Written by craigc

11 Aug 2011

I met a great couple about 6 months ago. At their request, I've changed their names, but the rest is all at it happened....

After swapping a few emails and an msn chat, I agreed to meet up with a couple from Bradford. He’s (Ian) in early 50’s and she’s (Anna) in her early 40’s. I’d seen a few pictures and they looked like an attractive couple.

We hadn’t really discussed what would happen when we met, as they preferred to play it by ear… When I arrived at their house, Ian came out to meet me. We had a quick chat as we walked up their private driveway. As we got to the house he said that Anna was upstairs getting ready, and would be down in a minute.

We sat in the lounge, had a beer and talked for a bit, trying to find common ground etc. After a few minutes Anna came downstairs and walked in to the lounge. She was wearing a short and very tight black skirt, with black stockings and high heels. Her tight white blouse was really showing off her incredible breasts. They must have been a size DD, or maybe even an E cup! I stood up and said hello, then kissed her on the cheek. She sat down next to me on the sofa, and Ian sat across the room from us.

After a few more minutes of small talk, I asked how they wanted this to play out… Ian said that he wouldn’t join in, but he just wanted to watch Anna have some fun. He stood up and walked over to us, and pulled up the front of her skirt, so I could see her black suspenders and sexy panties. She asked me if I liked them and I told her how sexy she looked. Then I moved my hand on to her thigh, and started to kiss her. Anna kissed me back, and undid a few buttons of her blouse. Her huge tits were straining to be free, and looked so good I had a quick feel. Large, firm, smooth and natural. What a pair!

I said lets go upstairs, and she agreed. Anna walked up the stairs, and I followed. I could see right up her skirt, and her arse looked so sexy. Ian followed us upstairs and in to the bedroom, where he sat in the corner.

I think that Anna was a size 16, and about 5”6 tall. But wearing her high heels she was closer to 5”10. I’m 6 feet, and 14 stone, so was still taller than her. We stood in front of the bed and kissed for a few minutes, whilst I felt her arse and tits, and she felt my bum and arms. I broke away and told her to undress for me. She slowly unbuttoned her white blouse and took it off, Then Anna unzipped her black skirt and let it slide down her long legs and stepped out of it. I asked her to take off her bra, and she did. As they were freed, her tits hardly moved. I could tell they were real and was impressed, as the nipples were hard, red and sexy, and still pointed straight forwards. I went to her and started to cup and suck her fantastic tits. Anna liked this as she started to rub my now hardening cock through the front of my jeans.

I pushed her backwards and on to the bed, and I undressed. Then I knelt down on the floor so my face was level with her pussy, and I pulled off her panties. Anna’s pussy was completely shaved, and really neat with sexy puffy lips. She has a sexy little tattoo of some flames, above her pussy, where her pubes would have been. I pulled her lips apart and looked at the wet red sexiness of her pussy. It smelly so horny & fresh, so I started to lick her pussy. She tasted really good and sexy. After a few minutes she started to come in my face, so I eased a finger in to her and finger fucked her tight wet pussy until she came again.

I stood up and walked round to the side of the bed, so I was level with her face. By this time my cock was rock hard, and felt quite huge. Probably 7 – 8 inches long and quite thick. Anna wrapped her hands around my hard thick shaft and started to softly wank me off. Then she leaned in and started to lick my swollen head, then sucked me in to her soft wet mouth. She sucked me for a few minutes, and I reached down to rub her hard clit and finger her wet pussy at the same time.

By this time I was so hot and horny that I just had to fuck Anna straight away. I asked if she had any condoms, as mine were downstairs in my coat pocket. She said that she did, but that I didn’t have to wear one. I quickly asked if she was safe and she explained that she had recently been checked and was ok. She didn’t sleep with many people, and usually insisted on a condom. I know that I’m free from STI’s, so I readily agreed to go bareback.

I walked back round to the end of the bed, and looked down at Anna lying there on her back. She looked so pretty with her dark brunette hair and deep green eyes. Her breasts where heaving up and down as she breathed. Her legs were wide open and revealed her sexy wet pussy. She was still wearing her black stockings, suspenders and high heels.

As I knelt between her legs, I slowly rubbed the tip of my achingly hard cock along her pussy lips and up on to her clit, and Anna started to moan softly. I held open her pussy and started to ease my cock in to her tight warm pussy. After a few thrusts I was all the way in to her, and she felt so good. I was kneeling on the bed and fucking her as she reached down and started to rub her clit. After a few minutes of this she started to come again. I was so aroused that I was worried that I might come too soon, so I asked her if she would ride me for a bit.

As I climbed off her, I saw Ian sitting in a chair in the corner. I’d almost forgotten he was there. He was fully dressed, but had his dick out and was slowly wanking himself. His nob looked quite hard, and was about 4 – 5 inches long.

I lay on my back and Anna straddled me. She grabbed my hard cock that was still glistening with her pussy juices, and slowly lowered herself down my long fat length. Her tight pussy seemed to grip me and she moved up and down my thick shaft. Her huge firm tits were in my face so I grabbed them, and sucked her nipples in turn. I started to fuck up in to her hot wet pussy and she came again.

Sex with Anna was so good that I knew that I was going to come soon, and wanted to come whilst fucking Anna in the missionary position. So I rolled her over and asked if she wanted me to come in her pussy or to pull out and spray her. Anna said it was up to me, so I carried on fucking her, but I increased my pace, and really started to bang in to her, hard!

Before long I felt myself starting to come, and my breathing started to get heavier as I thrust in to her, harder and faster. Anna put her hand down in between us, and started rubbing her clit again. I felt my balls start to tingle and I gushed several large thick wads of my spunk deep in to her pussy. I carried on pumping in to her and she had a final orgasm. After a few minutes my cock started to soften, so I withdrew from Anna’s now soaking wet pussy and sat in between her wide open legs, just in time to see her fresh cream pie, as my thick white sperm started to dribble out of her sexy pussy and run down over her arse hole. I touched her pussy lips and rubbed some of my spunk around her pussy and arse.

Ian had also come, but he’d wanked off in to a tissue, as I fucked and came in his lovely wife.

Anna got up and walked off to the bathroom, bending down to kiss Ian as she went. I cleaned myself with some tissues, borrowed a squirt of Ian’s deodorant and got dressed. Ian asked if I wanted a drink, and we went downstairs and had a cup of tea. Anna came down to join us and we chatted for a bit. We agreed to meet up again, and I left. As I drive home I couldn’t help smiling to myself, and thinking - what a great way to spend a Friday Afternoon!