Written by leutin

13 Sep 2007

Our profile clearly states that we like to film our adventures and we have a large collection of private movies from various places that we\'ve been to around the world. To-date the most ambitious one was where we divided the room into two halves and in one half filmed ourselves shagging with me wearing a wig to vaguely disguise my features. Then, in the other half, mr L filmed me with a camera wanking and filming the action that had previously taken place.

It sounds complex but with mr L\'s computer editing skills and my acting ability we pulled off a final edit that looked like me filming him shagging someone else. This needed 3 cameras (one static throughout) but it was so well done that we decided the next time we\'d do it for real

The only thing was that Mr L has made it his ambition never to shag anyone but me, which left one option - me and another female while he filmed us. We\'d made contact with a nice lady and exchanged details, pics and some emails which all seemed to indicate we\'re on the same vibe so we decided to embark on our mission.

We\'d booked in to the wonderful Cliveden Hotel, which should be familiar to anyone who knows about the Profumo affair, and while Mr Leutin got the 3 cameras set up in the suite, I waited in the lounge for our new friend, Sue. Thankfully she wasn\'t fashionably late and after a drink, chat and a walk in the gardens we decided that we wre indeed on the same vibe and I called Mr L called to see if the room was set.

We set off for the room having previously discussed a loose script that worked for everyone and this involved Mr L filming while Sue and I went in and unpacked the spoils of a shopping trip.

I entered the room which looked out over the wonderful gardens and river and while chatting, unpacked my spoils from the shopping trip to the nearby town. I\'d bought some underwear which I held up against my body and Sue indicated that I should try it on and that she too had bought something special which she\'d reveal if I were brave enough to do as she asked. Of course I needed little encouragement and stripped off and redressed in my new attire. Sue watched throughout and at the point where I needed help with my bra-top doing up she stood up and walked behind me as if to oblige. However, instead of doing my bra up, Sue slid her hands forward and cupped my tits. I turned my head towards her as if shocked but before I could say anything she met my mouth with hers and kissed me while moving her fingers towards my sensitive nipples.

I responded by turning round and kissing her passionately and all the while Mr L filmed the proceedings. There was a seriously horny vibe between Sue and I because while we continued kissing she began to remove her clothes and when she finally match my level of undress she pulled back from my mouth and bluntly said \"Tell me to kiss your pussy\"

I looked her straight in the eyes and mischievously said \"Kiss my pussy\" and with that she immediately knelt down and pulled my pants to one side, licking her lips as she did so. I fell back onto the bed and cupped my own tits as she moved in on my now very wet pussy, nearly fainting when he tongue made contact with my lips.

When we\'d talked previously she mentioned that she had never tasted another woman\'s pussy before but to feel the way she was exploring me, opening up my every fold and licking from the base of my ass to the tip of my clit in one movement, showed me that either she\'d lied, or that she\'d practised in her fantasies. She was also aware of where Mr L was moving the camera to and she always favoured that position so that he could film seamlessly. Meanwhile, I was playing with my tits, pulling on my nipples and occasionally looking at Mr L behind his camera.

Sue looked up from down below and said \"Want to see what I bought in town?\" and from a bag placed near her she produced one of those realistic vibrating cocks.

\"Mmmm - nice\" I responded as she started to rub it up and down my pussy making it wet as hell. After several strokes and Mr L capturing it, she handed it to me and while continuing to rub my pussy with her spare hand, demanded \"Let me see how you suck cock\" and from her position on the floor she moved up and onto the bed next to me. She put her tongue out and we both licked the dildo from our respective sides, occasionally slipping over and kissing each other. At one point we pulled apart and found we were both holding it at the base. Sue bent over it and took it as far as she could into her mouth, then let it slide out and beckoned me to do the same. Even though I say so myself, I am one of the deep throat queens and as I took this wet fake cock into my throat I heard her say \"Wow - very cool\"

\"it\'s all about breathing properly and relaxing\" I said after surfacing. \"You on, you try\" and I moved my free hand down to my own pussy as I watched her start to bear down on the dildo.

\"That\'s it, relax your throat and just breathe normally\" I said.

It worked to a degree because after some practice, Sue seemed to be able to get it much further into her mouth than before. Her free hand had also moved to her pussy and the two of us sat there offering each other this fake cock to practice deepthroating for a few minutes before I asked \"Have you ever had two cocks in your mouth?\"

\"No\" Sue replied

\"Well, why don\'t we try something new\" I responded and looked straight at Mr L who was standing on the bed, over us. \"Take your cock out babe\" I demanded and Mr L gladly complied, revealing my favourite cock on the planet.

\"I want to see you suck him\" I said to Sue and she looked at me and smiled briefly before kneeling up and starting to lick Mr L\'s cock. \"If you suck it well you can have two cocks at once\" I continued, but in the meanwhile I decided to rub the fake cock over my clit while kneeling up to watch Sue suck my hubby closely.

