone get onto the bed. I looked up and saw Jackie leaning over J**’s head from the opposite end and asked if we minded if they joined us. Matt was just behind her and moved onto the bed as we replied that they were more than welcome.

J** moved onto the bed and lay facing Jackie, who was now almost completely naked, only her black stockings and high heels remained. Matt knelt behind Jackie and moved his hands slowly along her legs and up over her hips. I sat behind J** and lightly ran my fingers through her hair. Both Matt and I watched as J** and Jackie moved forward and kissed, softly at first but then more enthusiastically as their inhibitions melted away. Jackie moved down to kiss and lick J**’s nipples and in doing so, had her backside raised towards Matt. I watched as Matt positioned himself behind her and rubbed the head of his cock between Jackie soaking wet labia. J** turned her head to me and took my eager cock back into her mouth. Jackie’s hand was now between J**’s legs and J** gasped as Jackie’s fingers were teasing her clitoris and probing inside her hot, wet pussy. I looked into the mirror and the sight of the four of us on the bed was so erotic.

However, it was about to get better. The couple who were watching us went around to the other side of the bed and the woman, now completely naked moved onto bed alongside Jackie whilst her partner joined her, kissing her on the mouth and working his way down her body gradually until his head was between her legs, kissing and licking her clit and slipping his finger into her sopping wet pussy. I had now moved between J**’s legs and Jackie had my cock in her hand, guiding me towards J**. Matt had reached over and was caressing J**’s tits, teasing and stroking her nipples. The other woman was sucking on one of Jackie’s nipples whilst her partner was tongue fucking her. Jackie then guided my cock between J**’s hot and eager pussy lips. This time looking into the mirror I could see all six of us on the bed. There was now another couple standing in the doorway watching this wanton display of exhibitionism. Another couple had entered the room and were standing at the end of the bed touching each other intimately. The woman then bent over the end of the bed, leaning over the footboard and spreading her legs whilst the man entered her from behind. Whilst the man fucked her, thrusting hard into her, she reached forward and stroked my buttocks, working her fingers between my legs to caress my balls as my cock moved in and out of J**’s wet pussy. I could feel her fingers teasing and touching both J** and me, her other hand massaging and teasing the third woman’s breasts and nipples. There was yet another couple standing by the doorway watching. It seemed we had gathered quite an audience and I found it all an amazing turn on, and J** admitted to me later that she did also. As I was kissing J**, Jackie moved up and joined us in a three way kiss, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. Jackie had one hand over J**’s smooth mound, the fingers rubbing and teasing her clit as I continued to slide my hard cock in and out of her hot, wet pussy. Jackie was now sucking on J**’s nipples with her backside in the air, Matt thrusting into her from behind. The woman leaning over the end of the bed had one hand between my legs, caressing my balls whilst her partner, standing between her spread legs, continued to slam his hips against her buttocks, getting faster and harder. Whilst all this was happening there must have been at least a dozen voyeurs around the room and in the doorway watching us. I looked towards the mirror again but couldn’t see it as it was lined with our audience. Men and women caressing and touching each other and themselves, intimately, as they watched the eight of us on the bed.

The woman over the end of the bed was now moaning breathlessly as her partner continued to fuck her from behind, driving his cock more urgently into her hot welcoming pussy. Her arms were stretched out in front of her, hands caressing and fondling whatever they could find. They were both lost in their own thoughts and she suddenly cried out as she reached orgasm, her partner thrusting deep into her as he climaxed almost immediately after. Listening to this couple as they reached the peak of their ecstasy pushed J** and I over the edge. J** grabbed my buttocks, pulling me into her as we came together. Bucking her hips against me as I felt her pussy spasm and clenching around my pulsing hard cock. We held each other as we reached the peak of our climax then gradually, slowly, we came back down to realise that we still had an audience who had witnessed it all. We realised that Jackie was still being fucked from behind by Matt with the other couple right beside them, the man on his back whilst the woman straddled him, rocking her hips back and forward, his cock sliding in and out of her pussy.

The couple who were at the end of the bed smiled as they wrapped their towels around themselves and without a word, slid through the dispersing onlookers and left. We decided to follow their example as it was obvious Jackie and Matt were becoming involved now with the other couple. J** whispered to Jackie that we would see them downstairs and with a smile and a small wave from J**, we exited.

Once downstairs we went to freshen up a little. I returned to the bar with just a towel wrapped around me and waited for J**. She reappeared a few moments later, still in just her white heels, stocking and now her panties back on. It was now very late and the club had begun to quieten down so the owners, Adele and Darren were sitting on a sofa in the lounge area with a few others. They invited us to join them and Adele patted the sofa for J** and I to sit with her and Darren. We were new members and they wanted to know more about us. The more we chatted the more I realised there was an obvious attraction between J** and Adele. In contrast to J**’s long blonde hair and blue eyes, Adele has long dark hair and brown eyes. Darren also noticed the attraction and simply commented to me that it looked like Adele was making a new friend. I had to agree and thought of how amazing it would be to see them both together. However, it wasn’t going to happen yet as it was late and along with Jackie and Matt, we dressed, said our goodbyes and at almost 3 am, made our way home after a very eventful, wonderful, first night at our new club.