Written by uksfmanagers

11 Feb 2009

Good looking, handsome even, but rugged, a whisper of stubble on his chin and that windswept hair. Young, 23, maybe 24 at a push, but worldly wise with that slight uncertainty of youth. His eyes, bright, watching every move, but not daring to be caught staring at her, flicked from the vision before him, back to the scoreboard.

Slender and youthful, she took her next shot. Giggling as the drink took hold and she miss-cued crunching the ball into the mushrooms. Back to zero, she fell forwards into the table in frustration, her skirt riding higher than before showing the roundness of her cheeks and offering just a glimpse of her engorged pussy.

We'd played all evening, from the moment he walked in to meet us, sharing the bottle of vodka he'd brought with him. Initially he'd not realised the view was for his benefit, too engrossed in learning the rules of this new game, to show of his manly skills and make an impression, but as he saw me look, so he'd followed my gaze and seen the sights offered before him.

She knew, and loved the attention. You could always tell if she wanted someone, conversation was easy, she loved the attention, she felt at ease and in doing so made everyone in the room at ease with her. My groin ached, not the normal ache I get in this situation, but the pulsing of the scar over the top of my recent operation, reminding me to take it easy. No fun for me tonight, but I wonder if he'll take my place. I swallowed another shot of vodka, knowing I was breaking all the nurses' rules, but I too wanted to be relaxed, to be involved.

She leant back after the next shot, just as he stood up from the seat behind her. For a split second her hand brushed against his trousers and I watched him redden as he saw I'd noticed. I closed my eyes for a second and grinned, showing him it was ok, that I was comfortable with the situation, that he had permission to go with the flow, where ever it lead.

The scoreboard blurred for a second as I looked up. I corrected my vision, fighting the mixture of pain killers and vodka that now filtered into my system. I knew I needed to lie down soon, but they were having fun and I didn't want to miss a thing. He was lining up a shot for the front pocket, a winning shot if it came off, and she was doing her best to put him off. Standing to the side, she giggled as her hand slipped under the edge of her skirt, then moved gently in circles, hidden beneath the frills, leaving him guessing as to where and what it was doing.

He missed, and she roared with laughter. I jumped, my entire body twitched as I suddenly jumped awake again. I'd drifted off in those split seconds, but she'd seen it and moved quickly to my side. "Time to get you to bed Babe" she whispered in my ear, but all I saw over her shoulder was this young man gazing at her behind as she leant over me. He looked up, straight at me, his eyes asking the obvious question, and with out moving, without letting her know, I gave him permission.

With one of them on either side of me, they supported me down to our bedroom. I slumped onto the side of the bed, and gently she removed my shoes and socks, then my shirt and eased me back onto the bed. Slowly, painfully I lifted my hips and she slid my trousers and pants off together and gently pulled the quilt over me.

Relaxed now and warm, I felt the concoction of drugs and alcohol mix within me and the room gently started to spin. My eyes closed and the little yellow circle of light danced in front of me as my pupils chased it around.

I heard them whisper, she giggled softly and I heard her "sssh". They didn't want to disturb me, but my senses, blurred before lying down, now screamed out warnings throughout my body. I must stay awake, this is my fantasy, my dream, whatever you do, don't miss out on it now.

I heard them both moving, then another giggle so I opened my eyes to witness what was happening, but the room now was pitch black and I could see nothing. An eternity passed, noises from the end of the bed indicated they were both still there, but I could see nothing. Then suddenly I felt the bed move beside me, the quilt over me pulling slightly as someone moved in to my side. I felt her warmth almost immediately, smelt her unique aroma and then felt her touch as she inched across the bed to my side. Her arm crossed over my chest, fingers brushing delicately across my nipple, her body moving up against mine and her long slender leg slinking over mine until her thigh gently nestled against the hairs of my balls.

She kissed the lobe of my ear, and stretching up slightly whispered to me that she loved me, before moving her face down into the nape of my neck. Her lips, dry against my skin, her breathe, warm and intense, the kiss, slow and loving as she slowly sucked against the neck muscles and my brain released a thousand endorphins rushing around my body.

I felt the bed first, the mattress tilting very slightly her way, as he lowered himself in behind her. She stiffened a little, slightly wary, knowing I was awake and this was new ground. I gently moved my head towards her, pulling her closer into me, indicating to her this was ok and I was happy with it. Just relax Babe, it's alright, I'm with you and sharing this, you have my permission and if you're happy with it, go for it.

Her hand slowly moved back across my chest, sliding downwards slowly as it went, across my stomach and just flicked across the tip of my erect cock. It didn't stop like normal, no slow gentle tease tonight, but carried on across the top of my leg and then left me. I could feel the pull of the quilt against me as she moved her hand behind her towards him.

And now, all I had was the movements of the bedding, and her breathing beside my ear. I could feel the movements, slow, gentle, rhythmic as her breathing moved from that relaxed deep state to a more intense shallower pace of anticipation. Her hips, close and comfortable against mine, the slight bristle of the evenings stubble against the skin of my leg gave it away first. I felt her gently push against me, her clitoris squashed between us and warm and moist against my skin.

