Written by naughtyfun44

14 May 2010

Driving Mrs N,

Mrs N and I are experimenting a little and I have to recount one of our most exciting adventures yet. I detected Mrs N was getting a little bit fed up of the same meet scenarios happening and it was time I came up with a new idea. She loves spontaneous and unplanned things to happen. To cut to chase I asked her if she fancied a drink and meet up with a guy we've met 3 times before.

She put on a gorgeous dress she wears that shows off her amazing cleavage. Underneath she wore holdups and her smallest G string finished off with her sexy high heel Boots. She looked absolutely stunning.

I had planned to bump into him in pub to make it really spontaneous but time constraints meant I had to let her know that I had something on my mind. We arrived and sat down. The pub was really quiet we felt a bit self conscious. We chatted for a while. I asked her if she felt like some fun and her reply was. "Why else are we here if not for that?" My feelings were a mixture of excitement mixed with miss givings as to whether I was doing the right thing. Excitement always wins for me I'm afraid. Hey, I wouldn't be human if I wasn't feeling slight pangs of jealousy that we were about to meet one of Mrs N's favorites. Chris arrived, bought himself a drink and came and sat close to us. He is drop dead gorgeous, incredibly handsome and a body full of the joys of youth. We exchanged a few pleasantries and stuff. Hadn't seen him for 6 months so bits and bobs to talk about. I'm quite direct person and asked him if he wanted to play at his or ours. It was obvious his was unsuitable so we agreed he should come back to ours. We live about 5 miles away or so. As we walked back to the car I asked Mrs N if she was happy with me chauffeuring them home. They could sit in the back and get re acquainted. I knew full well something would happen as Chris is very passionate and would soon be up to no good in the back. Like a good chauffeur I opened the door for Mrs N and they got in together.

My foot was literally shaking on the accelerator as I pulled off. With 100 yards of pulling off Mrs N and Chris were kissing passionately. I could see them in my mirror. Chris was kissing her neck all over. The noises of kissing and licking filled my ears. I didn't know what to think. Should I be allowing this? Noooooooo it was fine. Let them have their fun. Not for me to stop. I had set ball rolling. Wouldn't be fair. Mrs N moaned. I must admit I had absolutely no idea of where Chris's fingers and hands were. I was on main road and had to concentrate. I did try taking a few photographs with my digital camera and flash, thinking I might get something. Later I would find all I had were pix of back of Mrs N's head and Chris's bare bum LOL. As we drove out into the country I could hear clothes being removed and zips coming down. We subsequently found Chris had broken his Zip, such was passion in ripping them down.I could see Chris pulling his trousers down in mirror and Mrs N going down on him.. Just back of her head again and very briefly see he had his trousers off. They reversed rolls occasionally and Chris got between her legs. Again my views were quick glances so to be honest I have no idea what they did really.All I could hear was Chris's heavy breathing and occasional moans and groans as they pleasured each other. As we neared home Chris obviously made his move and put his rubber on (good boy). I asked mrs N if she would prefer me to drive around. In between Gasps she replied that it would be a nuisance to stop now as they would have to get clothes on to go in house. I could see Chris was getting ready to mount her so again I did as I was told and drove on.

Occasionally I asked them what they were doing and if she was enjoying it. Main answer I got was Ooooo yes and mmmmmmmmmm

I drove around the block once and as we came back to house again asked them if they would like me to carry on driving. Of course the answer was now yes.yes.yes LOL. I secretly hoped I could find a place to park up and watch but when I arrived at the place it was full of other cars. So I had to drive on. I just drove and drove. I had no idea what was going on. Occasionally I could see Mrs N's leg in my mirror. Chris's bare bum was visible when I turned round and occasionally I felt them push against my seat as he banged her to a groaning orgasm. Finally he finished. We were by now a mile or so away from home so asked if they had finished and If it was OK to take them back home. As we drove they put their clothes back on. By the time we got home her dress was back on and I have no real idea what had gone on. That's part of the fun for me I guess. The eroticism of quick flashes, sounds and images of making love going on.

I asked Mrs N what she enjoyed most about it. Her reply was the fact that I was driving in a public place and that I was sat in the front, driving, while she fucked in the back of my car.

We have talked about it after and I realize I hadn't expected it to go quite the way it did. I hadn't considered that Chris would do what he did. I didn't expect to be instructed to drive around for them. The meet had a dynamic of passion between them both and I got caught up in it. I experienced a mixture of elation, excitement and humiliation which is what a cuck experience is all about I guess. It's why we do it to to gain love, repect and thanks of our woman. I do hope Mrs N would like another experience like it. It is just so naughty and hedonistic.


I went out to my car this morning and found cumstains on my back seat. It brought back happy memories and fantasies of how Mrs N must of felt as she orgasmed, filled by her lover. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.