Written by unknown

8 Nov 2008

it all started chatting online to a guy, i'm a happily married woman of 48 i think i'm going through a mid life crisis as in all the 27yrs of marriage i've never strayed. we chatted for about 4 months and things were getting out of hand he was a guy of 38 married but unhappy we chatted about all the usual things as the weeks / months went by we got more intimate him telling me what he would like to do to me and me playing with myself listening to him we arranged a meeting i was nervous but excited as well i walked into the hotel bar and straight away i was attracted to this guy and yes it was him he came over introduced himself and got me a drink we sat for an hour or so he was just like himself online witty humerous and full of compliments he suggested we go onto another bar as we walked there it was a cool night he grabbed me pulled me into a door way and we kissed for the first time it was strange this guy i've never met kissing me but i reacted by pulling him closer before i knew it his hands were on my breasts him rubbing my nipples between his finger and thumb i was by now turned on but was aware anyone could walk past then before i could react his hand slid down my skirt and he started rubbing me then fingering me i could feel his hard cock pushing against my thigh he stopped and saidsuck me off i was bewildered but he took his cock out and before i knew it it was between my lips i couldn't get it all in and could taste the salty pree cum on the end of it he held my head i couldn't move then all of a sudden a mouth full of cum shot to the back of my throat he let go of my head and i stood up he strted to finger me again as we kissed we couldn't fuck as we were in the open i have never met him again but we still chat i feel so used but at the same time aroused and now i'm chatting to another guy as well my hubby's never came in my mouth i've tried it with him but he always withdraws as he's coming i think i have a taste for it now but wished i could of felt him inside me