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Riding Emma

"With Kat's encouragement"
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5 pm Monday, Kat arrived, it was our second date, I was dressed a little better than our first, but I was expecting to get naked again.  We kissed each other's cheek. She had a box of pizza and wine, I was expecting to go out, we never. My flat was not much, a small kitchen, sofa, TV, seperate bedroom with the largest bed I could fit in. We talked, ate pizza and drank wine. I admit I was trying to judge the moment, she made it simple, pulled her top off, hung her arms around my neck, we ended up in bed. We had bareback sex most of the night, Tuesday, I was wreaked. By midday I was glad she was not coming back till Thursday, and looking forward to it. By Tuesday night, I was wanking thinking about nearly getting caught fucking her at the stables and the all Saturday and Monday night. Our Thursday meet was downtown, we went shopping, to get me a decent suit. She chose the style and material, 3 shirts and ties. It was more expensive than I would pay, but I handed over my plastic, thought of her naked reward and was glad I was not expected to buy it everyday. We would go back for a fitting the next week. She was 'improving' me. Kat insisted on a swank French restaurant. "My treat" I was relieved to hear her say. "Do you speak French?" "No, a little German." "Not even restaurant French?" "A little Italian." "That will be useful." She looked up at the Garcon and ordered. I'll be honest with you readers, I would have preferred beans on toast.  Feeling rather full we walked back to my flat, her arm in mine. I opened the door, closed it behind us and we were snogging, my head was spinning a bit, we had a cocktail before dinner, a bottle of wine with dinner, another glass with desert and brandy with coffee, I was full and tipsy. With rather less energy than the last time we pulled each other's clothes off and went to bed. With less consideration than I should have given her I took her on her back. The morning was back to normal apart from a heavy headache. Kat was awake before me, she accused me of being a lightweight. She kissed me, swung her leg over and arranged for my morning glory to sink into her. She rode me, and I lasted longer than both of us expected, I put that down to the effects of the drink and my headache.  Ok, our third date was not as good, it cost me more than I intended, I never enjoyed dinner, the sex was dulled by booze and I was late for work having skipped breakfast. On the up side, a beautiful woman dropped me off at work in an expensive car and made a point of kissing me off. Our 4th date was at her place at 11 am Saturday. She welcomed me "This way." She took  my hand, we were in her bed, I could not believe how enthusiastic she was, she was freshly showered, scented, but it was her pussy in my nostrils. She forced my head on to her pussy and only let me up when she came. I climbed up her body slipped my shaft in, she closed her legs around me and gripped as only a horse woman could. As I banged away she squeezed the life out of me. I delivered my first load as she came for the second time. She kept her legs wrapped around me. "You have to let me go sometime." "Do I? We could get pizza delivered." "We could." "Do it again." So I did, and she squeezed. If she wanted to Cum she was disappointed. I delivered another load and deflated. "If you let me go I will finish you off." "Promise you won't run off?" "I would be mad to run off." "Promise, or I won't let go." "I promise." Kat released me, I went south, pushed my face into her spunk covered pussy and enjoyed myself so much she came twice and I hardened again. When she saw it she sat on me and rode me at a gallop. Then she let me rest. We were finishing lunch when Kat's housemate came home. "You've not met Emma yet have you?" "Nice to meet you Emma."  "You're right he is handsome." Emma kissed me on the cheek, Kat tightened her grip on my arm and kissed the other cheek. "Do you think Emma is attractive?" Kat asked. "Almost as attractive as you." "Would you bed her?" I was surprised, "be honest!" I paused too long. "I'm not that jealous woman you were with at the party, you can be honest….you can bed her if you like?" "That's not what I was expecting." "Do you want to?" Emma snuggled into me and I believed they were serious, "Yes, I do." I was sure I was taking a gamble. Kat gave me a kiss on the cheek, Emma and I started upstairs. I wondered how many times they had done this. Emma pulled her top off, her tits were larger than Kat's but she was very fit. There was no tan line. Emma sat on the bed, pushed her elastic waist band down, lifted her legs, "pull". As I gently pulled, her smooth pussy was revealed. Yes,I had pulled. The question was would Kat or Emma change their minds? I considered jumping on her and getting straight to it before they did. Dumping my load before Kat could come upstairs shouting don't do it.  As her slacks cleared her feet she opened her legs, I went for the gold, eating her pussy, waiting for her to cum, which she did with a soft scream. We kissed as I fingered her bean. "Condom?" I asked. She shook her head. I slipped in, taking her missionary. She was wet, loose, hot and she kissed like she was enjoying it. I pulled her legs up tilted her on her side and my hand wandered over her back as I pumped her pussy. Hands over her buttocks. She made appreciative sounds and I wondered if I could have her arse. I decided not to try. She started to pant, her breath in my ear. Her voice oozed pleasure her hands tightened, I oozed into her and I was surprised I deflated. Normally it was not that quick. We were still in each other's arms when Emma said "You're right Tony is skillful." I knew Kat was in the room. We parted and lay beside each other. Kat sat on the bed beside me. "I told you he was." Then I was sure I was going to keep them both. Slowly my cock hardened, Kat noticed, "Look what I have." Kat climbed on top of me and took me in what I was learning was her favourite position, she settled herself firmly in place. Emma