Written by unknown

14 Feb 2009

were just back from a place called La Cala in the south of spain, we had decent weather but the best thing was we were camped next to a guy from Holland he was a great guy, about 6ft 3" tall bronzed and spoke very good English, there was only my wife Ang & i it took some persuading for her to agree to go camping but in the end she has begged me to go again,

it all started mid week stephan was quiet and we bumped into him now and again while we were out one day i asked him to join us for a drink which he did he was very witty and had a great sense of humour and i couldn't help watching him eye up Ange's tits a few days later he was chatting to ang and he said he could hear he moaning while we had sex she was a bit shy but found it arousing, one hot day i suggested i went for a day out while she just sun bathed & relaxed which she was all for and as i left i suggested she fuck Stephan while i was away she laughed and said i may do, as i left i said to stephan i'm out for the day look after angela for me he said ok not knowing what she had instore for him, i was away about 2 hours and decided to head back as i reached the top of the hill over looking the camp site there they were very close together sunbathing then he reached over and started to put sun cream on her back then over she turned and he started to rub it into her tits i sat there amazed there were not many on the site as it's early in the year so as he did this his hands started to wander she didn't flintch soon i could see his hand in het bottoms as she parted her legs they then got up and went into his tent which was quite small i wandered down quietly as i approached the tent all i could hear was ang moaning and the sound of him making her cum i got nearer and sat behind the tree next to his tent he was slurping and just then she let out a scream and i could hear him pounding away at her the sound of his balls banging away off her arse as she moaned then i could tell she was riding him by the noises she was making i was hard and wanking myself off just wishing i were inside as well it lasted about 30 mins i made my way back to the hill as i heard them getting ready to come out later that day ang told me he was very large his balls were massive and she had never felt as much spunk inside of her before, i let him have her again before we left and ang video'ed it in out tent as a keep sake. she cant wait to go camping again later in the year