Written by unknown

21 Jul 2009

We often fantasise about nicole flirting etc and bringing another man home for me to watch, but never thought more than that untill, two months ago we headed in the car for a romantic weekend awy talking rude in the car nicole started to play with herslf getting quite wet and rubbing my croch feling my hardness wow did I want to pul over and join in but road busy nicole then urprised me she pulled out a travel vibrator plugged it into the cigar lighter and atarted to tease her clitoris, i struggled to concentarte and had to put a finger inside so warm and wet we chatted about fantasies her having another mans cock inside her me getting hard thinking about it anyway we soon arrived at tis country hotel checked in i threw nicole straight on the bed and instantly fucked her to excited to play etc, after a walk we got ready for diner she ressed to kill thigh boots the works made heads turn everywhere, had a few to drink got a taxi into the town went to a trendy wine bar then idared her to go and flirt with three men at the bar, she got up and went over mingled betwen them and started chatting ,laughing i could see all 3 of them looking at her in a sexual way she rubbed her way between them and took one by the hand to dance then all 3 joined her on the floor nicole can really dance and very sexual she girated her hips touched herself and rubbed herself into them one of them held her thighs and pulled her into him she looked over and smiled, then from the bar she went to the toilets i went out to see her she said got hem all hard and wanting me im wet myself so we kissed went into acubicle and i fingered her soaking wet pussy she moaned got myhard cock out and went on her knees to suck it, i said are you goping back to teasse more, she said yes, then she removed her wet thong and walked back in, sitting at a stool legs slightly apart showing her pussy slightly they all looked at her and stared at her pussy she slighly opened her legs just toteasse them , they all got up and sat down in the corner nicole in between them, i couldent see all but noticed her going red andher arms moving up and down then her face expressed excitment i wondered over so i could see them but not me she had two of them playing with her pussy and one carressing her huge nipples she looked happy nicole was stroking two very large cocks and loving it, i was ready to explode after ten miniutes she excused herself and went to the toilets i joined her told her how excited i was she started stroking my cock telling me about them i dared her to bring them back to the hotel room i said i will go back first hide in wardrobe get camera and wait for her, she smiled and went off.

I got naked feeling horny but strange hid in wardrobe got camera set and waited in anticapation seemed like ages then the door opened and ther she was with all 3 of them, has she came in one of them grabbed her kissing her and undoing her top removed her bra and exposed her 34 d tits nipples protruding he leant over and started to suck them, james he pushed them onto the bed and removed her skirt left her boots on no thong on so there was my wife totally naxed on the bed with 3 men touching her she said befor she goes any further they have to strip naked and she wants to control things, they all agreed one by one all3 cocks over 7 inches one must have been 9 inches masive she stored them one at atime then started to suck them holing one then sucking another they al enjoyed that i was so hard wanking taking pictures couldent belive it she told david to lick her pussy he went down licking rubbing she was excited she then told the others to squeeze her nipples has she sucked there cocks one at atime she said before you all fuck me i have to confess my husband wayne is in here watching andhe had to join in or no fuck, they were to excited to refuse i came out hard and smiled told them to carry on leant over nicole told her how excited i am she licked my cock i took pictures then james lifted her up and gently pushed is cock into her she told him deeper and ahrder she wants fucking not teassing he really went at it then david was told to be next he swapped and fucked her hard she left paul with the massive cock to last she started to cum screaming and shaking then told mr big cock to come and really fuck her like she never been fucked before, he edged is huge cock in slowly untill totally buried then really banged her hear is balls banging against her she wanted him from behind so erotic him fucking her from behind the other two kneelin either side having there cocks sucked i went over and fingered her ass she moaned very rare she let me fuck it normally two drunk to rememebr but tonight no proplem got some gell out lubricated her well told john to lie down nicole got on top ass in the air david came roud and lowered himself ready to fuck her ass as well this was magical nicole having a huge cock up her pussy one up her ass and sucking another one they all got into a rythem and tatally fucked her untill she came and came screaming like i have never heard her before one by one they started to cum pulling out and covering her in ther juicesjames who was being sucked jumped on top and and fucked her untill he started to cum pulled out and squirted all over her tits, wow i wanked myself stupid couldent wait to show nicole the photos, we had a drink lads left and went to bed nicole got up had a shower and asked me about it shpwed her the photos we both got aroused and spent the day fucking fantasising about it, since then we have talked and joined up to meet tothers to have simillar experiences our sex life has gone through the roof.