Written by sexbeasts

22 Jun 2010

i went around to do some building work at this house. the door opended to what i thought was the cleaner, and she was a lovely tall slim blond. unfortunatly i couldnt do the job then and had to revisit the house. on my return the same woman was there.she turned out to be the wife of the job. the same person who was txtin when i could return and who was going to be there to let me in. that cleaner and i had a bit of kinky txt fun as well as organising the return date.

on that morning i returned to the home she was waring a long all in 1 dress. we went through to the kitchen to see the work. i couldnt believe that this was the same person who was txtin me earlier that she wanted sexi fun.i looked through the back of the house and noticed there was a quilt on the floor, i said is any 1 having a nap, no she replied, its for you and me. she grabbed me by the hand and led me through to the back and sat me down. she got on her knees and unsipped my pants easing out my now growing cock.

with that she went down on me sucking soft and slow then speeded up getting me harder n harder. with that i moved and made her sit down as i was going to lick her now dripping wetness. easing up her dress she revield her naked pussy, she didnt even have any underware on, this i then new that she was wanting it all along. i licked stroked and sucked at her loving lips. she pushed me off after a while and through me on my back.grabbed my cock and eased me in.we were at it so fast and hard i am sure the neighbours heard. i ended throwing her off me, turned her over and fucked her hard up against the sofa. i waited till she drenched my cock with her love then i pulled out and thrusted my cock into her mouth. she sucked and sucked then with one stroke down my length i shot my load all over her face......

they say that day sex with a stranger is good, well that was my first and i say bring it on.

since then we have had several meetings for the same work. i wounder if he realises that the work is done...