Written by camkev3

15 Feb 2009


Kathy rattled through the doctor's schedule for the week. She was a secretary for Dr Keith Davis at his private hypnotism clinic in Swansea.

"...and Dr. Fitzgerald wanted to know if you could attend the dinner on Thursday for the Society of Psychiatrists. It's at the Hilton." Kathy continued on her list of items to go over with her employer. Davis didn't answer right away, and brushing her black hair away from her face, she looked up at him. Seeming not to have heard her question, he was staring at her.

Davis hadn't heard. Running through his mind the way he would construct their session, he was focusing on his secretary. Qualified for the job, but also hired because she was a beautiful woman, Kathy had been working for him for a year and a half. Refined, perky with a long mane of straight black hair that almost reached down to the swell of her buttocks. Wearing skirts and nylons over shapely legs that she showed off, she was really stunning.

Near the beginning of her employment, Davis had made overtures to Kathy that maybe they could be more than employer and employee but she was married to Kevin and it had died right there on the vine. But he had the power to make things right. "Oh, I'm sorry, Kathy. I was lost in thought." He picked up some papers. "Let's go over the rest of this tomorrow. It's getting late. I'm sorry to dump all this typing on you." He'd given her the task of typing the journals he'd kept in Scotland.

Kathy stood up and picked up the stack of documents. "That's OK, Dr. Davis. What I don't get done tomorrow, I can do over the weekend."

Davis eyed her thoughtfully. "Kathy, what would you say if I told you that you could do all that typing tomorrow morning before lunchtime ?"

"Dr. Davis, I couldn't possibly get all this done. Even if I didn't have to answer the phones and do the other things required."

"Ah, but you could! How many words per minute do you type? About 75?"

"Yes, about 75." Kathy said hesitantly. It was probably a little less. Typing wasn't her strongest skill.

"Kathy, The fascinating things about hypnosis that it's the subconscious mind that interferes with your typing speed. And it's not just you, I'm speaking for everyone. All of us could do

things better with a little fine tuning. Your brain is unable to focus entirely on the typing." Dr. Davis paused before going ahead. "I could put you under and make you be able to type like the wind."

"Dr. Davis, that's an awfully nice offer," Kathy began, "but I'm not sure...." Looking for the words she wanted to use, she trailed off.

"And Kathy, if you were able to type faster, it would of course mean more money. After all, you'd be doing more work."

Kathy thought about the extra money. she and her husband Kevin could

certainly use it for yet another holiday in Turkey. Dr. Davis's offer was so generous, she didn't think she should turn it down. "The

extra money would be great," Kathy agreed.

"Great! We could do it now if you'd like, it should only take about fifteen minutes. Why don't you put on the answering machine and lock the outer office door. I don't want to be disturbed during the process." Kathy headed out to do as he requested and Davis watched

her bottom sway underneath her skirt.

Knowing the offer of extra money would break down Kathy's initial resistance, things had gone just as Davis had imagined "' he knew she loved her holidays. Able to improve her typing at least slightly, once he got into her subconscious mind, he could make changes to her value systems, manipulate her logic thought processes, make things that would have been unthinkable actually desirable; he could make her do almost anything he wanted.

And for months, he'd been imagining things to do withKathy...........

Chapter 2

"Ooooooo, Keith, that feels so good." Davis nibbled on Kathy's neck and a strong hand squeezed her breast. Clothing was piled on the floor near the lounger chair, the psychiatrist's couch, they reclined on. The room was growing dim as the sun had set outside the glazed windows.

Davis lifted his mouth from her neck and looked at her flushed face. It had been so simple! So trusting, Kathy had offered no resistance to the programming he had installed in her. In case he had to make other changes, a keyword to take her into future trance states, he'd implanted an intense physical attraction for himself, the need for complete secrecy about their activities and she'd have no memory of cheating on her husband Kevin; after only a half-hour, she'd now obey any commands he gave her. He'd moulded her into the perfect mistress.