Just as we\'d shared the fake cock which was now wanking on my pussy, I decided we should share hubby\'s cock so I moved in and started to lick the parts that Sue wasn\'t focussing on. We then started to share the full length of his cock, first her taking him deep, then me. I\'m so used to his shape and size after 10 years of marriage that I can accommodate him easily. Sue however was occasionally struggling and I could see that Mr L was loving every minute of it.

\"Time for cock two\" and I brought our fake friend up to Sue\'s mouth alongside Mr L\'s own cock. The two were similar size and I positioned the fake one so that Sue could lick both, a task that she seemed to be enjoying totally. After a while I could see she was trying to get them both further into her mouth so Mr L and I positioned our cocks at and angle to make this easier. She began to achieve what she\'d set out to achieve and Mr L was seriously moaning now while pushing his cock in and out of Sue\'s stretched but accommodating mouth.

After a while I withdrew the fake cock and manoeuvred myself into a 69 with her. She was on top of me, still facing Mr L but also had access to my clit while I, underneath her had a view of her magnificent pussy and with a pillow under my head also was able to lick her clit. Meanwhile, Mr L was starting to push his cock into my now desperate pussy and I could return the favour to Sue with our latex dildo.

I tried to push him in her pussy in the same way as Mr L started to fuck me - that way the three-way vibe held for as long as possible before the inevitable shifts of focus that comes with a threesome.

I loved licking her clit while I pushed the latex cock in and out of her pussy and I loved feeling Mr L in mine while Sue subbed my clit, occasionally lowering herself so that she could lick it. Mr L, meanwhile, fucked me as good as ever while still managing to hold the camera and point it at my pussy, his cock and Sue\'s mouth.

\"Fuck me harder\" Sue would yell occasionally and I would gladly oblige. With my other hand I began to rub her clit firmly and her murmurs indicated she wasn\'t far from orgasm.

Suddenly I felt the pressure of her contracting pussy muscles pushing the fake cock out of her and I knew then that the orgasm was real. Mr L also sensed it and started to fuck me hard as the fake cock slid out of her and I began to take it into my mouth, savouring Sue\'s cum and still rubbing her clit as she went to that other world.

\"Hmmmm\" I purred, savouring her pussy juice \"It\'s my turn to get fucked hard now\" and I started to deep throat the fake cock as Mr L continued to fuck me from his end.

When Sue\'s orgasm had subsided she climbed off me and ordered me to turn on to all fours, effectively emulating the same position she was in. Then she knelt down behind me with the fake cock and pushed it into my pussy while Mr L began to push his real cock deep into my mouth and throat.

\"Ok Mr L\" said Sue \"I want to see her fucked hard from both ends. Are you ready?\"

Mr L had obviously winked at her and for a moment, I thought she was talking to me. I responded with a murmur as my mouth was well and truly filled with Mr L\'s cock\". Sue laughed and started to fuck me harder and deeper.

Somehow, during the fucking frenzy I managed to get one arm between my legs and start rubbing my pussy but this meant that Mr L\'s cock was effectively stopping me from falling flat on my face. However, this, in turn, managed to create a situation whereby when he pushed hard into my throat I moved back onto the latex cock which then pushed me forward beck onto Mr L\'s cock again. It was like a perpetual machine and I was loving it.

As I began to succumb to being used like this I realised that Sue was pushing a finger into my ass which is something that always gets me off. I rubbed my pussy harder and as I felt the first sign of orgasm approach, I was aware of both Mr L\'s cock getting bigger in my throat and mouth and Sue\'s finger starting to fuck me ass. I could hold back no more and surrendered to the spasm of orgasm - wave upon wave riding through me as I clung on to Mr L\'s cock and my fake latex friend for dear life.

As is usually the way, this is enough to push Mr L over the edge and he withdrew his cock form my mouth wanking furiously. I had to pull my wanking hand back up to stop me from falling forward and became aware that Sue was now kissing my ass and rubbing the crack between my cheeks.

\"Cum you fucker, cum\" I yelled at Mr L and he duly obliged, into my mouth and over some of my lips, chin and face. I lapped it up greedily and watched while he pulled the remaining drops of cum from his beautiful cock.

\"Mmmm\" I moaned and when I opened my eyes Sue was there, right before me. I wasn\'t sure if she\'d seen Mr L cum over my face or not but she moved in and kissed me, sharing his fluid in the process.

The three of us collapsed into a heap after that and later we had another bit of fun after dinner. Cliveden is a lovely place - possibly a bit too posh but there\'s something about getting up to mischief in these kinds of places that makes the whole event a little more fun and considerably more naughty. Mr L and me have already decided where our next place of fun will be but we\'ve not yet decided with whom. Sue has offered and would have been an ideal choice for many reasons, but she initially said she only wanted a single \'extracurricular\' activity outside her marriage and it makes sense to respect that. It\'s easy for some to get hooked on the hedonism but that would mean that she went against her original plan. For us, that\'s too risky and we prefer to look for another partner for the next adventure.

As for the film of the event, Mr L\'s technical magic once again excelled itself and we ended up with a beautifully lit and very horny home movie that now resides on our Apple TV hard drive for regular viewing.