Written by michele1978

28 May 2012

last week i met a lovely local guy i had chatted to for a short while,he was a married paramedic and in his lates 30s. usually i meet in public first but as we got on so well over the phone and he was so honest and only over a mile away i invited him round to mine on a night my hubby would be away at a snooker match. when i answered the door i was very happy i did go through with it he was gorgeous 6 foot 3 with dark hair,a fit athletic body and come to bed hazel/brown eyes and dressed in trendy jeans with a tshirt that showed off his toned muscular arms. i had a halterneck maxi dress on and he said i looked lovely i suggested we had a drink and sit and chat for a bit so i went into the kitchen and made us both a vodka martini,he had been having problems in his marriage and they had separated pending a reconcilation or divorce and i felt for him. we both took a sip of our drinks then he pulled me towards him and started kissing me passionatly to which i responded,he began feeling my boobs and stroked my bum,i felt his chest and arms then stroked his cock through his jeans we got pretty hot so decided to take our clothes off he removed his glasses. i had a blue lace strapless bra on with matching tangas i was impressed with him he had a nipple piercing and a celtic band tattoo on his bicep and a flame one on his lower arm which i found a huge turn on because my husband and previous partners never had any it showed he had a bit of a wild impulsive side which appealed to my catholic girl upbringing. i lay on my large leather sofa resting my head on a satin cushion he got on top of me and we began french kissing and caressing one another he stroked my hair and commented on it,when we exchanged pics my hair was longer and a chocolate brunette 2 days before our meet i had it restyled into a sleek bob to my collar bone and had some dark blonde highlights added he made a remark about it being like debbie harrys.we decided to go up to my bedroom and he threw me gently onto the bed removed my knickers and started licking my pussy which i had shaved freshly that day he was very good at it then he took his boxer shorts off and joined me on the bed i began to suck his cock and licked his balls,he put me on my back and entered me making long slow strokes until we both had a nice climax. we started french kissing again and i sucked his pierced nipple i told him to get on his back i got on top and took his cock then stroked his bell end over my clit for a little while,i put his cock right inside me and rode him really hard all the way up and down his rock hard cock he i came in a matter of minutes. he bent me over my dressing table and we had it doggy really deep and he let out a loud moan,we both got back on the bed and kissed and cuddled for ages. he wanted to stay over but had to collect his children early in the morning so we had a shower together and some more big kisses then he drove home. he was impressed and so was i he wants to do this lots more times.