Written by unknown

1 Sep 2010

When it comes to meeting new people my wife (*) is quite shy.

A few weeks ago we were at a bike ralley, with the idea of meeting up with friend.

Friends pulled in, we all set up our tents and set off to the tent to start drinking and having

a little smoke. It was also a chance to see what bands were on.

Didn't know any of them, but never mind! They started playing, we started dancing suddenly

my wife stopped in her tracks and screamed "J", the girl in the band turned and looked at her and just had a huge smile on her face.

My wife explained that her and J were at Uni together. Once the band stopped playing J came across and gave my wife a hug and sat drinking and chatting all night. The rest of the band left and J stayed with us, I was starting to get worst for wear so I left them to it.

About 2am, the both of them rolled into the tent laughing their heads off, I just rolled over and tried to get back to sleep, but the sound of people kissing woke my dick up, I rolled back around the other way but my wife and J didn't seem to notice me.

J was kissing (*)s neck and stripping her vest top of at the same time, then started moving her mouth down to her nipples, sucking one and teasing the other, (*) opened her eyes looked down at me, instead of being shocked that i was watching, she just smiled and winked at me. J brought her head up and (*) started to kiss her and take J's clothes off, starting from her neck she slowly started moving down her stomach licking and nibbling her all the way. J parted her legs and (*) started sucking her clit and rubbing it with her hand, started sticking her tongue up J's hole who at the top end was helping (*)s hand and started sucking her fingers tasting her own cum. J then noticed me watching and tapped (*) on the back, (*) giggled and told j not to worry, J them zipped my sleeping bag down and started wanking me, both girls started to stuck my cock. Remember, I had been lying there for 15mins holding it in, 3 mins later I was cuming over the both of them, both laughing they started licking my cum off each other and started what they had left to please me, but this time (*) was on top of J, both

started licking and fingering each other, the sight of (*)s lovely ass sticking up was to much for me to resist, so I started fucking her doggy, J started sucking my nuts and (*) showed great control and was stillingworking on J cunt, both started to cum, J licked her pinky and stuck it up my ass, my cum shot right up (*)s pussy, who at this point was screaming into a t shirt so she would wake the ralley site up. The rest of the night I slept in betwee two gorgous women.

We dropped J off at her house in the morning, and said our good byes, my wife may by shy with

stranger's but fuck me, hse knows her friends well!!!!!

God do I love her!!!!!