Written by Unknown

21 Apr 2009

I began talking to Jane on line for a few hours and she started to get very horny, she asked me to phone her so she could describe what she was doing and let me listen to her moaning as she thrust her vibrator into her pussy. Whilst on the phone, I heard Jane ramming her rampant rabbit into her juicy pussy, I could hear her juices flowing and as she got carried away I heard her moaning. I took out my cock and began to masturbate to the sound of Jane's moans. Jane couldn't take it any longer and she asked me to come to her house and fuck her senseless as she wanted a real cock in her. I got her her house in record time, she came to the door in a short tight fitting skirt and a tight top that showed her perfectly formed boobs. I immediately closed the door behind me and pushed her hard against the wall. I lifted up her top and began sucking her erect nipples. Jane unbuttoned my pants and pulled out my 8" throbbing member. She began caressing it in her hands. I slid my hand along her bare thigh and felt her mist knickers, pushing her knickers to one side I began sliding my fingers inside that juicy pussy.Her juices were now flowing around my fingers as I rubbed her clit. I heard her moaning and she begged me to fuck her. I then ripped off her knickers and began to lick her pussy, probing her with my tongue and fingers. I then took hold of her arse cheeks and picked her up, pushing her against the wall. I then slid my throbbing cock into her wet pussy, Jane gasped as I began to thrust hard and fast, pushing her further and further up against the wall. After a few minutes of pushing I felt Jane's pussy contracting around my cock, she began to dig her nails in my back. I could feel her cumming on my bare cock.

"Go on cum in me!" she screamed. I push harder and faster against the wall, my cock was now very wet and full of Jane's pussy juice. My cock slid right up to the top of her beautiful pussy and I felt my cock cum inside her. Jane pushed down hard wanting to feel my cum fill her pussy. I then took my cock out and we just lay there on the floor. This was my first encounter with Jane and I cant wait for my second visit