Written by kinkycplenew

11 Jul 2010

well months later i met alice and apologised to her and took her for a coffee to explain that it was because of the fantasy games and she said as if i would go with an old thing like her i said that she was a good looking woman for her age and felt my cock go hard and said she would never do such a thing with me and she would not be able to take my willy and laughed as she said her skinny saggy body would make me go of sex for life as she laughed also i said to her will she keep a seceret as she agreed i said she did turn me on and said look notioning to my hard cock she blushed and said lorna was lucky i said lorna told me jim her man did not fuck her as he went of sex asking if it was true she said yes and i said you must be gagging for it or just a bit of affection and kissing and stroking i said i always wanted to kiss her to see if she was a good kisser as i like to kiss so do i she said i said to her i would give her a run home and steal a kiss on the way and laughed so you will if you want to you are just saying that to be kind as we got to the car and i drove to the back of acre were she lived i stopped and just quickly leaned over and kissed her on the lips she reacted and put her arm round my neck as i ran my tounge across her lips she kissed so nice and i got so randy and said to her that she was a lovly kisser and wot a turn on and we better stop or i was taking her back to mine to fuck her silly as i laughed she kissed me again so passionatly i rubbed her legs and thighs saying i had imagined fucking her lots and wanked to her as she kissed me more i stroked her legs as she opened them i put my hand on her nickers edging my fingers in the side feeling her hairy bush that was wet as i said fuck i love your pussy its so hairy as she moaned i put her hand on my cock as she said to me to drive to hers as jim was at work i sped round and went in to hers and shut the door she ran up the stairs as i followed she said it was wrong and i kissed her as we fell on the bed my hands over her as i loosened her bra i opened her top to see her little tits that sagged with big brown nipples that wer solid as i kissed them she moaned loving it saying she wantd fucked as she tore my trosers open and wanked me looking at my cock she took her trousers off and stood up asking if she was sexy enough her bush was so hairy and thick as i muffed her she groaned and came so quick i put her on the bed lifting her legs to her head as i eased my cock up her wet hole shegroaned saying to fuck her as it was huge as i pumped her hole i did not see her daughter standing looking at us from the hall i do not know how long she was thre as alice took my cock sucking it as her daughter looked on staring at us saying nothing as she smiled at me her eyes on my cock as she crept downstairs and opened the front door and we stopped i went to the loo alice lay trying to cover up as i came out the loo she said can i speak to you in private as alice got her clothes and went to the livingroom her girl said stay down ther mum till i see him and as we sat on the bed she said wot was i all about her nipples were sticking out as she was so horny and looked so dirty with a littleblack skirt on and tight nylon top as she crossed her legs i noticed no knickers on and i rubbed my cock saying her mum is some fuck and was she angry because she was probably better thn her and she turned me on as i love a hairy pussy and bet she was shaved like all the young ones even though i saw hair and said she was rubbing her clit watching us no way she said you were i saw you ok you better not say ok honey i said to her as i licked her lips stroking her nipples through her top as i opened my trousers leting my cock spring out as her eyes nearly popped out oh wot if mum comes up as she stroked my cock its ok she can join us no she said yes you watched her as i put my fingers up her clit that was wet and wider than alices as i said she had been fucked rotten and loved her hole as i asked who else was she fucking lots shesaid as she fingered her hole as i put my cock in her she screamed and bucked like hell as i fucked her silly she shouted for me to shag her as alice walked in and said oh no not her as well as i kissed alice fingering her she groaned as i told her lorna wanted to watch us and join in and lick her pussy as she got horny at this i said finger your hole alice her girlasked had i fucked lornas other pals i said she was fucking alando vickys old boyfreind but does not no i no of it she is so dirty and kinky and wud eat her pussy we fucked for a bit then i left