Written by cindrella_scs

5 Sep 2009

I had always fantasised about having a threesome with a couple so when I got an initial contact from this couple I was very excited and after finding out that they lived just down the road from my place it made me soo excited that I just couldnt wait to meet them. So after a few initial emails, telephone call exchanges we agreed to meet at their place. We had agreed that we would have a role play and according to our agreement I was t wear no under garments at all.. So I decided to spice it up a bit so bought a see through netted body suit and wore it over a short dress. As I entered the house I noticed tht all preparations were well made and knew it instantly tht I was gonna have some real good sex.

So as we settled in the lounge and after exchange of a few plesantaries my host demanded tht I strip off my dress and show then what I had on offer for them. As I let my dress down I noticed tht they had started undressing as well and Cathy ( the girl friend) was wearing a shinny leather skirt with a short crop top and knee length boots... And just when I moved my eyes toward Brad 'the boy friend' he was wearing a leather underwear and tht was it.. He had a yummy body, those muscular arms, those worked out abs..Hmmmmmm he was simply a treat... Cathy did catch me eyeing her boy friend and asked, 'Do u like wht u see?' I smiled and replied 'yes, very much.. cant wait to get my hands on him.' She then looked at me and asked him if he liked what he saw; to which he simply smiled and said cant wait to fuck the 'bitch'.

She asked me if I liked it rough and I said as rough as it could get... she then came to me and started kissing me and trust me no man has ever kissed me so passionatley... Brad was observing us as she

TO be cOntinued..