Written by jonny32london

23 Aug 2009

I'd been chatting on SP with a great girl called Dee. We had been swapping fantasies for several weeks by now and we had somehow got into each others heads and thoughts. Dee was bisexual, very broad minded and it became rapidly apparent, that for her the biggest turn on was threesomes with bisexual guys.

For years my number one fantasy had been a threesome with two bisexual girls. Dee explained that although she liked girls, her number one fantasy was with two bi guys. She pointed out that she liked the thought of two bi guys, for exactly the same reasons I was turned on by two girls together. For her it was the ultimate sexual fantasy.

Dee and I were chatting one Sunday evening when I mentioned that I was passing by the town she lived in the next day. Dee immediately suggested lunch, she said it would be a real turn on to tease and torment each other over a bottle of wine "' and who knows she said, we might want to take things further.

It was a one of those fantastic sunny days, not a cloud in the sky. I had barely slept that night and I was so turned on whilst driving my car, trying to concentrate despite my constant hard on. I knew that after a two hour drive I was going to be well and truly raring to go.

Dee met me in the bar with a huge smile and hug like we had known each other for years. I kissed her on the cheek and enjoyed the sensation of her blond hair brush against my cheek. That was one sexy perfume she was wearing. She sat down on the bar stool, arching her shoulders back, clearly inviting me to admire her cleavage. Well there was a lot to admire!

We hit it off immediately, she was as easy to chat to face to face as she had been on-line. It was clear that we were both feeling really horny and the anticipation of meeting had got us both worked up. On our second bottle of wine Dee then dropped a bomb shell. I had been hoping to take things further that afternoon, but she decided that she wanted to make me wait for nearly a week. "No wanking between now and then" she said, "I want those balls full".

She laughed when I told her I was full to bursting point already, I could see she wasn't going to budge, so I agreed so long as she wasn't going to wank either between now and Saturday. I wanted her to be gagging as well. She held out her hand and we laughed as we shook and both agreed not to masturbate - which was the last thing I thought I'd be doing when I woke up that morning.

Dee smiling then dropped another clanger. She said she had been chatting to another guy, similar looking to me she said. His name was Andrew, apparently he had a great sense of humour, he was bisexual and he had also agreed to arrive on Saturday as well with very full balls. I spluttered my wine. I looked at Dee and after all those weeks of talking about fantasies, well, we just exchanged a knowing look.

I had thought that Dee would want to arrange a two bi guy session with me at some point, but I thought that it might take a while for us to get to that and we might have a few sessions together first. I wasn't especially bi, I had been approached by men a lot when I was younger and always made my excuses and left. I was into bi girls and playing with a guy had never really crossed my mind. One day, however, funnily enough it was on one of those occasions when I was feeling really randy with full balls, I had a brief sucking and wanking experience with another guy.

After my first time with a guy I had fantasised about it more and more and now Dee was going to make it happen. That Saturday we met up at Dee's house in the evening. It was a little awkward at first, Andrew and I said hello and looked at each other cautiously, wondering if we really wanted to get it on together.

Dee broke the ice, she brought out three bottles of cold beer and we started chatting, far more relaxed by now. Andrew and I laughed as we swapped stories of how Dee had reeled us both in. I looked across at Dee, her cleavage and smile drawing me in as she slowly and gently caressed the inside of her thigh. At last, I felt my cock stiffen as I thought about finally getting to grips with Dee, I looked across at Andrew and saw the unmistakable outline of an erection, which caused my own cock to twitch to full stiffness.

We were clearly all ready to take things further. Dee surprised us both once again. This was starting to become a habit of hers, albeit a very interesting habit. As ever, she just came out with it. "You two 69 each other and whoever comes first loses and the winner gets to fuck me". "Upstairs now boys" she said confidently. We both stood up and obligingly followed Dee upstairs.

My pulse was racing as I climbed the stairs. Was this a good idea? Would I bottle it? Did I want to 69 with Andrew?

"Strip". I looked across and Andrew, obeying Dee's command, peeled his shirt off. I looked at Dee, the self appointed prize "' and what a prize she was. She unbuttoned her blouse further exposing her fantastic breasts more, which prompted me to remove my own shirt. We matched each other item for item until Andrew and I stood facing each other in our boxers.

Slipping them off we climbed into the bed, top and tailing. For some reason we were both on our sides. We moved closer and began to pull at each others cocks. Before I knew it we were sucking away at each other.

Dee had been very clever. We both wanted her, were as randy as hell and we both knew we had to give the best and most enthusiastic blow job ever in order to win. Dee had arranged for herself a great show.

We pulled and sucked. Took each other deeply into our throats and lifted our mouths back to suck the full length of each other's shafts. Dee was urging us on. "There can only be one winner. Suck. Because I'm going to give the winner a better time tonight".

Thinking of Dee's tits and wanting badly to fuck her whilst Andrew watched us, I fought hard to keep control while trying to suck Andrew as well as I could. He clearly had the same plan, because it felt fantastic. I sensed I was starting to get the upper hand, yet he fought back well and started to play with my balls. Dee leant over and tormented us further, brushing her hair against us and stroking our backs, all the time reminding us the winner was in for a great fuck with her.

Fighting the urge to come, I was struggling to contain myself. Wouldn't it be better if I lost I thought? If I were to try and fuck Dee after this blow job, I could only hope to last seconds. Those thoughts caused me to start to give in to the overwhelming urge. This was it, there was no turning back, the moment was arriving as I gave in. My cock twitched and as Andrew let rip with a jet of spunk, I flooded his mouth.

Now that was a surprise that Dee hadn't expected. My cock was pumping its load, wave after wave as I collected Andrew's own ever growing pool of spunk in my mouth. Coming to our senses we realised that we had both given and received the most amazing blow jobs. We sat up spunk spilling out and dribbling down both our faces. Dee her voice husky and sexy groaned "come here boys". She crawled over to us, boobs swaying, telling us we were bloody naughty for getting one over on her. Well it wasn't planned and had surprised me just as much as her.

Dee sucked the spunk from my face and mouth and then lent over to Andrew to collect my load from him. She mixed it together toying with it, opening her lips so we could see her mouth glistening white. I reached out for her large soft tit, whilst she with her right hand felt for my cock. With her left hand she pulled Andrew towards her and I began to suck her tit as Dee and Andrew kissed our spunk back and forth.

I felt my cock stiffening. Now that was a fast return to action. Dee was pulling at Andrew's thickening cock as well as mine and she explained that this was why she wanted us to arrive with our balls full. It was just as well really, since she was supposed to be fucking the winner now, but of course, Andrew and I had both lost. Perhaps it was better this way - now that we could both set to work on her as our cocks rapidly stiffened.

Andrew and I didn't touch each other again, we concentrated on fucking Dee for the rest of the night, although inevitably we continued to brush up against each other as we sought to get at Dee. We had been going for hours, the only sounds were breathless groans when Andrew and I came or gasps from Dee when she did. Her pussy was sodden. Our balls had been so full, we had seemingly endless capacity to keep going. Sometimes either Andrew and I would sit out and let the other enjoy Dee alone. At one point I found myself thrusting inside Dee, biting her neck, needing her tits and enjoying the sensation of fucking a lady filled with two men's spunk. In the early hours of the morning, we finally lay apart exhausted and happy to be smothered in each others spunk and juices, reflecting on an amazing nights sex.

It was a pleasure and a genuine thrill to be sexually manipulated by Dee. As I drove home I began to wonder if I could do something similar to her. But that is a whole different story.