Written by freeplay

19 Feb 2009

It's a week day. We've arranged a meetup and I'm just parking my car near Sir's house, my heart pounding with expectation and a little fear at entering the unknown. I want it so badly that I am completely on autopilot to my lust, my nipples are on fire, cock sliding around my soaking wet panties adding yet another squirt of delicious precum as I lift myself out of the car. I approach Sir's door and knock gently.

He opens the door and we meet in the flesh for the first time, his look sends a shiver over my body, I 'want' him. My straight clothes hide the soft lacy lingerie caressing my body. Satin bra and panties stroking my flesh as I enter his den. I so want to be naked with him, so desire cock!

We face each other in the corridor and slowly approach each other. Sir has a thin shirt on and I run my fingers from his shoulders to his nipples. He groans, reaches for me and pushes me against the wall. We kiss deeply and madly, lips pressed hard together, tongues entwined as we feel our desperate sexual arousal lift us into a higher passion. I reach for his shirt buttons and fumble them open, the need to touch his flesh strong in me, his heat burning under my touch. He pulls open my shirt releasing my bra to his touch and I have my first heavenly minute with him as he squeezes and twists my large soft nipples while we kiss. Mmmmmmm Man sex.

I'm groaning into his mouth, I can hardly breath, I want to suffocate in his sex, so full of lust that I become a sex object desperate to give pleasure. I reach down and stroke the bulge in his trousers as he pushes his tongue deep into my mouth, pressing me hard against the wall, groaning into my mouth as I fondle his hardening package and feel the need in him. I am in sex heaven, loving this physical contact, becoming submissive wanting to be taken by this man.

We snog and caress for a while then he turns away and taking my hand leads me to his bedroom. That's where he's going to fuck me, to use me for his pleasure, to take control of my body with his lust. I can smell his space, taking the air deep into my body as I start to fully envelop myself in his presence. With quick fingers I take off the rest of my clothes and present my lingerie clad body to him, nipples jutting, pushing against the fabric of my satin and lace bra, panties showing the stain of my desire for him. He looks at me as he pulls his trousers and pants down and for the first time I see his gorgeous cock, pink and heavy, pulsing with his heartbeat, pointing at me!

I get down on my knees before him, eyes captivated by his stallion moving towards my face. As he gets close I can smell his sex and there's a tantalising moment as the tip of his cock touches my lips. I take him in my fingers and milk his cock with my thumb, wetting my lips with his precum, sliding his glans against them, warming my lips and softening them for him as they fill with blood from my pumping heart. I can smell his man sex as it fills my senses with desire. Sir takes my head in his hands as I open my mouth to him, my tongue licking at the underside of his cock. Then he moves his groin slowly towards me and his cock starts it's first exploration of my body. He pushes himself into my mouth, guiding me with a sure grip until my nose is buried in his pubic hair and I feel his force in my body. I'm touching and twisting my nipples madly with desire. I so want this man as fucks my face, loving the feel as he slowly strokes his cock in and out of my mouth, giving me time to breath, telling me that he likes what I'm doing. I reach up, stroke his balls and lavish myself on his hot, hard, slippery and penetrating manhood.

When he pulls himself out, I look up to him and say "Please fuck me." "Please take me, please." He lifts me up and we move to the side of his bed where he moves close behind me as we face it, his erect cock nestling between the cheeks of my little bum, hot body pushing into my back as he reaches around and starts stroking my nipples. I am desperate for it, groaning and straining as he dry fucks me and and torments my nipples through the satin bra. I push my bottom against him, rubbing against his thick cock, moving up and down in motion as he pulls me harder against him, using my tits as reins, his breath hot on my neck as we grunt in unison. Then, he pushes my shoulders away and I lean my arms on the bed lifting my ass for him and open my hips wide.

"Oh please fuck me, please fill me with your cock, I so want you, please, please." I beg as he pulls my panties sideways, exposing my man-cunt. Then he starts sliding his wet cockhead against my little hole, teasing me by gently pushing against me then pulling away. My ass is getting softer and wetter with this cock massage and I move backwards each time I feel him enter me so slightly with each push. He grips my ass, preventing me from impaling myself on him. I'm desperate! This is such sweet torture and I look down between my legs and see his thighs tensing, his tightening balls and the rod of his thick cock ready to embed itself in me. He continues to tease, the pressure of his cock pressing against me is the complete focus of my attention. "I want to be fucked, please, please Sir." I gasp in rhythm with his gentle movements, trying to coax him into me.

He moves away again and tickling my rosebud milks precum onto me. Then the torture continues again, though I can feel him letting a little more cock slide into me with each push, until the moment. Ahhhhhhhhhh. His glans slips into me and I am his. Stretched open and pinioned on a lovely hot hard cock.

He continues the push against me, so slowly and beautifully gently as I feel him enter me. He pauses and pulls back, wetting me with yet more precum, then starts sliding in again a bit further, a bit further, a bit further, I don't want it to stop. And then I feel his thighs against my bottom and he lifts me bodily with his cock buried deep inside me. I am being fucked and lift my ass, spreading my hips for Sir, giving him my whole body as he starts riding his little man whore.

Sir grips my hips hard and pulls me back so my ass stretches even wider. Then he starts pumping in and out of my ass with a strong beat. I am grunting with each stroke, my breath short, loving the feeling of this man using my body for his lust. "Oh please Sir, more, please Sir, more, more." I grunt as he quickens his stroke, cock sliding in and out of my ass like a steam piston. We're riding the sex rhythmn, both of us moving in synchronism, panting and grunting and fucking, fucking, fucking together. I want to feel his power as he cums inside me, want to feel his cock pulse as his white stream spurts into my cum-hole. I grunt with each stroke and close my eyes as my body is forced open with each push, his flesh thudding into my soft cunt ass. This is the beautiful time, a warm wet supple yielding ass, a soft skinned hard wet and very hot cock fucking it. My desire is filled with each entry, loving the feel of his muscle rippling into me, wanting it to keep going and continue working it's way deeper into me. I hear him start to grunt a little louder and drop my face, bury it into the soft bed grasping my nipples, twisting them harder with each stroke, loving the dirty lust of this sex.

"Cum Master, please cum, please cum, please fill me with your spunk." I gasp as he quickens his stride. We're bucking against each other and I'm being pushed backwards and forwards by his strength as he lifts towards his orgasm. I can feel him quicken and quicken his rhythmn, my ass pounded by his tool entering me. "Cum Master, CUM." I start shouting as I lift my head and hold my body firm for him to fuck harder, straining my body for him. His thighs start shaking uncontrollably and with a great grunting he starts fucking me really hard, forcing himself deep inside grunting and moaning trying to reach deep inside me. Then he pulls me onto him, hands gripping my ass like vices, a desperately painful grip. I can feel his cock start pulsing with orgasm, squirting his white juice deep inside me as the spasms of electric paradise course through his body and his body racks with nervous short-circiut. He buries his cock hard inside me and pulls me against him as his body shakes with orgasm.

"Oh Sir. That's so lovely, so lovely, so lovely." I say, as I drop my head onto the bed, loving the feel of his gorgeous great cock, it's veins pulsing in time with his pounding heart and the beat of his spasming muscles pumping his sperm into me.

When he's finished filling me, he slides slowly out and I lie face down on the bed, ass warm, full and beautifully massaged, tingling with the memory of his fuck. Lying beside me, we relax together and I watch his lovely wet cock subside onto his belly and turning onto my side, reach out and gently stroke it, feeling the wetness of his precum and spunk, massaging it into his skin, very gently, very gently.