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"My cunt unlocked"
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Simon was out longer than I expected. When he got home I smelt perfume as I kissed him. "Have you been with a woman " I asked him. He never hide it, "Yes" "You fucked her?" "I did, we agreed we could, I told you I would. We played with June and Gary." "Yes we did, you did, but we were together. " "You always knew I would. " "I know" there was silence, "I need time to think." I left . That night I went to bed in my own flat, it was the first time in almost a year. It took me a long time to get to sleep. I was trying not to think of her taking him in to her. I thought my worries about others were over when we went to bed with June and Gary. I saw him fuck her and him. He saw me fucking. I never worried that night. I never thought about fucking others after that. I fucked in front of him, fucked Ken, but Simon was there with me sharing it. We had done it, I felt fine, even excited. And a little saw. This time it was not the same. He had gone off, never even told me till after and I had to ask him. I told him if I did not like him bedding others I would dump him. I thought about Kevin, he was never as exciting as Simon. The men before him, they just took their pleasure, Simon always made sure I enjoyed. I think my eyes were wet when I fell asleep. It was sometime after midnight, I woke up. There was no warm body. I was missing him. He fucked some woman, I fucked Gary, probably fuck him and others in the future, so what. I picked up my keys, let myself into his flat. I crossed the corridor as naked as I was in bed. I was standing at the door of his, our bedroom naked. I was not sure if I should slip in beside him. "SIMON, SIMON, wake up!" He was startled. "You fucked her?" "Yes, I did." He recovered his surprise. "You will fuck others." "I will." "But you will always come home to me." "Always, as long as you want me." "Are you hard." Simon, pulled the covers back. He was hard. I sat astride him, lowered myself on to his cock. I was wetter and more aroused than I thought. I began grinding my clit and told him the new rules. "You can fuck who you like." I gave him a harder shove into me. "As long as you keep some for me!" I gave him a harder grind. "You sleep with me each night, and my cunt is the only one you you fuck bareback unless I give you permission. " I felt him spurt into me. "Don't go soft on me you cheating bastard." I kept grinding building my own pleasure. I looked for every dirty word I could remember, telling him I was going to have big cocks in my cunt, 20 at a time. "And I will fuck who I like when I like how I like." At that moment my body convulsed. "As long as you give me your cock each night you can fuck who you like." I lay down, hugged him and fell asleep. In the morning he was not his usual self. He was not as confident as normal. "Are you alright" he asked me. "I'm fine now. We always said I would stay if I was happy. I'm happy. "I told him, " I'm staying. " That was a few days ago and we are back to normal. What is normal? Normal for us is fucking around, I'm still a bit miffed, but I'm taking full advantage of my new 'power'. Simon gets his cocks and cunts, I get mine. I get Ken to myself, I've not decided if I will tell Simon, before, after, leave evidence or never tell him.

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