Written by jewelscouple

5 Aug 2012

Who Said camping cant be fun??

Well, its not exactly in a tent, we bought a caravan last year and have just had our first “meet” in our van with another couple in a motorhome.

We have chatted on line for a while and once we realised we both had caravans ( I shall refer to theirs as this for ease) we finally managed to meet on a very quiet site in Suffolk, parking next to each other with doors facing , we met and very politely started chatting with a cup of tea and a bikky!!

My eyes were on Anne and Maggs was eyeing up Mike and from the body language they were do ing the same. The conversation went to the caravans and I suggested I showed Anne around ours and Mike showed Maggs theirs. It was all rather polite still looking at the living area, then I showed Anne the shower room/bathroom and let her in the room first, not being massive she stopped in the door and I put my arms around her from behind, pushing my half hard cock against her bum and asked if she would like to join me in the shower?

She said nothing but her head went back to mine and my hands went up to her beautiful firm breasts, she mmmm’ed and tilted her head for me to kiss her, her lips were sweet and soft and sexy, our tongues fought with each other as she moved her bum on my cock.

We went back outside and at the same time Maggs and Mike came from his van, I said to mike his wife had the most amazing breasts and she smiled.. he said funny that so has Maggs and we all laughed.

I asked would he like to explore more…knowing the answer and Anne was now holding my hand ready for some fun. I said we would come over and see them in a while but to enjoy each other. I took Anne inside my van and made the double bed up, we layed together kissing and my hands were now teasing her nipples through the thin material of her blouse, I opened the blouse slowly and felt her tits over a very thin bra as she was now feeling my cock through my trousers trying to undo the belt and zip

Pushing her bra up and feasting on hard nipples as I helped free my cock she pushed me back and removed my clothes with ease, feeling my full balls as she kissed me as I now struggled to take off her top … she stood up and stripped naked for me to see every inch of her slim body turning and bending over so that I could see the delicate pussy lips from behind…the sexiest view of a naked woman, reaching forward I gently massaged the lips and slipped a finger inside her.

She was soon laying back by my side and after kneeling at the bed end and tasting her I was desperate to enter that sweet hole, kneeling now between her legs she took my cock and guided me home, just holding me with my cock just inside the wetness, I just slowly pushed home two or three slow strokes when she whispered to me “fuck me Paul, fuck me hard”, not being one to disappoint I was ramming home with sweat pouring off both of us, the van must have been seen to move from outside but we had no thought about anything else but to fuck hard, she asked me to cum deep inside her and I was near anyway, I asked if she was sure and she pulled me to her her and just pushed onto my hard cock as an asnwer.

Within a few strokes I could feel the sap rising and said “here it comes” as I said it she orgasmed with a fierce convulsion, gripping my cock like a vise, her face contorted and my spunk pouring deep into her red and swollen cunt. I collapsed with the shere effort and lay on top of her kissing her and whispering sexy loving words to her thanking her for a most wonderful fuck and she replied the same. The door opened and Mggas, wearing one of Mikes shirts only came in the door with mike in his jockeys with the smile on her face so wide words were not required.

She joined us on the bed and she asked Anne if she had a good time and they hugged as both said it was fantastic, they kissed passionately and it decided to move away and Mike and I sat in the small dining area and watched the two of them kiss passionately asking each other questions about the sex, Maggs took off Mike’s shirt and Anne kissed her nipples tenderly, one hand feeling between her legs the thick sticky spunk making it slipery and easy to probe, Mike had surely filled Maggs cunt as much as I had Annes.

The girls moved up the bed and soon they were in a 69 licking each other’s wet spunk filled cunts, Anne looked at me and smiled as she saw my cock had already risen enough to fuck again, Mike was wanking away as he took in the show. I nudged him and nodded towards the huge bed and in seconds we were behind each other’s partner. I was fingering Anne and mike was playing with Maggs’s tits and snogging her, with a bit of reorganising I was able to get my cock deep inside Anne from behind and was happily pumping away but not as fast as before, Mike was in Maggs but the girls were now snogging each other and feeling their tits…. Mike and I winked at each other again and we swapped places and resumed fucking but now with our own partners.

Maggs was so wet inside I dread to think how much spunk he shot there but it only spurned me on and was soon at the point of no return and filled Maggs with another hot spunky load, as if to order Mike was in the throws of cumming too and his contorted face showed he was spurting inside Anne’s already full cunt.

We all lay together and the girls played with our cocks, licking us clean and waking up the sleepy things for a little oral fun sharing one cock between two and playing happily. It was getting time to eat and putting on just shorts and t shirt, Mike and I went to get the BBQ on, the girls decided to wear their shortest skirts and no knickers or bra’s to tease us all the evening, flashing cunts whenever possible and running hands up to our cocks as we cooked. The wine started to flow freely and we ate and drank and discussed the best meet we have ever had with the night still to come. We hadnt arranged how we would slee the night yet but Mike and I decided the girls say who they want in their beds. They openly snogged each other after a discussion and came to us to say that they both wanted both of us to fuck them at some time during the night but they wanted their partner to watch them being fucked and take pictures even a video for our own use. Then we will stay with the opposite partner until morning when we would go back to our partner for a last fuck.

Lots more wine later and two very horny girls we went to Mikes van where Anne and I watched Mike and Maggs have an amazing fuck, all we were allowed to do was watch and use the camera. I don’t think I have ever seen such an exciting thing, I almost came as Mike pulled her legs wide and positioned himself over her, teasing her cunt and clit with his nob head until she was writhing under him and in full view he entered her with such force that she screamed out in pure pleasure, Anne whispered she wanted that… it was wonderful and when they finished Maggs and I kissed passionately in approval, taking their place we tried our hardest to rival the show just given but only the camera can prove that which we agreed we will not watch until we are all together again ..

Once we had finished Mike and Maggs kissed us and said goodnight, we slept for a while and I was woken with my cock being stroked indicating Anne was ready for more and by god she was.. I shot 3 loads of spunk during the night albeit the third just a trickle but spunk it was. In the morning we swapped back to our partners as agreed and slept and fucked again until well into the morning when it was time to pack up

It was by far the best sex in a swing I have ever had and Maggs is still raving about it and Mikes cock so I can assure you to look for the next eppisode when spunk will fly again…