Written by easyuk

3 Apr 2013

So I had been chatting to someone else from another site. Smart, communicative, pretty and deeply dirty. She lived nearby my route home from work and was also eager to meet.


She still sounded excited, although unsurprisingly rather nervous, when we spoke on the phone and organised meeting in a hotel car park before deciding on a final destination...

It was a warm sunny day when we met. I was once again in a frenzy of excitment by the time I saw her, the thoughts of the debauched act what we had discussed indulging each other in running through my mind all day.

She was as pretty as her photo (phew!), although she suggested that we took my car rather than hers which surprised me slightly as I thought that she'd rather retain control. However, I do engender trust and I am lovely so she was more than safe physically if not morally ;-)

We kissed first in the front seat. Good kiss. Patient, exploring. It cetainly promised much.

she decided the destination and I drove off, listening to her (terrible) directions and making general chit-chat, both of us distracted, eager to get our hands on each other.

We finally arrived at our destination (in the back-of-beyond). A country park, far busier than she had anticipated!

Still, not so busy, and there really was nothing that was going to stop us now.

We remained in the car. Kissed. Deeply. My hand on her knee I slid it up her leg, under her skirt. She shuffled in her seat, parting her legs to allow my fingers to explore the lips of her knickerless pussy. Bad girl.

She sighed as I parted the lips, already moist. Easing a finger inside. We were looking straight at each other as she asked for more. I naturally obliged. Aroused by her excitment. Slidding more fingers inside her. Pushing in and out. Rotating my hand. Rubbing. Varying the depth and frequency. Alternating between hard an soft. She gasped and moaned as I fingered her. Asking for what she wanted done next, ensuring that I was extracting every pleasure.

We were both convinced that someone parked in a car across the carpark had an idea of what we were doing and was looking surreptitiously. We didn't care. I continued to finger and fist this delicious, pretty woman. Enjoying her ever moan. We had discussed more though, which we couldn't do oserved as we were...