Written by unknown

7 Jun 2009

it was only a few days ago when i met up with a stranger off the internet, i'm not a slag or an easy shag, it just happened i'm happily married and have been faithful for nearly 25years to my husband but over the last year or so sex between us has been very rare, we always had a varied sex life and tried most things together, but as late my hubby has lost all his sex drive, i've even bought a vibrator which has done it's fare share of miles aver the last few months.

i was on the pc the other week when all of a sudden someone contacted me we chatted for a few hours over the next few days he seemed really nice i told him i was married but he persisted on asking me to meet him for a drink i obviously said no at first but was entrigued by his persistance and his humour.

anyway on saturday evening we met up he was all he said he was 45yrs old about 5ft 8inches and very witty we had a few drinks and a dance i did feel guilty but after a few more drinks i relaxed he said he had something for me in his room i laughed and said i've heard that one before he laughed and said i have i waited in the bar as he brought down a beautiful boquet of flowers and some chocolate i felt rather embarresed so rather than carry them around i said look leave them in the room and i'll collect them later which i did.

after a good few drinks and a couple of hours we arrived at his room as we entered i asked to use the toilet just as i had finished he entered the toilet and started kissing me i responded and could feel his hard cock against me i was so aroused as i'd never felt one for months he started to kiss my neck and his hand was up my skirt and his fingers into my knickers in seconds i couldn't resist before long he had me on the bed his tongue licking my wet fanny with my knickers pulled to one side i was so horny but the guilt started to appear just then he turned me over licking me from behind and his tongue flicking my arse hole as well i was so wet he then parted my legs and started to enter me the feeling of his cock entering me was amazing i started to bite my lip as he entered me his hard cock slowly filling me up i came straight away he slowly pulled his cock out of me then thrusted it up me again his fingers parting my bum cheeks and then fingering my arse hole was amazing he then shot his wad up me it felt so good to be fucked again we ended up doing all sorts that night he came in my mouth that was a first for me and he fucked my arse i was full of hot spunk when i arrived home and i've been fingering myself ever since.

i have the bug now and i'm hoping to meet up with some others soon i will let you know