Written by Unknown

27 Aug 2008

We'd agreed to meet up to see if we got on. We'd chatted in the video chat room a few times, exchanged messages and photos - you'd let me into your private photo gallery, which had REALLY whetted my appetite, and now we were meeting up. We agreed to meet in a local pub for a drink and a 'get to know you' session, so that no-one felt under any pressure. I'd arrived a few minutes early, got myself a drink and waited. There is no mistaking you when you both walk throuhg the door, I recgonised you both from your pics although the girl is even better looking in real life. She is wearing a loose fitting blouse and short denim skirt, which show off her figure perfectly. Great legs I thought!.. You come over and the husband goes to buy us all a drink. We exchange small talk for a while, getting to know the basics and sharing experiences. The pool table is free and we have a couple of games, complete with some great views of the girl's arse as she bends over to take her shot. The ice is nicely broken. After a while, we sit down again and I complement you on your figure and admit I'd lusted a bit as you bent over to play pool. 'Bet you'd have lusted even more if you knew I had no knickers on!' she laughs. I said 'Really?' and she leans over the table and says... 'Why don't you slip your hand up and find out?'. Her husband laughs and nods his agreement. I slip a hand onto her thigh under the table and spread my fingers wide, inching underneath her skirt. Sure enough, my hand reaches pussy lips without encountering any panties. And it is nicely warm and slightly moist. 'I suppose you can guess whether I'm in the mood for some more' you say and wink at your husband. I smile. 'Our place is 15 mins drive away' says hubby. 'Want a lift?' I smile and said 'Of course.'

Walking to the car, hubby says to you 'Why don't you sit in the back with our guest, hunny?' You smile knowingly at him and slip next to me on the seat. 'Make sure you've got your seatbelt on' you say and lean across me to check. As you draw your hand back, you let it brush against my jeans and feel my hard-on. 'Mmmmmmmmm, that's nice' you whisper into my ear. As the car pulls off, you lean back in the car and begin to gently play with yourself. 'Keeping myself nice and warmed up' you tell me. Hubby laughs. 'You don't need any warming, hunny' he says. 'But why not show our guest your favourite driving toy'. He opens the glove compartment and takes out a vibrator and throws it to you in the back. 'Thanks, hunny' you tell him and turn it on. 'Would you mind giving me a 'hand' with this?' you ask me, smiling. Who am I to say No?!! I slide it into your now wet pussy and turn the dial up. Soon you're purring and moaning.

We arrive at your house and go in. 'Just popping upstairs to freshen up' you say. Myself and hubby sit down in the living room. 5 minutes later you come back. Gorgeous. You've changed into a tight, short figure hugging white dress, stockings and knee length black boots. 'I love dressing for sex' you say... 'And having my husband watch another man unwrap me...' I look at him and he says 'Be my guest, mate'. I stand up and walk across to you, admiring your fantastic body. I pull you across to me and we kiss, a long lingering sensual kiss, our tongues exploring each other. My hand is on the small of your back, holding you close and through the material I can feel the contours of your suspender belt. You bring your hands around my neck and whisper to me... 'Play with me'. I slide my hand up your dress... this time there are lacy knickers there, but they're skimpy and my finger easily brushes them aside. You're soaking wet and writhe on my hand, moaning and smiling at your husband. He's clearly enjoying it and slips off his jeans to reveal his own hard-on. You walk across to him, turn around so your arse is facing him and ease yourself downwards onto his cock. As you ride him, you beckon me across. I walk across to you. You're now being fucked by your husband and loving it. You undo the top buttons of my jeans and ease them down to the floor. Then licking your lips, you take my cock in your mouth. The thrusts from your husband's cock push you forward rythmically and ease your mouth up and down my cock. It's as sexy as hell watching you get pleasure from 2 men. After a short while, you take my cock out of your mouth and tell your husband 'Your turn, hunny'. He slips his cock out and lies back on the sofa. You take him into your mouth but not before you smile and tell me... 'I need a good licking'... I kneel behind you and begin to eat your pussy and play with your clit with the tip of my tongue. You're now sopping wet and I can feel your juices coating my mouth and chin. You're beginning to buck and writhe as your approach orgasm, and when it comes, you groan in pleasure.

Now you lie down on the carpet and tell your husband 'Fuck me again, hunny'. He needs no second invitation and is soon mounting you and fucking you vigorously. You're playing with my cock as he does so and you tell me 'Your turn next. I love a double fucking'. As your husband comes, he slides out of you and you tell me 'There's a vacancy in my pussy that needs filling'. I enter you, rigid as a rock and begin to fuck you. Your legs come up around my back and the feel of your boots on my bare back as I fuck you is so sexy. My cum is rising and you nibble and whisper into my ear 'Give it to me, hunny' as I explode.

We all sit back, fucked and happy. You say... 'I'll get us a drink' and pop out to the kitchen. As we sit and sip our wine, you smile at us both again and walk out of the room. Five minutes later, you appear at the door again. You've changed into a slinky red basque and white boots this time. 'Second helpings, please, gentleman, in my bedroom...' We need no further invitation....