Davis brought his mouth down on hers, felt a tongue worm up between his lips, a shapely leg move up over his; Kathy was giving herself to him totally. Harder than he'd ever felt it, his erection pressed into her nylon clad thigh, his hand left her soft apple-sized tit and moved down her soft flanks. Her skin was like silk, smooth as a peach. He ran his fingers down her flat tummy and into the shaved black strip of pubic hair above her sweet sex.

When Davis's fingers travelled over her clitoris and delved onto the delicate folds of her pussy, Kathy broke their kiss. Her slit slick with juice, Kathy cried as her head tossed in pleasure. "Yes, yes, feel me, Keith! Feel how wet I am!"

Urgently wanting to fuck her, Davis had waited so long for this moment, but if only briefly this night, he wanted Kathy's sexy mouth around his dick.

"Put your hands up above your head." Davis watched keenly. "That's it." Uncertainly sliding them up the slight incline of the sofa until they were about five inches above her head, her wrists crossed. Kathy brought her hands off his back. "Kathy, you are unable to move your hands from the sofa. Try to move them."

Hesitantly, upper arms moved but as if nailed to the couch, he slim hands stayed planted. "I can't move them, Keith!" Kathy gasped. Aware of her inability to perform so simple a task, her voice was tinged with fright.

"Kathy, the fact you cannot move your hands does not worry you. It does not worry you, do you understand? It excites you it excites you very much." With a simmering look that signified renewed sexual excitement, Kathy's expression slowly changed.

Moving up over her lithe body to straddle her chest, Davis kissed her again. His knees by her shoulders, Kathy got her first good look at her employer's turgid manhood. Thick, nine inches long and he was going to let her suck it. God, she so wanted to suck it.

Gripping its base, as it wavered slowly in front of her, Davis said, "I can see you like my dick, Kathy. You are to suck me for a while. It may not be for long; I don't want to cum in your mouth and when I tell you to stop, you will open your mouth wide so I can pull it out

quickly. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Keith, I'll suck you." Kathy's eyes zeroed in again on the cock-head that hovered inches away. Darting out in anticipation, her pink tongue licked her lips

"Now slip your tongue out as far as you can." As her quivering long tongue rolled out to welcome him, Davis inched his knees under Kathy's armpits and laid his cock-head on it. Sending thrills throughout his body, like a butterfly, it flicked around the underneath of his glans and enjoying the sight of his secretary

looking like a baby bird waiting to be fed, Davis used his hand to smack his dick up and down on her tongue. Unable to wait longer, supporting himself on the couch near her frozen wrists, Davis leaned forward and with a quick hunch of his hips, pushed his dick down into Kathy's receptive mouth. Kathy immediately

sucked, licking the three inches he put between her lips. At once, her hot tongue was everywhere; wrapped around the head, sliding along the bottom o his shaft in a swirling motion. Lifting her head from the couch, she eagerly worked her lips farther and farther up his shaft.

"Aaaah, Kathy, you suck cock like a pro!" From above her, Davis watched as his usually demure secretary swallowed more of his heated flesh. "That's it. Aaaah, yes, use your tongue, Christ, that feels good!"

'Too good', Davis realised as he felt an incredible urge to flood her mouth with his sperm. Several weeks of semen waited in his heavy balls. He hadn't been faithful to his wife in Scotland; a young Scottish girl that worked at his hotel had been an easy conquest, but when it came to cock-sucking. She couldn't hold a candle to Kathy.

"Stop, Kathy! Open your mouth!" Davis pulled his spit-slick phallus from her lovely mouth and squeezed the head tightly as he killed the eruption that threatened to end his fun. After a minute, as he relaxed his grip, a spoonful of clear pre-cum oozed from his slit and fell on Kathy's slender neck.

"Oh, Christ- that was close. You almost made me cum, Kathy." Giving himself some time to cool off before proceeding, Davis got off the couch and walked to the end of the recliner. Arms above her head, long hair fanning underneath her body, breathing heavily, Kathy

lay as she had been. Davis loved the lines of her rib-cage, the sloping conical breasts on either side of her sternum, her sleek nylon clad legs which were slowly rubbing against each other and the lovely pussy framed between the straps of her suspender belt.

Suddenly yearning to be inside her, Davis began to crawl up over her body and Kathy spread her legs in anticipation. Dipping his head down into her crotch, he blew air across her clit and wanting physical contact, she squirmed under him.

