Written by craigc

20 May 2011

I’d been living with my girlfriend for 2 years, and we had been together for 5 years. We still had sex on a regular basis, but it had become a bit dull. You see, I’d always had a very adventurous sex life. I lost my virginity when I was 14, to a 20 year old German girl, called Claudia whilst I was on holiday with my family in Ibiza, and had never really slowed down since then. I went to university when I was 23, so as I was a bit older, wiser and more experienced than most of the other lads, I fucked more than my fair share of women! Settling down was very hard for me, especially as my girlfriend wasn’t very adventurous in bed anymore.

I looked at lots of the swingers profiles, pictures and videos, sent them out some emails and wanked off. I thought great, I’ll get a response soon and can start fucking loads of hot ladies.

However after a few days of this, I was getting frustrated that no one was replying to my emails, or contacting me after looking at my profile & pictures. This probably sounds very arrogant of me, but I’m quite an attractive guy. I’m 6 foot tall, quite well built and nicely toned. I’ve got short dark blond hair and green eyes. I work in sales and am very chatty and lively, I’m also used to presenting myself in a very positive light. So I was gutted that no one wanted to meet me.

Still I’m a very persistent kind of guy, so I kept at it. After several months, I started getting a few reply’s, though these people weren’t serious about meeting up and swinging, so it never happened.

I finally started emailing a couple called “Sexy Girl”. They sounded genuine and were very keen to meet me. I saw some pictures of them, she was called Loraine, and he was called Joe, both from Ireland, but living in Leeds. She was in her early 30’s, with silky shoulder length blond hair, 5 foot 8” high and a size 12 figure. With long legs and D cup breasts, I was impressed.

After a few days we decided to meet up. They had a trip planned and were coming over to Sheffield for a long weekend, to see some friends. We arranged to meet up in the bar of their hotel, on Saturday evening, in 2 weeks time.

When the Saturday finally arrived, I was a bit nervous, but being a confident chap, I had a can of larger, told my girlfriend that I was going out for a few drinks with my mate, and set of to enjoy my first swinging encounter.

I arrived at the hotel a few minutes early, ordered a pint, and sent Loraine a text letting her know that I was in the hotel bar. She replied within seconds saying they would be down in 5 minutes.

When they walked into the bar, I recognised them straight away. Loraine looked fantastic, much better than in her photos. She was wearing a sexy dress, and high heels. With a light tan, and French manicured finger nails she looked really classy. They both looked around, so I stood up and walked over to meet them. We all introduced ourselves, then I went to the bar to get us all a drink. We found a quiet table in the corner and talked about work, cars and general stuff. I think they were more nervous than I was. After a few drinks, we all started to relax, and I steered the conversation on to sex and swinging. It turned out that they had only done this once before, with a guy they met in a pub. They were all drunk and he was a bit of a disappointment for them.

I started to get closer to Loraine and placed my hand on her leg, she gave me a smile, and Joe looked really excited. I leaned over and slowly started kissing her ear and neck, whilst moving my hand up her long shapely leg, towards her pussy. Loraine responded by rubbing my now semi hard cock through my jeans. We both looked at Joe, who smiled back at us and said “lets all go back to our room”.

As we stood up, Loraine whispered in my ear, in her breathy sexy Irish voice, that she was wet and wanted me to fuck her. I was so turned on!

Once we got to the room, Joe locked the door, and got his camera out, asking if I minded him taking a few pictures. He promised not to capture my face, so I readily agreed.

I walked over to Loraine and started kissing her. She kissed me back with an urgent desire. I moved my hand from her toned arse cheeks, to her breasts and she gave an approving moan. I stopped kissing her and took a step back, then asked Joe if there was anything he wanted me to do etc. We agreed that a condom would be used, and there was to be no anal, but apart from that he wanted to watch me giving his wife a good hard fuck and at some point he would join in.

I told Loraine to slowly take off her dress, and get on her knees in front of me. Whilst she took off her figure hugging dress, I removed my top and unzipped my jeans. I started stroking my big hard cock, as her dress fell to the floor. I saw that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and her tits were amazing. A full D size, pert with sexy little pink nipples. She knelt down in front of me and took my cock in her soft hands, whilst slowly wanking me, then she started to lick the end of my hard shaft, and started sucking me off.

It felt fantastic, but I didn’t want to come just yet, so I pulled out of Loraine’s lovely soft mouth and stood her up. I took each one of her tits in turn and kissed then sucked her nipples. I then got on my knees and pulled down her tiny, white, lacy, thong. She had a small Brazilian of short light Brown pubic hair, and the rest was completely shaved, and very smooth. Her pussy lips were the neatest I’ve ever seen. I took a deep breath and could smell the sexy scent of her delicious pussy. I pulled her lips open and licked the full length of her pussy, then pushed her back on to the bed so her legs were wide apart and her feet rested on the floor. Loraine put her hands on the back of my head, and slowly ruffled my hair whilst I licked and ate her pussy out.

Joe started kissing her and playing with her now very hard little nipples. After a few minutes Loraine’s pussy was dripping wet, and she started to come. Joe was snogging her, so she could only moan, softly as she came.

Joe told her to get up on the bed and lie down on her front. He was now fully undressed, and had a good size erection. About 6 – 7 inches long and reasonably thick, though he was no match for me. I’ve got a 8 inch cock that’s quite thick & hard. In the past several girls have joked that I should be black.

Whilst Loraine started sucking Joe’s cock, I put a condom on and knelt in between her wide open legs, her arse was slightly raised, and her pussy lips were slightly open and glistening with her pussy juices. I gave her firm arse a sexy slap and started to rub the tip of my fat, rock hard cock up and down her wet pussy lips and over her clit. She started moaning whilst I rubbed her pussy with my cock and she sucked Joe’s nob. I was so horny by this time that my cock looked larger than normal, and I just had to fuck Loraine.

I slowly started to ease the tip of my huge, rock hard cock in to her tight wet pussy. It was a tight fit, but I finally managed to get the 1st inch in to her, and then teased another inch in to her. Loraine was really moaning now, and I gave her a good hard thrust, and put 6 inches of my cock in to her. Her pussy looked so amazing, stretched wide open and gripping my cock. I pulled nearly all the way out and slammed it back all the way up in to her, so my balls were touching against her.

I started fucking her really hard, and she started coming again. She had several intense orgasms whilst I fucked her really hard. After a few minutes of hard fucking, it was just too much for me, as Loraine’s pussy was so tight, wet and hot. I knew I was going to come very soon. So still kneeling in between her legs I pulled out my huge cock, and ripped the condom off. I had the most intense orgasm as I wanked off and started to shoot my load all over her peachy arse cheeks and on her still open pink wet pussy.

Watching this turned Joe on so much, that he started to shoot his sticky load all over her face. Loraine turned round and took my now semi erect cock in her mouth and sucked the last few drops of spunk from me. Then she rubbed in all the jets of my spunk that were still on her pussy, whilst fingering her self, she came a final time.

Joe and I both wanted to fuck her again, but I’d stretched her too much, and Loraine said her pussy was too sore.

Since then I’ve met Loraine & Joe several times, but that’s another story…