Written by unknown

9 Apr 2009

First let me say i just turned 40 this year, i have been married for 18 yrs and been with my wife since my 17th birthday, i love her very much but have to be honest and say she is a bit of a prude when it comes to sex. I have quite a high sex drive and for years i have been surfing websites and satisfying myself as a way of relieving my requirements. I started chatting in chat rooms and going on websites and found a local one called gumtree, although lots of the adverts are from other websites trying to get you to join, there are a few genuine adverts. One such advert was from a 23 yr old student looking to find a regular fb since coming to Edinburgh to study. I sent her an email and a picture and waited on a reply, a cpl of days later i got a rely with her phone number, i tried calling but she never answered, i did get text messages and went to and fro with this for a few days, then she told me she was going away on holiday for one week and would talk when she got back. i was doubtful that this was genuine and thought nothing of it, then i got a call one night around 9.00pm but missed the call, i noticed a text the following day which was when i noticed the missed call, she was lying in her room horny as hell with a few drinks and wanted someone to chat to. The following week i called her and was pleasantly surprised to hear a soft feminine voice, we arranged to go out on the Thursday evening at 8.00, however about an hour before hand i got a message saying she would be late, was 8.30 OK? i was so aroused as we had been having erotic comments and suggestions over the past week so tension was certainly high, at around 8.15 i was sitting in the car and texted her again to ask if she was wearing her stockings? to which i got a "yes", i was sitting with a very large erection in the car when she appeared wearing a leopard skin coat with a little black dress and nice high heels. she got in and we kissed each other without saying a word. I then started driving to a restaurant just outside Edinburgh and noticed on the way the dress riding high and the stocking top showing, i was so horny at this but knew i had to compose myself. we had the meal and some great chat, all the time including erotic comments which keep the tension and anxiety high. We did speak about her family and her younger sister who was 18 and i did ask if she was as horny as her, yeeuucchh was her reply, i did not ask anymore but continued chatting, we finished the meal and headed to the car, as we got to the front door i came behind here and put my hands on her waist, i then slid them up her body and cupped her breasts, mmmmmm was the gentle reply, i then noticed a taxi driver outside watching me so i laughed and carried on out to the car. We drove back towards Edinburgh and had to travel several miles of dark country roads, i thought i better turn off soon otherwise i would be back in Edinburgh with no place to go, after turning off we came across a small village with a car park at the beginning of it, this turned out to be a local cemetery, we got out the front of the car and into he back where i immediately raised the little black dress to reveal the stockings and a beautiful sexy black Basque, wow what a sight, i started to caress her breasts sucking and licking them while rubbing her stockings and crotch area, she was soon on her back and i was licking her pussy whilst pulling her panties to one side, after a few mins she was soaking and moaning with pleasure i got up and pulled my very erect cock out and asked her to suck it, she was certainly very capable of sucking, and i had to pull her away to stop climaxing very quickly, i then pulled her on top of me and tried to penetrate her, she suggested getting some lube from her bag in the front, so she leaned between the seats with her bum facing me full on, i just had to take the opportunity to lick her cute little ass hole, this sent her wild and she told me no one had ever done this to her before, i kept going and it was very nice indeed, after a while i pulled her back and she started to lube herself and jumped on top of me, she then asked if she could call me Uncle, i told her to cal me daddy if she wanted and she did, through the whole experience she called me daddy like only a daughter could, she was so hot and this made her even hornier, i fucked her like i had never fucked before and just prior to cumin i pulled her off and get her down to suck me off, i came in her mouth like a train and she never swallowed a drop, she then lay back with her legs spread for me to lick and finger fuck until she orgasmed and woke up half the cemetery, we sat and talked for a while and it turns out she has always fantasied about fucking her dad and for 1 hour i was her daddy, after that i drove her home and have continued to text her and hope to go again soon, hope you enjoyed reading this as much as i enjoyed making it, later.