Written by Jane

11 Apr 2020

COVID is not a good thing but my next door neighbor did chat me up and I let him. He asked me to dinner. It was the first time I had been to his flat. He had been to my flat and now I was visiting his.

I knocked on the door and 'hang on' came from inside. He had upgraded his flat. A proper breakfast bar with high chairs. Dinner was out, two large glasses of red wine. He kissed me on the cheek.

Very nice, I told him and it was. I would have been impressed if he had not been for the ready meal packaging in the kitchen bin. He took his time, he never forced drink on me.

We finished dinner. He asked me if I would like to go to bed. The bed was large, there was a 70 inch TV on the wall. The lighting was soft. We stood by the bed, I felt his ripples under his shirt. He kissed me and my breasts started to swell at his touch. He took my top off, then my bra. I do not need a bra but it was part of a pair, they looked sexy in the shop. Simon took his time, he never rushed. My body tingles wherever he touched it. I unzip him and push my hand in, no shorts. I felt his warm shaved cock. I did not understand why his shaved cock turned me on. Was it because he was the first shaved cock or because he did so well in my bed.

He finished undressing me. I undressed him. He let me pleasure his cock. No hair in the way. He was right, much better. He came in my mouth. He was still hard. I was ready. I felt him slip into me. I felt him as deep as he could be. I pulled him to me. His warm body against mine. His hot cock in me. When I came I clutched him to me. I must have impressed him. 'I think you enjoyed that.' He said.

I told him I had enjoyed every touch and every fuck. That made him happy and he moved to my pussy, licking and tonguing me. Last time he did that I thought he was good, this time I told him. 'Fuck that's good.' He pressed harder at my clit. He was good and to prove it I screamed. He moved up my body and kissed me. I told him he was the best. He believed me. He took me once more.

He went to the small room. I noticed some DVDs as I picked one up Simon returned.

'Would you like me to put it on?' Simon put it in the DVD player and the TV showed 3 men having sex. I asked him is that what he did. 'Sometimes' he told me, 'Would you like me to pick a DVD?' He found another and played it.

There was a couple knocking at a door. They were let in by a woman. There were 2 couples, the men shock hands and the women air kissed. Then they undressed and the women sucked clocks. I watched, I wanted to see what he liked. The DVD continued, the men fucked the women. It was not sexy, just sex. The camera was close-up showing each in and out. One woman sucked a Cock and the other man fucked her. Women kissed, men sucked each other. It was not arousing.

'Would you like 2 men' Simon asked.

I must admit I had thought about it before. Simon was the first man who suggested it. One asked if I had a girlfriend.Simon was the first man to think about my pleasure. He was the only man I would dare tell the truth to. 'Yes, maybe, the right man, you and the right man.'

Simon got a big vibrator from the bedside draw. He told me to suck his cock. As I did he licked at my pussy and pushed the vibe into me. As he did I choked on his cock. I let go. Simon continued, licking and tonguing and pushing the vibe in and out of me. I sucked his sack, then licked his backside. I heard Simon go aaahhhh. He liked that. He came on my neck. I shuddered and shuddered. We lay like that for ages. The DVD playing. Simon pulled the cover over me and snuggled up close.

In the morning we made love and I thought this is nice, it is right, but two men maybe exciting.

I left inviting him to dinner. Just before I left I told him I wanted to try two men, he could choose who the other was. He said he would introduce me to someone.

I crossed the hall to my own flat. I was shivering with excitement. I wanted Simon to teach me..

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