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An island party

"How Anna got her husband back"
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Anna asked me to arrange a party for her and her husband; she wanted to reinvigorate their marriage.  I told Eric that Anne wanted a party. He wanted to know what she wanted to do. I told him I knew what she wanted and what she was happy to do. I wanted to know what Eric wanted.  "Why can't you just tell me what she wants?" Eric was a little irate. "I will match your wishes and Anna's this way neither you or Anna will be embarrassed. " I was regretting agreeing to organise the party. I asked my questions and got my answers.   The large play room is always open. It has 2 large beds, a very large bed that 20 can play on, sofas, a cross to tie victims to, 2 swings and a fucking frame.  The frame supports 1 or 2, normally women  while others circulate,  it allows  more hands to reach more parts of a body than a bed. The sliding doors were open.  I asked 2 female staff to keep Eric busy if Anna and I were late. I had arranged for Anna to give Cath to Eric. Cath met Anna and me at the bar, "Are you both happy?" I asked. They said they were and we went to the play room. "Look who I have Eric, she is your's" Eric was kissing 2 female staff one on each side of him, he was hard. Anna rolled a condom onto his cock as he continued to kiss. Cath sat astride him and the 2 women moved away. Anna started kissing her husband,  taking time to look at the junction of cock and pushy. "I want to see him in you." Cath lifted herself higher and Anna pushed her hand between them, Cath lowered herself, trapping Anna's hand. Eric said something,  I could see Anna smile,  she kissed Eric. One of the female  guests was close to them, Anna noticed and said "You're next." The guest looked across at her husband who had a pair of tits in his hands,  said ``go for it". Cath came throwing her head back and lifted off. The other woman took her place as soon as the condom was off, she took him bb. Cath returned to me, we stood arm around each other. I considered slipping my cock into Anna as she kissed her husband,  but it was their night. I noticed Jed, the owner standing beside Cath, he leaned in and kissed her, Cath returned the kiss. "You should have spoken to me before you arranged this." We looked on, apart from Eric and Anna who were snagging the other 4 quests were with someone other than their partners.  "It's nice to see a marriage revitalise. " Cath said.  "Can I shag her?" Jed asked. At first I thought he was asking to shag Cath, but he would never ask me that. "Anna says she will fuck all comers, but only next to Eric. I say wait till they Eric has finished fucking her." Jed stepped beside Cath. I pulled the velcro on her tail and pulled it from between them. As Cath felt the full effect of Jed hard cock in the small of her back she took hold of my cock.  "That feels nice, 5 pm both of you come to my office, you need a bonus." We both new what the reward would be, sex and something added to our pay packet. "..but tonight I'll see if she fucks as good as Sami says. Jed waked towards the bed, tapping Cath on the buttock. There was enough pushy and cock to keep the party going. "I want to feel you on my cock." I told Cath. "We better go back to the staff side." We walked back, closed the door, pulled her to me. Lifted her onto the first bed and pushed into her. Unusually all the staff were in the guest area. I had my feet on the floor, her legs around my waist, our hands grasping each other's forearms. I pounded her. I flooded her, kept banging. She was now sloppy and I just kept banging. She came tightening her legs around  me and I kept fucking her, her hands dug into my arms as she came a second time and I added a little more to my offering.  "Was that me you were fucking?" "It was." "I will have to wash that out of me before we go back." "Do you want to go back?" "Not tonight. " We stopped by the bar for cool drinks and went to Cath's room for the night. The following day we had our bonus.

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