Written by ddave69

31 Mar 2008

About four years ago my ex wife and me were returning home from a pretty wild party held by some friends of ours,Annie had drunk quite a lot and was feeling as randy as hell, as we drove towards home she pulled down her knickers and began to taunt me ,i was feeling pretty horny myself so i suggested that we head to a little country park not far off our way home. We were both keen on outdoor sex , and it was a regular part of our sex life. Within moments we were there and Annie pulled her dress over her head and once the seat was reclined she climbed on top of me in the 69 position. we lay there sucking and licking each other for quite a while.

Suddenly Annie jumped up , she had a kind of nervous excited look on her face, she said she was sure that there had been somebody outside the car looking in, i asked if she could see him now and she said no, i was feeling extremely horny now so i suggested that Annie continue sucking my cock while i kept an eye out, she agreed and did so. After a couple of moments i saw a man creeping up to the rear of the car and begin to peep in, i told Annie but to my suprise she didnt want to stop,in fact she became more vigorous and began to go deeper, she clearly was enjoying being watched, i found this very arrousing and slipped a couple of fingers into her, she was incredibly wet.Annie loved to be spread wide so i did this, i saw the man shift position to get a better look.again Annie went wild with excitement at the thought of that total stranger seeing her spread open, i couldnt take any more , i got her to bend into the back seat and i took her doggy style, it was the most wonderful fuck we had in a long time.After we finished the man was nowhere to be seen. We drove home and had an incredable night of sex. We agreed that we had both liked it and would like to do it again. Within a week we were back there, and sure enough a man came up and peered in, it wasnt the same man , this one was much bolder and made no attempt to hide the fact he was there, again Annie got on her knees and thrust her ass towards the window where he was whilst sucking my cock, she really was going for it. I turned the interior light on and began to finger her again, i then noticed that the man had his cock out and was wanking, i told Annie and she turned to get a look. I want that in my mouth she said, would you mind? we had never talked about anything like that before so i was quite shocked, the more i thought about it the more aroused i became so i said that as long as it was only oral and with a condomn i didnt mind. in fact i was finding the idea incredably arousing, Annie wound down her window a little and explained what was on offer, the man agreed and put on the condomn Annie had handed him, we got out of the car and Annie wasted no time at all,she went down on her knees and began to suck his cock really deep, she was panting like mad with excitement ,for a moment i just watched her give this total stranger a blow job, i really enjoyed wathing her and my cock was twitching, i knelt down behind her and pushed my cock into her,she was dripping wet, this made her go even deeper on his cock,i fucked her hard pushing her onto him and she screamed with pleasure , it was wild. before long we had all climaxed. He thanked us and left. We had both really enjoyed the nights activities and we began to go out more and more, trying different places and moving on to having group sex with other couples we met both outside and visiting a couple of them at their houses. unfortunately Annie wasnt happy with other woman being involved and only wanted to involve men. Our marriage was allready breaking down before and soon we split,i am now divorced. During these adventures we had met a young woman called Charlie who had given me her number, she was in a relationship but her partner was not interested in this way of life which was a shame . I contacted Charlie and explained the circumstances and soon i began to take Charlie out on adventures, we both had the most amazing two years of fun, Charlie had an appetite for sex like no other i had ever seen,she was naturally submissive and liked to be told what to do, she loved to be really dirty and was keen to please. We experimented with all sorts of things and enjoyed all of them. Charlie was particularly fond of being blindfolded , she found this extremely exciting and allways enjoyed the experiences more .We recently stopped going out as Charlie is heavily pregnant now and has decided to call it a day and settle down with her fella, leaving me looking for a new partner to hopefully continue the adventures.