Written by Unknown

20 Dec 2009


We arrange to meet in the local cinema and go right to the top and to the corner where it is nice and dark and wait for the lights to go down low.

The air is thick with excitment as i place our coats and bag on the seat next to us to form like a wall,so that the other people can't see the events to come.

Your wearing black leather boots that come to the tops of your calf and your wearing a about the knee dress.I feel you take my hand and place it between your legs as you push me up.I can feel the heat radiate as i caress your inner thigh with my finger tips and the higher i go i feel your wearing some hold up stockings.I slip my finger inside inner band and then onto the front of your panties that are feeling moist to the touch.You then start to pull up your dress hem and reach under and roll your panties down and off your ankles,and hand them to me so i can smell your desire.

I push my hand back up and slip two fingers between your swelling pussy lips and prob you deep and slow.I place my thumb over your clit and push back the hood as i feel the wetness dribble and squelch through my fingers.Fast and then slow i finger you and feel you tremble as you start to orgasm gripping the seat arms and clamping your thighs tight on my hand,as you let out a moan and try to mask it by muffling the sound by pushing your face into my shoulder.

Then i feel your fingers franticly unzip my fly and unbutton the top of my jeans and take my cock in your hands.Slowly you learn over and take me into your mouth,and i then cover your head and movements with my coat so know one can see.I feel your soft sweet warm lips sucking my head in and out like a lolly pop,and the sound your making are so delicious as i feel myself engorge inside your hot mouth.The tip of your tongue flicking over the head as your lips go back and forth down the lenth of the shaft.

I feel my balls tighting and wanting to relase there hot load into your mouth as your mouth faster up and down.I pull back the jacket so i can see your lips work my cock so tight,just in time as i let free and you take the whole lot down in one.Then you keep sucking every drop of me until i am almost hard again.

Then we decide to sneak off to the bathroom and into a toilet cubical where i put the seat down and sit on it and you go down on your knees,and suck me hard again and i roll down a condom onto my throbbing cock. At the same time you pull up your dress acound your waist,showing your lovely firm ass cheeks and sexy stocking tops.

I pull your towards me and i feel you grab my cock from between your legs and you sit down on me and push me deep inside your tight pussy.

You start to ride me up and down keeping one hand on the door that has a faulty lock and the other on the toilet roll holder.The air is heavy with sex as i feel your juices roll down between my legs over my balls.Hungryly push my hands up under your dress and grab your breasts.

I push on your erect nipples at which point you let out a writhing moad of delight.Your now bend right down so i can see all of your back and your hands are on your ankles,as you bounce like mad on my cock as i hold your cheeks wide to watch you ride me.

I feel your start to shudder as you reach orgasm as i push my thumb into your ass and at the same time i feel your pussy contract on my shaft forcing me to cum.Twitching i feel your pussy pump me over and over till i can't take it anymore.

Both spent you roll off the condom and take me in your mouth and lick me clean.