Written by unknown

2 Nov 2008

it started a while ago my husbands friend started paying me a bit to much attention at first i thought nothing about it but he started mailing me just to say hi and how are things going, he lives about 45miles from us so we dont get to see him much, i always thought him a nice guy but i never got to know him well. my husband was away working and i was sitting having a drink when i heard mail come through it was nick his friend saying he'd been talking to dave and he was away until thursday did i fancy meeting for a coffee the next day as he was in town i was reluctant at first but he percerviered so i said ok we met and started chatting he was funny very easy to get along with we wentour seperate ways that evening he mailed me saying he had a great time and was staying over did i fancy a drink i said i'm knackered and it was about 7pm so i said call in if you like not thinking he would, about 8.30 the door bell went it was nick we had a drink and a laugh and we watched a video then he said could he use the pc i said ok a min later he said have you seen this site it was a dogging & wife swappers site i said no and we laughed we read a few storys and i was a bit turned on to say the least he went a bit later i was drawn to the site i was looking and feeling horny all of a sudden it was nick on the pc saying i bet your looking at the site i said of course he said he wished he was still with me and then said put your web cam on i didn't know how to so he went through it with me i was amazed him sitting in his hotel room waving at me we talked and he said lets ask each other questions and you have to answer ok i said, have you been with another man since you married dave i said no he said do you ever think about it i said yes now and then i asked him a few boring questions then he said show me your tits i was taken back he laughes lol then said go on i said no blushing he said your nipples are sticking out and they were i was feeling aroused i have to say he said go on and out of the blue i said only if you show me your cock out it came as hard as anything forgetting he could see me i was rubbing myself and he said show me your tits i didhe began too wank himself i was wet and began to finger myself then he said i can see you i nearly shit myself but then found it arousing after a coaxing i was there frigging myself in front of the lap top for him, we have never met since but we often put on a show for each other. do you think i should fuck him i really feel i need him inside me