Written by dobin

25 Nov 2011

It was late in the year, dark evenings and bloody cold, I had been talking on line to a couple who were really up for meeting, I had a fuck buddy and we all became quite excited about meeting and arranged a date a couple of weeks ahead. My fuck budy chatted with the guy on line and she said they were getting on famously, very sexy and they spoke of the things they wanted to do with each other, similarly I chatted to his partner and to be honest appart from actually fucking her we were so far into each other, long late phone calls pictures exchanged on line naked on cam stuff, wanking for each other and we were really readu for this meet.

One day my FB said that the guy was going to be in and around the hotel we used for our regular meetings and suggested we had a drink with him, of course I thought it would be a good ice breaker, what I didn’t know until we met is that my FB had planned this and had not told his partner… so now it looked as if these two were cheating on their sex partners. We met we drank and she calmly suggested going to our room where I can only say it took him seconds to have his tongue down her throat and feeling her up. I quite enjoyed watching and as they gradually stripped each other I could see she was a bit disapointed with the size of his cock, but they were too far gone and were now on the bed.

I decided to get in there too and stripping I knelt by her side so she could suck my cock which she did for a few seconds, they were about to fuck and I was number 2 or less by now, he fucked her long and hard, cumming in her and then she sucked him hard again as I watched and he filled once more this time with what looked loike a gallon of thick spunk.

I, by this time had realised I was a bystander and dressed and got onto the internet to have our usual sexy chat with his partner, it was several hours later and several fucks and cums, however feeble at the end, that he went home to his partner.

The week after we met at a hotel and we soon split into two rooms, me with his partner and she with him, they pretended not to know each other and in the room when we were all together she acted brilliantly shy to him as he stripped her naked, my lady laughed but not realising that they had already fucked several times. In our room it was wonderful, we kissed passionately and undressed as we had arranged very seductively, entry was sensual and her first orgasm was huge as my cock just pushed into her soaking wet lips, we fucked for several hours and about midnight the other two joined us and were full of themselves with stories of how good their fuck was, we on the other hand just looked at them and never said much other than we had a really nice time, they left and according to her, they had a row and no more sex ensued.

This is a true story and my FB actually confessed to me that on the first meeting with him, well, that was already the third!!!! And they had slept with each other several nights after that up to the foursome meeting. To be honest that put me off foursome sex (although I soon got over that) but the lies were not really neccacery as we all wanted to fuck each others partners and it would have been a better night if we had fucked as a four…. Not a great ending, I split with my FB, I cant stand lies or deception and the other couple split too