Written by Unknown

10 Apr 2009

we finally got together with our new friends the other night.we had been introduced by the other couple we see and after a couple of social meets all got together at their house.it had already been decided that we would pair with them for starters and after the customary games and videoes headed for the main bedroom.graham and wendy were ok a bit younger than the rest mid forties but quite attractive.i got on the bed with wendy who was still more or less fully clothed and we began to kiss as i ran my hand up her leg,the others were already shagging each other and i sensed wendy wanted more privacy so i led her to a spare bedroom and locked the door behind us.we stood as i undressed her to her bra and panties, she fell to the floor and began to suck my cock and lick my balls,boy she was good.i pulled her up and kissed her,she was shaking as i lay her down and began to kiss her neck,i pulled her bra off to reveal a nice firm pair of tits which i sucked and chewed.i moved down the bed and started to lick her cunt through her panties,there was a lovely musky smell about her,i pulled her pants off to reveal the hairyist cunt ever and sank my faceinto her .she was begging me to shag her so i moved up the bed and drove into her in one go,she wrapped her arms and legs pulling me into her as i fucked her hard.she was writhing and panting as i gave her a good shafting,do you want me to shoot inside i said,yes she purred as i let go my spunk up her.she never let her grip loosen as we kissed.we stayed all night and cant wait to fuck again