Written by ladawg84

1 Sep 2009

The other night after deciding to retire for the evening, we watched TV and as usual, G began playing with my cock while laying next to me. After being bored with the TV, she positioned herself with her face close to my cock as she slid my cock out of my sport briefs. I complied by sliding down my underwear completely past my feet as I watched her remove her panties and then lay back in the same position. After laying back down, I noticed the curtins in front of our window still open. As she played with my cock, first stroking it, making it harder, she placed her lips on the head of my cock and flicked her tongue all over the head and then ran her tongue up and down the length of my hard, pulsing member. Closing my eyes, tilting my head back, G slide my cock into her mouth and began to moan as she slid her mouth up and down the shaft while stroking the base of my cock, driving me absolutely wild.

I opened my eyes and noticed our next door neighbor, "Blain" looking out his window and into ours. I mentioned this to G, and she smiled, not skipping a beat while sucking my stiff cock and she then began to position her ass toward the window. I smiled as she decided to give Blain a show since he was so interested in watching. Pointing her ass toward the window, my hand slid down her back and up and over her ass, my fingers sliding down the sides of her sweet, wet pussy. As she sucked my dick like a professional, I began to rub up and down her pussy and over her clit, making her lift her hips up and push back against my fingers. After a few minutes, I look back to Blain's window and notice that he was gone. Thinking that he must've gotten excited and went to look for his wife Stacy, I turned my attention back to G, where she was enjoying the attention that she was giving to my swollen thick member. Managing to slide almost all of my cock into her mouth, she would softly massage my balls with her nails, sending me into further sexual frenzy! Sliding my other hand behind her head as it bobbed up and down, two of my fingers sliding in and out of her pussy, G moaning even more loudly now.

A knock at the door came at perhaps one of the worst times as I could feel my desire to slide my cock into my wife's soaking wet pussy. I jumped up and slid my shorts up my waist and over my hard cock, while G then covered up with the blankets on the bed.

As I opened the door, I wasn't really surprised to see Blain, who asked if he could come in. I allow him to, and after closing the door, he asked to not only watch us but he also said he wanted to hear us as well. I look back at G and she seemed to not care if he was there or not, so I directed him to a chair in the corner and I then closed the curtains and went back to the bed where G was laying. As soon as I laid back down on the bed after shedding my shorts, my cock flopping back into G's face, she threw the blanket off of her to the end of the bed. She immediately wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and began to stroke it as she spread her legs, revealing her shaved, wet pussy in the direction of Blain. As G immediately slid her mouth over my cock and began to suck it with the care as usual, I noticed Blain then stripping out of his shorts and rubbing/stroking his cock while staring at my wife's pussy. G decides to tease him by pointing her ass in the air and then sliding two fingers down her pussy and rubbing it while spreading it open.

Blain then stands up and asks me if I wouldn't mind that he play some too (With G) and for some reason, I smile and nod my approval. G has always been submissive toward my desires and that had worked to her favor this time because now she would have the attention of two men. As she held my dick tightly in her hand, she rubbed the head with her tongue and would travel down my cock to my balls. Her tongue became more quicker and even shot down past my balls and around my ass as I looked down and watched Blain as he licked her pussy up and down and over her ass. With both of his hands on her hips, he helped to support her lower body as she slid up to her knees allowing her to lower her head over my cock and down on it. Blain was busy licking her pussy and ass as she began to jerk my cock with force and lick my balls. G moaned loudly, as Blain's tongue shot in and out of her pussy, she began to work her pussy up and down on his tongue as she paused, her eyes closing and head shooting back.

I slide up to where I was sitting up and now watching G and Blain, as he then positioned the head of his cock on her pussy lips and began to feed it inside of G, she looks at me (as if for approval) and I nod. She began to push back against Blain so he could feed her all of his cock and I then stand up and find a seat in the chair in the corner. Holding G by her hips, he began to thrust in and out of her as she moans louder and louder begging him to fuck her deeper each time. After a little while, he then pulls out of her as he lays in the bed and she began to straddle him, and then sliding up and down on his cock. G calls me over to her, and then takes my stiff cock into her mouth, she sucks it faster and faster, while pulling it out of her mouth, she rubs my cock all over face. Licking it and sucking it, she looks at me and begs for me to cum in her mouth while my buddy fucks her pussy. But I have another plan for her.

I lift her up off Blain and motion for him to stand up, as I lay down, she then mounts me and slides all of my cock into her soaked pussy, while Blain mounts her from the back. He lubes his dick up and begins to put the head of his dick to her ass. Slowly he begins to insert it as I stop to keep balance between all 3 of us. Slowly he slides a little more in each time, as this is her first time for anal. After a few minutes he successfully slides most of his cock in her ass as I begin to then continue to fuck her saturated cunt. Moaning louder now than I've ever heard her, she begins to buck wildly as she's fucked in both holes, she sticks her tongue in my mouth. With Blain's cock in her ass and my cock in her pussy, she screams out as she cums and sprays my hips and cock with her pussy juices (Yes she can squirt as was apparent this time too!). Her body spasms as she releases her load all over my cock and balls and hips area. Blain then pulls out of her ass as I do and we both wash off our cocks, with soap and water. G remains lying on the bed and smiles as we return back. As both Blain and I stand, G gets to her knees and begins to take turns sucking both of our cocks, begging both of us to cum in her mouth and all over her face. I step back as she concentrates sucking Blain's cock, his hands behind her head as she takes his cock into her mouth, and bobs up and down on it faster and faster. His head shoots back and his eyes close as he pulls his cock from her mouth. G opens her mouth and he delivers his load onto her tongue as she wrapped her lips around his cock to catch it all. Smiling he steps back and I step forward to then rub my cock all over her face, Blain's cum still splashing around in her mouth, I then stroke my cock to shoot my cum all over her face as she closes her eyes. I shoot cum directly onto her face and some shoots up over and into her hair. I rub my cum all over her mouth and chin, which makes me cum even harder. She opens her mouth and slides my cock in which makes some of Blain's cum slide out the corner of her mouth and down her chin to finally spill out onto her bra and tits. She takes my cock out of her mouth and allows all the cum in her mouth to spill out onto her tits, where she rubbed it in with my cock first and then turned toward Blain's cock and he rubbed it in her mouth and on her tits too.

Shortly afterwards, Blain smiles and thanks us both for the wonderful time. He looks back at me and said "Next time you guys have to come over. Stacy would really enjoy a good fuck from you and I while G watches." I told him that we definately would be interested in that and maybe in the next day or two we can all get together. With that G got up out of bed and made her way to the shower to clean off. As Blain and I walked to the door, he told me that we should swap wives, it has been a fantasy between him and Stacy and they even discussed approaching us about that but wasn't sure what we would think. So with that being said, my next story will be forth cuming about our little experiment. At first it didn't go as well as I thought it would, but Stacy warmed up to it after a few minutes after the topic was brought up. I will post it here. So.......Stay tuned folks!