Written by unknown

26 Nov 2007

I really enjoyed an amazing encounter in the hot tub in my

health club when I had my nipples fondled by the girl sitting

beside me and as I stood up facing her on the jacuzzi step,

she pulled my bikini bottom down to my ankles, right in front

of the guy beside her who was sharing the hot tub with us and I saw

him watch this as I felt her hands spread my pussy wide and

she put her face to my clean shaven pussy and found my clit

with her tongue- I noticed the guy next to her closely watching her beautiful

long tongue moving in, round, over and over my clit as she

exposed it clearly to him by pulling my pussy wide, wide

apart with her hands. I was so turned on that I wanted more

- much much more and for him to see much more- so that I turned from her pulled up my bikini bottoms and walked

up the steps from them in the hot tub and towards the showers where

I took off my entire bikini and stood there naked waiting

for both the guy and the girl from the hot tub - they followed

me to the showers , as well as the attendant who had spotted

all this happening from the poolside. The girl slid down

between my legs and lay on the floor and I knelt over her head

and bent down to suck her tits so I could then easily reach her pussy;

suddenly, the the guy from the hot tub penetrated me from

behind with a very hard hot cock- wham - it just slid in so

quickly because I was so turned on, wet and perfectly positioned

to receive it with my buttocks well spread as I bent over

to reach towards the girls pussy and then I noticed that

the attendant was just standing and watching intently

as the girl spread my pussy with her hands and sucked and nibbled my clit which was over her

face while I sucked and tongued her clit as she raised her

bottom high in the air to help me reach her clit better with

my tongue; all the while the guy from the hot tub was fucking

me hard from from behind while spreading my arse even further

and fingering my anus !! What a fantastic a turn on this was knowing the attendant

was an enthusiastic watcher and he would take his turn to

fuck all of us next - I also sensed that there were another couple of watchers who had spotted us and that made

it even better-!!!! I could enjoy this every day given the chance!!!