Written by michele1978

3 Jun 2012

this friday me and A decided to meet up again very quickly as we both enjoyed last weeks events so much. he picked me up then went back to his place as soon as we got through the door we were pawing one another like lions on LSD he had his uniform on as he had been on earlies and looked very hot indeed i wore black skinny jeans with a sheer pussy bow blouse the weather was cooler than recent days thankfully we would have more energy. he started kissing me hard and very passionatly i pulled on his belt then undid his shirt and kissed his chest he picked me up and carried me into the lounge i joked he was in the wrong job to be giving me a firemans lift. we started undressing i had red fishnet hold up stockings under my jeans which he asked me to keep on,he took his trousers and boxers off but i told him to keep his shirt on. we were both horny as hell he was tired from a 12 hour shift too i climed right onto his cock and rode him we both climaxed in a very nice way,he bent me over the sofa and we both came quickly we lay on the sofa kissing and cuddling for a few hours and fell asleep we awoke early next day got dressed kissed then he took me home he needed some rest before he started nights the next day. well we have planned 2 nights in a hotel for my birthday at the end of the month a nice way to celebrate my 34th we wont be leaving the room much.