Written by wayupnorth

8 Oct 2009

I've been chatting to this lady for months, I've been very flirtatious but she's married and reminds me this all the time but she seems to enjoy the attention.

Penny is 54yrs old blonde and 5ft 10" tall and happily married for 30yrs.

We have sent pics etc and she keeps saying if only we were single

Anyway she keeps saying next time your in my area we could meet for coffee I keep saying all that way for only a coffee and she says I'm married what more could we do

Anyway I was in her area last week I arranged to meet her she came to my hotel in town she works as a secretary in the same town so said we could meet in her lunch time.

She walked into the reception penny looked amazing as we met she lent to kiss me which we did then I suggested we have a drink in the lounge bar, as we sat down I said would you like some food she said no just a gin and tonic to which I said do you normally drink before going back to work, she laughed and said though it was only right to have the afternoon off to see you, to which I replied now what if someone sees you with me, which she said you're my cousin but don't worry we will be fine.

After an hour or so and a few more drinks she said looks like a nice hotel, I said it's ok the rooms are nice, well maybe I'll come and see for myself then she smiled and I suggested we finish the drinks and go up which to my surprise she agreed.

As we walked into the room penny sat on the bed I went to the mini bar got us a drink then she said I never thought we would meet up it's been a long time to which I kissed her and said well I'd better make it worth the wait I sat beside her and we started kissing she had fantastic breasts as I cupped them her tongue went down my throat we started heavily petting each other as my hand ran up her inside leg I could feel the wetness of her fanny through her panties and tights she could feel the hardness of my cock bursting to get out of my pants rubbing against her thigh.

Istood up without a word and gently lifted her thighs and then pulled off her tights and her knickers came off as well to my amazement a neatly trimmed fanny of dark hair as I dropped to mjy knees parting her legs I sank my tongue into her wet cunt she was moaning and rubbing my head as she was starting to orgasm she held my head tight as I lapped up her juices then I took down my pants not saying a word she sat up and started sucking my cock deep and long I pulled her away and lifted off her top exposing her great tits unhooking her bra they just stayed in place not dropping to her knees as I sucked them she started whimpering in my ear I've never been with anyone else but my hubby you know just then I rammed my hard cock straight into her she was the noisiest fuck I've ever had shortly then I filled her full of spunk watching my hot cum ooze out of her fanny was horny as hell knowing I just fucked another mans wife, we lay there and she said her hubby was a once a month fuck not bothering and she was sick of playing with herself so it was nice to have a bit of attention and the closeness of another man then we fucked twice more before taking her home and a blow job outside her home.