caressed my chest and kissed me as Kat took her pleasures. Somehow I managed to think about a future of shagging them both while I was being shagged. "Pore darling, was that too much for you?" I had Cum very quickly. "Is that a first for you Tony." "Errr yes." I got a snog from them both then Kat took me off for a shower. After the shower we went for a walk, Kat and I. "Don't tell anyone you have sex with Emma." I assured her I would not. "You're my boyfriend,'' she told me. There it was officially after 4 dates and her best friend. We stopped at the little village cafe for afternoon tea and walked back to the house for dinner. Her attention was overt but very correct. I allowed myself to be paraded. When we got back to the house Emma was in the kitchen dressed as a waitress, a very correct waitress. My first thought was role play but it was not to be. Kat and I sat at the table set for a 5 course silver service dinner, Emma served. "Don't look at the staff like that, darling." Kat admonished me. I was not sure if Kat regretted me fucking Emma or if ghis was role-playing. I would discover it was neither.  We finished dinner and Kat instructed, "We will have coffee in the sitting room. Then you may retire.  We sipped coffee, we never finished it. Kat draped herself over me, we kissed, I caught a feel of her tit and suggested bed. We pulled each other's clothes off and she rode me. She leaned over me, grinding her clothes and allowing me access to her tits. As her body moved above me and her tits surrendered to my hands. As I looked up at her, even when she lowered herself to kiss me, there were memories of Emma kissing me as Kat fucked me only a few hours ago in this exact position and of course memories of me shagging Emma as Kat looked on. It was no use, I flooded Kat's chamber. She continued to move and took her own pleasure.  We snuggled down, spooning her time in my hand, my legs tucked up behind her's and a warm humid feeling turning to moist then sticky. I feel asleep wondering why I got to fuck Emma but couldn't look at her like the sexy woman she was at dinner. In the morning the alarm went off. Kat announced we should have breakfast,  it was the first time we had woken up and not fucked. Kat took a dressing gown and held it out. "Try it on, it's a present." I slipped  my arms into it and tied it. "You look good in that." She pulled a gown on herself and we went down.  Emma was making coffee, we all said good morning,  I wondered if I should look at her in a gown that did little more than tint her body. "Did you enjoy the dinner Emma cooked for us Tony." asked Kat "Yes, I did, thank you Emma it was very nice." Emma turned to face me, I had to firmly fix my eyes on her eyes. Even so I could not help notice her body shining through the red gown. " Thank Emma properly,  a lady's efforts in the kitchen should always be rewarded." I was in headlights, Emma faced me, even the double layer of her gown allowed me to see the light between her legs. Kat spelt it out for me, "Fuck her." In all the time I have known Kat she has used that word no more than 10 times. I walked towards Emma, opened my new gown,  she opened her's. I lifted her left leg, kissed her. Emma grabbed my cock, raised herself on her toes, pointed my cock at her cunt and I shoved it in. She was  trapped half supported by the worktop, half by my grip on her leg. I'm sure I knocked the breath out of her, each time I banged my cock into her she grunted in my ear. I knew I had cum far too soon.  I lifted her onto the worktop, I could not believe how light she was. I pulled her legs apart and devoured her pussy. Her breath was heavy,  not from my stabbing her cunt but her pleasure. She was exhausted when I took her down and twice as heavy. I was panting. "I think Tony approved of your cooking. " Kat was eating yoghurt out of a pot. "I'm cooking again. " Kat put the yoghurt down and gave me a snog. I turned my attention to Kat. "Sorry darling I have an assignment today. Emma will keep you entertained."  Emma snogged me and took precession of me. "Let's have breakfast. " Kat went off to get dressed and came back looking stunning.  When she left Emma took me to her bed. We cast our gowns and began to cuddle. I should have wondered what Kat's assignment was.  In fact I knew hardly anything about her and she knew almost everything about me. I never thought about it. I took full advantage of Emma. We kissed, I fingers her and took her doggy. Then I pulled out, rested my cock against her anus. She simply said yes and I pushed in. I had had a bum before but it was tighter than Emma's. I slipped in, took a few gentle thrusts and she loosened even more. I banged away, gripping her hips.  Afterwards we lay together.  "Did you like my bum?" "Very much. " I ran my finger down her body she opened her legs and leaned into me. My finger traced her buttocks, her anus and pussy.  "Do you like men?" "No I don't. " the question did not disturb me. "Have you tried." "No and no thank you." Emma laughed. "I like your cock too much to waste it on men." "Why, thank you Emma." "Tony don't ask Kat for her but. She doesn't like it." "You are very close, aren't you." "Yes,  let's shower." She was not going to say more.  When Kat got home we were sunbathing naked in the garden. She was beautiful just as she had left. "Give 10 minutes and I will join you." Kat joined us, kissed me and told me "Now you can have me." So I did. She was stretched,  I had an impression she had been seen to. That did not disturb me as I fucked her. Afterwards laying with two naked women in the sun I thought about her being fucked. I had thought about 2 women in bed with me now it had happened.  I had never thought about sharing a woman with a man, but I did wonder if she would bring him to the house. I remembered she called me her boyfriend. Perhaps I was wrong,  perhaps I just imagined that she had been used. Then I realised it did not matter. I fucked Emma, she fucked some guy, what did it matter, she was my girlfriend.  I had still not learned her big secret. I'll tell you that next.

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