Written by stuart9474

4 Sep 2008

The best sex I ever had was with a couple who I knew quite well (not swingers) we were having a BBQ and a few beers one night about two years ago, and about 11.00pm the hubby asked me to start flirting with his wife, so I did, having had a few beers. About 20 mins went by and then the hubby asked me if I would like to fuck his wife, well I had fancied her for ages so I said yes. To my surprise, 10 mins later she stood up walked over to me and kissed me full on the lips... then she undid my shorts and pulled out my cock and began sucking me for all she was worth. The Hubby came over (with his camera in hand) and said " bet you didn't think you be having her for dessert when you arrived, did you" then he whispered that she always wanted to be fucked from behind over the patio table, whilst her hands were tied to the table legs. And passed me some rope.

After a few mins of having the best BJ ever, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and told her to bend over the table, cos I wanted to fuck her so bad, as she reached over the table I took her hands and tied them together then to the table legs. She said, "Your going to fuck me deep and hard aren't you?" I slapped her bare arse, then knelt down to lick and suck her swollen clit, as I did she came, her juice was now running off my chin and down her legs.

Then as she was plenty wet enough, I teased the entrance to her pussy with the tip of my cock, just putting enough in to let her know what it was, she started swearing and shouting for me to fuck her, so with one thrust I gave her the whole length, she screamed and came again, and with each thrust she squirted her juice all over my balls and legs. I kept occasionally slapping her arse and calling her my slut and she loved it. Then I felt my balls tighten and I knew I was going to cum soon, so I pulled my wet cock out of her pussy and walked around the table and stuck it into her mouth, which she accepted eagerly, with all the licking and sucking and a couple of thrust's I filled her mouth with my warm spunk, which she greedily swallowed.

Only at that point did I realise that the hubby was clicking away with his camera and wanking with the other hand...

We have done this twice since but it is never as good as the first time.