Written by unknown

18 Jan 2009

i'll not go into the deails as if you read my last outing you'll know what happened, anyway my hubby and i had a relaking xmas and newyear now he is away working again for 3 weeks in Denmark, out of the blue last night ( 18th jan 2009 ) his friend rang me up i'm in the area i'm calling to see you's i said hubby was away working but as always your welcome to call. i've never stopped thinking of the last time which i told my hubby about, well i said he called, i it was about 7.30pm'ish the door bell went and i was feeling nervous horny all the feelings that arose even though i didn't know if nick intended to carry on from the last visit. we sat and had a drink he said look lets go out for a drink and a meal ok i said tom wouldn't mind he said i know i spoke to him earlier he said he was away i said i was in the area so he said call i could tell by the look in his eyes he was going to call know matter what, off we went had a few drinks in an indians while we were eating nick said look about the last time he could tell i was a bit embaressed as i looked down he said i felt a bit of a perv really over the pc i said nick i'm sorry i dont know what came over me he laughted and said i did well on my screen anyway we bothed smiled. we finished the meal it was about 11pm he said look i'll drop you off or if you fancy a drink at my hotel which was not to far away but far enough for people not to know me, so i said ok feeling a bit tipsy and knowing i was going to get my wish of him fucking me, i had just shaved my pussy and it was not getting wet, we had a drink in the bar and he said look i'm sitting here out of my head after seeing you frigging yourself i need to eat your sweet pussy, he got me by the hand and off to the lift we went i didn't object as soon as the lift door closed he started kissing me them my neck i was helpless he put his hand onto my wet fanny and started rubbing i could feel my juices coming out the side of my panties, we entered his room not a word said he kissed me undone my dress and it fell to the floor before i knew my bra was off and he was sucking my hard brown nipples i cum as he fingered me, he stopped lay me down and pulled off my panties he thwn undone his trousers and shirt he was a lot fitter than my hubby this turned me on even more then his boxers came off i gulped at the size of his cock and it was alot fatter than i could remember he started to rub it up and down my now soaking we slit as he played with my tits he entered me about an inch then withdrew doing this a few times making me gasp everytime and teasing me he then dropped to his knees and lifted my legsover his shoulders and started to lick me it felt so good i cum again then he started to lick my arse hole i'd never had this done before it was amazing i started to shudder and cum again , never like this before had i felt he the stood up my legs still over his shoulders and he entered me his full length i moaned as he started slowly to fuck me then harder and harder he cuminside of me i felt so full and as id dripped out he licked it back up again he then sat me on the bed and i started to suck him as he put his wet cock to my lips it was long , thick and before long started to harden again, just then he said put this on it was ablind fold i was nervous but excited he then tied my hands to the bed it was so arousing not knowing what he was going to do next he lay on top kissing my neck i was out of it in every way i was his to do whatever he wanted to do he then said can i video cam this i hesitated he promised it was for his use only couldn't see my face i nervously replied ok he went to the other side of the room i herd noises then he was between my legs licking me again then he fucked me tit wanked me then turned me over he had to loosen the ties for that but he entered me from behind all you could hear was the sounds of my wet puffed up fanny squirting cum allover the place, he started to finger my arse and asked could he fuck it i said i'd never done it will it hurt he said he'd be careful he entered it slowly a bit at a time i found it uncomfortable at firsr but once i relaxed i enjoyed it as he pounded my arse and i rubbed my soaking wet clit.

we finished off about 4am i did saty until around 6am we watched the video and he confessed my hubby suggested he go for it with me i was astonished but aroused again, not knowing what to expect as he's not home for another week, nick calling around again tonight maybe i will let you know what happens later, we did agree he could put my pics on an internet site as long as my face was not shown so he said he will do it tonight with me watching, how arousing thinking others are wanking and cum'n all over your pics.