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First 3sum

"She had us both"
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I was asked how I started swinging,  that question sent me back a couple of years. It started when I saw a woman, Sara, I had been bedding in my local. I said hi, and a man walked up behind me and asked me to join them. Sara looked worried,  the man asked me to help him with drinks and told me he was buying.  As we waited for the drinks he introduced himself,  Jim. He asked if I was fucking Sara.  I told him I was.  He nodded and asked if I wanted a mfm. I  thought about it, looked over at her and said yes. Condoms he asked. Not so far I told him. Excellent he said. We took drinks back to the table,  Sara looked uncomfortable. We drank our drinks, I don't remember what we talked about. Then Jim asked who's we were going to. Sara offered her place. We walked. Sara paused, key in her hand. I told her we both want you and asked if she wanted us both to come in. She opened the door.  I shut it behind us. Jim kissed her and held a tit. Do you want us both, I asked. She nodded.  I opened her top. Jim took a tit in his mouth. I  kissed her dropped her skirt and felt her pussy through her nickers.  We took her to the bedroom. She took her nickers off. Jim told her she was a good girl. We stripped and lay each side of her. Kissing, sucking tit and finger fucking her.  I asked her who was first.  She did not answer. I looked around, took something off her bedside. Put my hands behind my back and told Jim empty hand gets first go. He picked the empty hand. He pushed his hairy cock into her hairy cunt. She held my cock, tugging on it. She moaned gently as she always did, as she did she tighten her grip on my cock. Jim came. I kissed her, she kissed back open mouthed and hungry. I fingered her as she kissed. It was the first time I felt another man's cum in a woman.  She let me up as she moaned again.  Clean his cock i told her. She knelt over him, sucked his cock and I slipped into her doggy. Lubricated by Jim's cum. I looked at her head bouncing on his cook and felt sloppy cunt, my balls slapping wet. I kept up gentle thrusts till I came. I knew it was a big cum. I knew it was big because I was sharing her. I managed a few more thursts. She came I stood by the bed. She turned around and started to suck my cock. Jim told her she was a good girl and started to pound her. That was my first spitroast, both ends. He came in her. Told her she was a good girl again. We lay her between us, kissing her, finger fucking her then eating her. Her hair was matted with strings of milky spunk. Jim went to the loo. I asked her if she was OK. If she enjoyed two men. She nodded, I kissed her, I knew she was excited by everything,  I lay on her and took her again. Her kisses were almost violent, her hands clinging to my back. We came, perfectly timed, together.  I rolled off her  Jim was watching from the door. Have you had her ass yet he asked. I told him no. Jim rubbed her ass with leaking cum and lifted her legs. I saw his cock slide into her ass. Jim pounded her fast and hard. He came, she did not. Your turn he told me, I've stretch her for you. I kissed her, she responded,  happy that she was happy I fucked her ass doggy. She was tight and my first ass. I enjoyed her, firing cum into her. Jim said we should wash our cocks. When we got back to bed she was laid there, wet tissues beside the bed. Jim told her she was a good girl.  We both fucked her again,  played and fell asleep. I woke. She was looking at me. Jim's hand on her tit. I kissed her, ran my hand down her body. She winced as I found her matted Bush. She turned on to her back. Opened her legs. Bit her lip as she pulled her bush apart. Jim woke as I fucked her. I rolled off after leaving my morning load. Jim took my place, Sara moaned and Jim came in her. Sara went to the bathroom and returned with no bush. Jim told her she was a good girl,  but this time the word were laced with surprise and astonishment.  We spent the day fucking watching porn that Jim found and fucking some more.  That's the way it went on for the next few months. Sometimes we fucked as a 3some, sometimes she took only one of us to bed and I had a couple of one night stands….then there was the 4sum but that's another story.

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