Her leg pushed out over me so slightly, and her breathing rate increase as he obviously started to explore her from behind. She moaned gently, softly, once again closing the gap between us as her body needs took over. The push of her hips against my leg started to take on a rhythm as his fingers explored her and then I heard his breath for the first time. A shallow, scared breath, almost darting through the darkness as if he wondered if I was asleep and that at any moment I would wake and cause a fight. Had he not seen my signal, had the events so far overtaken his memory? I needed to reassure him, so slowly but purposefully I moved my left arm to my side, breaking the lock between our two bodies, and then eased my arm under her waist, bringing my hand up across her gorgeous bottom. She pulled into me once again and within seconds his hand had found mine. He stopped dead in his tracks, and I could hear him hold his breath. This was the moment of truth, he'd been discovered and now came the decision.

My fingers reached backwards towards him, over the top of his hand to his wrist and gently I coiled my fingers around him and pulled him back in towards her. He sighed a long sigh and relaxed. My hand moved back onto her warm arse cheeks and I felt her start to pulse again against my leg. She was moaning now, her hips gently pushing forwards against me, turning slightly as she moved, giving him full access between her stretched limbs.

I could feel her arm moving against mine now, stoking his manhood beside me, teasing it the way she played with me most nights. Not a wank, that monotonous jerking of girls who seek to make guys cum quickly, but the loving stroke of someone content with the power in their fingertips, that loves the tease, and can wait for the final acts. I closed my eyes and imagined that touch, gentle across the hairs of his balls, working up along his length, running fingernails up his foreskin until they reached his glistening head where suddenly they felt like a knife cutting deep over the ridge and towards the very tip of his member. I wondered if he was damp yet, if any juice had crept from his tool or was he still dry ensuring the touch felt rough, jumping slightly as the finger traced out the folds of his skin.

She started to tense. I felt it first in her inner thigh, still wrapped over my leg, then her breathing, rapid now, short and sharp against my neck. The muscles throughout her body now contracted, and she pulled herself even closer still as the first waves of her orgasm slowly engulfed her. She pushed away from me now, moving her hips back towards him, and I felt her arm pull him in towards her, and she slowly groaned as he entered, a deep groan from her very core as he slowly filled each inch within her. His torso now pressed against the back of my hand, right up against her backside as he started to move with her. I could hear the moistness of her pussy, that slight squelch as he thrust deeper inside her, his breathing more intense now as the effort needed to match her movements grew.

She pulled against me once more, searching out my lips for that kiss, the one that is needed at the height of passion to make sure everything is ok. I willing gave her it, my own cock now stretched to near bursting point, every inch of my skin trembling with anticipation.

She obviously felt it within me, lifting her upper body up onto my chest, she manoeuvred him at the same time until they both were above me. My cock, now erect and firm against her moist mound, him kneeling behind, still deep inside her, still moving with her. She caressed my cock with her wetness, sliding up and down its length with her clitoris, her moist lips running traces of juice up and down my shaft.

I could feel his balls hanging below against mine, the hardness of the cock muscle, pulsing every time he moved in deeper again. She reached down between us, running her fingers along me, making sure I was totally ready, and then moved up and off him, moving my cock straight into the waiting hole before it even had a chance to close.

I'd never known her so wet, the normal friction of first entry just didn't exist as she eased herself down taking in ever inch of me. She moved three or four times, right to the edge so the tip of my cock nestled amongst the folds of her pussy, then down, all the way down until our pubic bones crushed against each other and I could feel the hardness of her clit against me.

She reached down again, between our legs, just allowing her wrist to rest against the side of my cock as she guided him back in behind her. I felt it immediately, the tightening of her lips around my cock as her skin stretched to accommodate the rear entry that was now taking place.

She held her breath, it seemed like ages as she manoeuvred onto him, then slowly letting out air as she relaxed and her body crept downwards again. I could tell he was inside her now, I could feel his length pressing against mine as he gently slid deeper and deeper inside her. I lay still, he started to rock, I didn't need to move as every time he pressed deeper she rose upwards on me, every time he moved out she sank back down onto me, riding me naturally as never before.

The intensity grew, as did the motions, her breathing now erratic and sharp, his deep and purposeful. Again I felt her legs tighten either side of me, she pushed down harder against me, pulled herself in towards me, chest against chest as she bucked. I felt her moistness below change from the smooth lubrication to that gush of juice just before orgasm, I heard him start to groan deeply, and felt his cock start to pulse through the wall of skin that separated the two of us, as he pushed deep within her, I felt the waves of cum shoot up his length and her pushing down as her pussy released squirt after squirt of wetness around my cock, pulsating along its entire length as she shuddered to a mind blowing orgasm and I felt the waves hit me as my own load violently left my balls and shot deep within her, hitting the very roof of her pussy.

I opened my eyes slowly, the daylight pouring in through the window was blinding. My eyes didn't want to focus, but I realised this wasn't my bed but the hardness of the bar seats. I turned my head to see the billiards table to my side, the cues standing up against it as if left in a rush. Slowly, carefully I sat up, the pain from my injury searing through my groin. I was alone. Three glasses stood half full on the table. Slowly I made my way towards our room, stumbling at one point over her carelessly discarded skirt in the hallway. She lay there snugly in bed, the quilt pulled up to her chin, gently breathing with a gorgeous satisfied smile across her lips. Again I tripped slightly grabbing the edge of the bed as I lurched forwards, looking down I saw a pair of black boxer shorts wrapped against my toe, looking up, she woke, smiled gently at me, winked very, very slowly, mouthed the words "Thank you Babe", blew me a kiss and closed her eyes again.