Written by sooozi

14 Mar 2008

I had been chatting only the day before, we were both horny whilst chatting but distance was a problem...

The next morning I opened my mail and said he was on his way up to meet me..I had only just got up..bugger,showered hairwashed and in the car in half an hour..I couldnt confirm I was going because I hadnt even swapped telephone numbers...

I didnt even no whether he was going to be there or not..

He was thank god..so sexy and with lovely blue eyes...we chatted and it came apparent that that we need to get intimate straight away...He hadnt got long as he had to get back to work...boo

We drove off down a lane in broad daylight and I couldnt wait to extract his cock from the confines of his trousers and taste his pre-come...mmmmm lovely..

This lane turned out to be a bit busy...lol, dustbin men.. walkers...lorrys..not the most relaxing of venues..

I was wearing my fishnets, stockings and a very short skirt..with a G string for easy access to my fun area..It wastnt long before his fingers were playing with my clit and making me so so wet....I just had to get his cock up my pussy..I was straddled across the front seat and he managed to give me a taste of his cock in my pussy....if only I had more time....It was very brief and we're going to see each other again...hopefully to get really dirty..haha..