Written by unknown

26 Feb 2008

We had discussed it all beforehand, but it did seem that his need was greater than mine, in fact I'd go so far as to say that this was all about him, try, he kept saying you will enjoy it (yea just how well did he think that he knew me?)! I was, I hasten to say reluctant, in fact, the idea did nothing for me whatsoever, but he was insistent and he also knew that once he planted the idea that I would think on it and it would grow.... which explains why one cold November evening I found myself in a car, in a car park, and outside my comfort zone.

I'm dressed to thrill black and red basque, fishnet stockings, high heels and no knickers. My top and skirt are on the backseat and I'm kneeling on the front seat sucking him off (always a favourite sex act of mine),ass up in the air, with his fingers playing with my pussy.

Dont look now he says we are being watched. My head is in his crotch and I snuffle down even further I have no intention of looking I am actually thinking what am I doing here ....I think the whole reason he got me to suck his cock was because it then becomes difficult to speak with my mouth full, and, anyway what do I want to talk for?

As I start relaxing thinking what could possibly happen, he goes and opens the window.'Do you want to play he asks the man. Yes comes the response and his cock starts filling my mouth again as I start feeling this strangers hands on my ass.

He had long fingers, icy cold and as he started to play with my pussy I started sucking my partners cock, I could feel the excitement mount not only in my partner but also in myself. By now his cock is rock hard and my pussy soaking wet. The cold from outside and the coldness of his fingers as he is thrusting them rhythmically into my hot pussy is making me wetter and wetter. My clit is swollen and never have I felt the urge to be fucked so strong.

He started with one finger before going on to 2, 3 then 4 and on each stroke I feel his hand pummel into my clit as his other hand has snaked round to grab my tit. As the one hand gropes my tit the other is forcing its way further and further up my pussy and I am gasping as he keeps fingering me ever more insistent until with a low moan I cum. My partner had already cum in my mouth and this fella quite happily walked away afterwards... and it is to him that I have to give thanks because if he hadn't given me such a good time I doubt whether I would of tried again. Some good some not so good but none as good as my first stranger.