Written by beechbum36

1 Nov 2014

We had decided to have some different fun tonight we would go out with our own friends and at the end of the night would go to the same club and act like strangers and see how the night went, we got dressed at friends houses so we had no idea what we were wearing and went out for a good night of sexy fun with our own mates.

The night went well for me having a few women show interest in me through the night as we wondered from pub to pub. I looked out for her in case we bumped in to each other before the end of the night but there was no sign which I took to mean you were having fun yourself and my cock started to harden knowing what a dirty girl you were.

my mate came over with a couple of good looking girls and a round of drinks we chatted and it was obvious they were up for a laugh he didn’t know she was out tonight too and I played the game and chatted away to them and must admit found the girl with blond hair and lots of cleavage on show very attractive she seemed to like the attention too and sat close to me as we drank and laughed.

Later on as we had been getting on so well my mate gave me the nod and said we should take them clubbing as he was defiantly in for some fun tonight and reckoned I was too I smiled and agreed thinking what your face would look like when you saw me with them later the blonde started to stroke my thigh as we sat there and I did the same to her running up her thigh seeing what would happen as I reached the top of her leg she did nothing to stop meand even parted her thighs slightly I almost stopped as she smiled at me so I carried on and felt her smooth pussy lips under her sexy thong

Just then In walked You and your friends as I looked I saw you were not alone and a group of guys came in behind you and your friends grabbing your ass and squeezing your friends tits as they laughed You looked around and saw me your eyes glinted and you turned and grabbed the youngest guys crotch to the shock of his friends I smiled and carried on slowly fingering the blond under the table as I watched and she had by then placed her hand on my cock and stroked it.

My mate seeing you panicked and said lets go to the club I smiled and we all agreed as we got up to leave I said I was going to the toilet and as I went heard someone behind me your voice was giggly as you said having fun I smiled and ran my finger under her nose and slipped it in to her mouth she looked at me and smiled this was a challenge and she sucked my finger and walked on to the toilet as I left.

The club was busy and we found a spot near the bar in a nice corner so we could have some privacy as we chatted the blond carried on the motion from before and I grew stiff under her hands my mate took her friend for a dance as I stayed and enjoyed the attention of this blond I moved my hand behind her and slowly up her skirt moving my fingers along the seem of her thong and grabbed it pulling it up hard and making sure it was tight twisted it till her lips were parted by the cloth she jerked up and then backed up on to my hard cock rubbing it with her ass as I pushed forward .

I was enjoying this as in walked your crowd which was 5-6 strong now your friends were in the arms of two guys and obviously enjoying the attention you had two guys on your arms too and they both had arms around you one hand on each of your sexy tits groping them as you walked in smiling as you came to the bar you looked over and saw us I smiled as did you and the guys carried on rubbing your tits as you stood at the bar the barman stood looking at your hard nipples as they played and you laughed as you got your drinks I could see your hands rubbing in turn the guys as they pressed against you and thought you were going to make them cum any minuet the blond was grinding in to me now as my cock was rock hard and turned to face me she kissed me hard and licked my ear slowly telling me that she was soaking wet and did I want to do anything about it I smiled and said I did.

You had moved to the tables across from us and as your friends got to know their friends better you took both the guys with you in hand and started to undo one of their flies and slide your hand in and wank him as he kissed your neck it was so sexy to watch as I could see you getting wet as you played with him the other guy was not going to be left out and moved up behind you and put his hands around you and grabbed your tits as his mate kissed you it looked like you were going to get carried away.

at that moment the blond asked me to come with her as I left I caught your eye and winked as I went to the toilets and she dragged me in to the girls and straight in to the cubicle she wasted no time lifting her skirt and pulling her thong to one side as I saw how wet she was she stood on the toilet seat and pulled her pussy apart and grabbed my head in to her pussy and I licked at it with pleasure as the juice ran down my chin it wasn’t long before she was trembling and I pulled her down and bent her over the bowl as I released my cock and thrust it hard in to her in one movement .

At that moment I heard a giggling as the toilet door opened and I heard you saying shush as you led the two guys in to the toilet and the cubicle two up from us I heard them say to each other what they wanted to do to you and smiled as I knew you would love them both in you as you shut the door I was slowly fucking the blond as I listened to you telling the boys what to do as you made one sit down on the bowl and you told him to pull your knickers off as he did you wanked his cock hard before sitting on it and facing the boy in front told him to drop his pants too .

As I heard this I fucked the blond harder and she started to moan as I fucked and fingered both her holes she got louder and I told her to quiet or we would be found as she came her legs went and she fell on to the bowl and slipped off my cock as cum dripped out of her, I stood there still hard listening to you sucking on the boys cock as you fucked the other one you were slapping on his lap as you sucked and I heard you tell him to stick it in you too as you lifted your legs up to the wall he knelt and as he lined up with you slipped the other cock in to your bum and he dove in to you both fucking you for all they were worth as the walls shook.

The blond could here it now and she stood up and as he pulled her thong up smiled at me I could see the cum still dripping from her and fingered it up and gave my finger to her mouth which she sucked down eagerly she then dropped and started to lick my cock but I said no leave it and she looked at me and stood up I told her to leave first and I would follow to stop suspicion and she smiled and left I listened to the guys pound you and then there was silence as it went quiet I heard you tell them to get off and get dressed as you slid off their cocks you told them to leave one at a time and met back at the bar as soon as they left I called to you and you came to my door as you walked in I could see the cum dripping down your leg and my cock was rock hard as you slid in and sat on the toilet bowl lifting your legs up you fingered your two holes rubbing the cum everywhere as I moved forward and eased my dirty cocking to your mouth so you could lick my cum and the blonds juice from my cock as you played I moved my cock to your pussy and pushed it in feeling the juice already in there as I stirred it with my cock then back to your mouth slowly in and out then moving down to your bum and doing the same stirring the juice before sliding in to your mouth again I did this slowly and as you played I saw you cum and squirt juice out of your hot pussy.

I bent down on my knees and placed my mouth over your pussy and licked the juice up cleaning you thoroughly everywhere we finished dup and got dressed then we walked out of the toilet together arm in arm as we went out we smiled at both groups of people and walked out of the club we were going to go and fuck each other hard and at home another fun night was had