Davis's tongue lapped over her clit and Kathy groaned in pleasure. He'd supercharged her sexual responsiveness and like a firecracker waiting to go off, Davis wanted to be riding her when it happened. "I've got to fuck you, Kathy." Rising up and moving his knees forward until they met the back of her thighs, Davis was almost apologetic. Once again leaning over the lovely woman, his cock-head fell into her trimmed pubic patch.

"Oooh, yes, Keith, I want you inside me. I want you to fuck me." Kathy encouraged. Looking down to see him move his solid member to the opening of her pussy, she said breathlessly, "I want it all, Keith, please, give it all to me." Albeit it programmed, the woman's unconditional surrender made Davis's prick jerk, wanting to ram all nine inches up into her belly in one thrust. But not wanting to hurt her or leave any physical evidence of his illicit act, he controlled himself.

Instead, Davis slowly thrust into Kathy and felt her pussy begrudgingly open up before his cock-head. She was tighter than he thought she'd be, but it was a tightness he enjoyed. With two inches of his stiff lance still to go, he felt the extremity of his penis press against her cervix. Accustomed to being too long for most of the woman he dicked, his wife could take all of it because her body had learned to accommodate him up past the opening at the top of her vagina. Today he was more than content to just use what Kathy could give. Around his buried manhood, her tender cunt felt like hot, tight butter

"Ooo, I'm so full!" Kathy whined up at her new lover.

Just under her breasts, Davis grabbed Kathy's sides and began thrusting in and out of her delicious pussy. Her cute tits swaying in rhythm with his thrusts, her silky clad legs wrapped around his plunging ass and Kathy was lost in a world of pleasure she had never known. Davis's his strong hands held her sides like a vice. She felt the passion her body sang at that moment her stuffed uterus felt an orgasm building.

"Keith, Keith, sooo good....oh, oh, oh, oohh, Oh, OOOH!" Kathy cried as sending tendrils of ecstasy coursing through her body, her pussy began quaking around his cock. Her orgasm filled her body as her hips bucked against his thrusting lance. "OOH, OOH, ooh, ooh, mmm, mmm!"

Davis stopped his stabbing and let his new mistress ride out the storm of her orgasm. Milking his penis like a cow-teat, her cunt rhythmically gripped and relaxed around his cock and Davis was barely able to hold back his own climax. But he didn't want to it to end that way; before losing himself in her, he wanted to build up a hard, savage rhythm and hold off until the last possible moment.

Kathy finally lay still beneath him and Davis relaxed his grip on her torso. His hands reached back and gripping her legs above the knees, he brought them forward, pushing them up and back toward her arms. Shifting his feet onto the floor on each side of the narrow couch, all the time keeping himself inside her, he moved forward. Letting her legs rest on his upper arms, he gripped the sides of the couch near her head. Now Davis could fuck downward between her fleshy, raised hips.

Kathy's eyes remained closed, her face turned to the side as her employer began driving into her again. The delicious pounding resumed and without thinking about it, she worked her pussy muscles around Davis's shaft. Her body just responded; she was still out of it from her orgasm.

Plunging into her petite pussy lips, Davis looked down at his big cock as his girth forced her lips wide, her clitoris exposed, her body was creased by his urgency. Gasps escaped Kathy's slack mouth as he hammered his long hard-on down into her juicy quim, each stroke making his cock-head bottom against her womb. Thrusting harder and faster, he couldn't hold back any longer. Davis bellowed lust as he slammed his penis into his sexy secretary a final time and leaving jammed in her, his testicles heaved and sperm jetted through his cock into Kathy's heavenly pussy. He trembled over her trapped form as pulse after pulse of hot cum flooded her.

Extended by his great length, vagina stretched and sore, Kathy whimpered in joyous pain as Davis filled her to overflowing, sperm and juice forced out around his shaft to trickle down the crack of her ass.

It had been much better than he could have imagined. Letting Kathy's legs down, totally spent, Davis fell on top of her.

But knowing what he had done was terribly wrong, amidst a swell of lust, he knew that he would do it again to Kathy.