Written by easyuk

3 Apr 2013

This meeting took place after we had built to a crescendo of desire for each other via e-mail, text and on the phone...

We met in a country park at lunch time both having scheduled "external meetings" from work. Arriving in separate cars she hopped into the front seat of my car where we were finally able to kiss. Her mouth and tongue soft, yielding. The delicious, deep kiss continue whilst I ran my hand between her thighs, tracing the line of her pussy through her knickers, applying progressively more pressure as she sighed. Stopping briefly I concentrated on her mouth and tongue, teasing her before I slid my hand into the top of her knickers and eased the tip of my finger inside her. circling it, working it in and out. Further each time until it was hooked up inside her before withdrawing it again to once again circle and tease before easing in a second finger. All the time kissing.

We decided to venture outside, but with me in a suit and her in a dress it looked like we were going for a wedding rather than a walk in the country! It took us a little time to find an out of the way spot, but as we walked and chatted we did occasionally stop, taking the opportunity to kiss and openly run our hands over each others bodies. Always a lovely feeling to be overtly sexual.

We finally found a forked tree at a slight angle which allowed her to lean back against it comfortably. More kissing, this time knowing that we were going to be able to go further. The urgency increased as our hands ran over the contours of each others bodies through our clothes, me finally pulling down the top of her breasts and bra to expose her nipples to be licked, sucked, gently nibbled and twisted between my fingers. She bit her lip as I did this and kissed her neck and ear as I parted her legs and slid her knickers to one side. This time I was not gentle, aggressively ramming two fingers deep inside her. She bit her lip and pulled me closer as I started to explore her pussy, alternating between deep thrusts and gentle circling before introducing progressively more fingers. Easing them in and out and rotating them inside her we continued to kiss. We almost never stopped kissing, devouring each other, my hand never stopping until I felt her tense and shudder, relaxing against me. All this time we had been whispering in each others ears. Describing our lusts and desire.

Removing my fingers I used my dripping finger tip to start to circle her tight anus which she immediately started to relax, drawing the tip of my finger inside. I gently eased it in and out, deeper each time. She was drawing it in further, gripping as I pushed into her. As I began to quickly pull my finger out and eases it back inside her, I gently pushed my thumb into her, still dripping, pussy. Working both holes gently and firmly. Filling her as I kissed her.

I was greedy for more though. Needing to taste her I knelt down and as she raised her dress I slid my thumb out of her pussy, replacing it with my tongue as I hungrily gorged on her juices. Licking, kissing, sucking the lips. Her hands on my head pulling me close I revelled in the depravity and freedom.

Stopping briefly again I asked her to turn around so that she exposed her pert bum, allowing to gently lick and then tongue her lovely anus. As she pushed back on me I used my (other hand's) finger to ease into her pussy again, working both inside her. Enjoying her soft sighs as I explored and filled her. After a few minutes I stood, substituting my thumb for my tongue. I lent over her from behind, yanking her head back by the hair. Fucking her more brutally with finger and thumb as she demanded more. Turning her head to the side to kiss her as I enveloped her, having to hold her up as her knees weakened and she stifled a moan.

We remained like that for some time., luxuriating in the stolen opportunity to be bad. So very bad.

Then she turned to me. Kissed me. Looked into my eyes and began to undo my belt and trousers, reaching her hand in first to feel my erection pulsing in my shorts, and then reaching in. Taking it in her hand to stroke, gently and firmly. All the time looking at me before kneeling down and immediately taking it's full length deep into her mouth where it throbbed until she released it. She then began to kiss, and lick the tip, always returning to deep, luxuriant swallows. Slowly working me to a frenzy. I would normally want to hold her head firmly and fuck her lovely mouth, but this time I was so lost in her that I came without my normal aggression. Holding her head close to me as my cum pumped into her mouth. She then continued to agonisingly lick and kiss the tip of my cock as it continued to twitch...

What a delicious girl, and what a delicious lunch-break.